$15K Coaching Deal Closed With No Sales Call Exact Convo Walkthrough

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$15K Coaching Deal Closed With No Sales Call Exact Convo Walkthrough

In today’s video, I want to walk you through every step of the simple conversation with a potential high ticket client that lead to $15k deal closed.

I call this model: INVITATION SELLING.

This tips will open doors for you to closing high ticket deals. The simplicity of this model will make your coaching business grow!

Watch the video and improve your coaching, consulting or affiliate business! Enjoy!

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Example Of A Word Doc That Pulled In $45k in Course / Coaching Sales in 11 Days:

So on this channel if you follow along You hear me talk a lot about how we did Strategy sessions Discovery calls Webinars challenges all that type of Stuff when it comes to selling High Ticket coaching okay so this is stuff That's you know a thousand dollars five Thousand dollars ten thousand dollars Twenty thousand dollars thirty thousand Dollars forty thousand and in Eliminating that instead what we use is PDF documents or a simple Google doc That acts as an invitation to the Program for somebody who has been Consuming our content and is ready to Move forward and take the next step I Call it invitation selling very very Simple right what I want to share with You in this video is an exact Conversation that led to a fifteen Thousand dollar sale and you can see the Simplicity of this model in action You'll see the inbound message that Comes as a result of the content that we Create you'll see a little bit of a Qualification or fact-finding type Question you will see me answer a quick Question the invitation document gets Sent over and the deal get closed okay I'm going to walk you through all this In the video I'm going to jump into the Computer I'm going to show you the Entire conversation and break it all Down for you and I also want to explain

How these conversations come to be There's two different ways Generate them and then you can go and Take this and use it in your business or You can get in touch with us at Jacobkaris.com if you'd like our help Implementing this in your own business If you sell coaching or Consulting okay Before we jump into it if you haven't Already be sure to subscribe give the Video a like leave any questions or Comments that you've got below and check Out that first link in the description Head to the website if you're more Interested in potentially working with Us or seeing all the other stuff that We've got going on online okay so with That all out of the way we're going to Jump into the computer and I'm going to Break down this whole conversation Closing a fifteen thousand dollar deal With no phone call no webinar no Challenge really really simple just an Invitation document sent over Facebook Messenger let's go all right folks let's Jump right into this one so as I said Off the top we're going to walk you Through the exact conversation closing a 15K coaching deal inside Facebook Messenger no calls all right so I want To give you a bit of a setup then we're Going to dive into the conversation all Right set up Point number one this Prospect uh has been in my audience for

Some time okay they've been consuming Content primarily on Facebook and in Particular on YouTube as well okay Um they've been reading my posts Watching these videos learning more and More about the way we do things uh Understanding the the plan that we help Our clients execute on how we're Different how we might be able to help Them the people that we've held Previously all these things the the Content needs to do right in order to Other than just getting attention Content should be building your Reputation and it should be pre-selling People on your methodologies okay and so They've been consuming and consuming and Consuming and eventually they reach out Right and that's the kind conversation We're going to walk you through today Okay after they jumped into the program I asked them a couple of things about And I try to do this with as many Clients as possible to understand the Path that they went along before they Became a client so that we can try and Engineer more of that they advised that Before they jumped in they heavily Binged the YouTube channel right so Probably where you are right now Immediately before signing up I think a Lot of people think about YouTube as Just this mechanism to grow a big Audience YouTube is brilliant for

Developing depth of relationships so if You're on other platforms where maybe You've got a bit wider reach like Tick Tock or Twitter or something like that And you want to supplement that with More depth of the relationship YouTube's A fantastic platform to do that this Channel albeit tiny has generated Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Thousands of dollars because that's how We utilize it right it generates Us New Leads but we also heavily use it to Build the depth of the relationship so That's what you're seeing there they Binge and then they make the decision Okay it's time for me to reach out and And getting talked about working Together and fourth the other thing that They mentioned was I talk a lot about Building assets I talk about building Lead generation assets I talk about Building offer assets uh which we'll Talk about in this video I talk about Building delivery assets right these are Things that capture your energy they Essentially clone you or multiply you Such that the income that you make in The future as that grows ideally it's Becoming more and more detached from Your time and your energy and also from You needing time of Staff or people you Employ right these are assets that do The heavy lifting themselves they you Let the asset generate the cash flow

Instead of you having to do the work or Someone on your team do the work okay That's a deeper topic for another day But they mention that and that's a Really really interesting data point Because now I can talk about keep Talking about that more because clearly That's a unique proposition that's Really interesting to people so we try And collect this data to understand Where people have come from and what Triggered them to reach out because Rather than me sitting here guessing What content people find helpful if I Just ask them what tip them over the Edge or what really interested them or What did you binge I can make more of That and then I can engineer more of Those conversations that are Pre-qualified and pre-framed using that Type of content okay we can talk about That deeper in a future video but with That's kind of setting the scene they've They've gone through that path and They've reached out okay so this is the Conversation here we've broken it up Into a couple of Parts conversation part Number one you've got a hot product Specific inbound lead okay and what I Mean by product specific is they're Clearly reaching out about a program They're reaching out about a product They're reaching out about a service Right we talk about product specific

Inbound and problem specific inbound Product specific inbound are a lot Closer to purchasing because they're Asking hey can you give me information About this thing I want to buy it There's problem specific being like hey Can you help me with this General Problem Right you can you can accelerate those People along that path pretty quickly But they're a little bit further back Because they may not be product aware They may not be plan aware in terms of How you can actually help them so people Who are product aware are typically Going to have gone through the path of Well I've got this problem and they're Probably sold on the fact that I can Help them they probably know about the Plan of attack that we cover inside that Product or in our products and now there Have arrived at the product going well This is the way that I have to go if I Want the plan to solve the problem okay That it's a it's a process that they They go through okay and so you can see The message that I received here right It says yo what's going on Jacob hope You're having a good morning I wanted to Reach out and ask if you could get if I Could get a link to your uh video Doc Please um he just means the offer doc my Business partner and I are wanting to Join your coaching program uh we're

Curious on what the details are so we Can gather our resources and join thanks Brother and hope to hear back from you When you have the time okay I want to Pause here the interesting Dynamic that Happens when you create create a Content Ecosystem be that written video audio Live a combination of all those and and As well as front-end offers that people Can purchase uh you can move people Between all those parts of your world And they'll spend a lot of time with you Consuming and you may never have spoken To that person directly but they're Going to feel like they know you right Depending on how much they've consumed Depending on how much time they've spent With you how well they feel they know You will change but if they've watched a Lot of stuff they're gonna really feel Like they know you so they're going to Feel comfortable in in that dynamic Because the relationship has been built Up over an extended period of time and There's a lot of hours that have been Invested in building that relationship Even though this was the first Interaction directly that we ever had Okay so so as an example we could spend 20 hours together by him consuming Reading watching listening but I have Only ever invested that time once so I Could spend that 20 hours with a hundred Prospects or a thousand prospects or ten

Thousand prospects but I only ever had To invest the 20 hours once to build the 20 hours worth of content okay hopefully That makes makes sense and so you get These very very comfortable Um conversations so I said hey man Appreciate you reaching out are you Talking about the Inner Circle just want To make sure I fire over the correct Details that you're looking for so we Have a couple of different offers going On I wanted to make sure that that was The one that he was looking for okay he Said if that's the program where you Help people craft or dial in people's Offers then yes and it is okay and so That was that was really the first first Part of the conversation reach out I Just wanted to make sure we were on the Same page and he said yes okay so now We're going to a bit of What I Call Basic information gathering slash Qualification right it's not like a Hardcore qualification I said yeah man That's the primary one at the moment Happy to shoot it over and then so I Said I'm happy to give you the Information but I just want to gather a Little bit of information first to make Sure for both of us that this is sweet Right how are you guys selling at the Moment phone or DMS slash chat so we Have some pretty particular Methodologies that we help people with

And I I just wanted to get a picture of What they were doing right now to make Sure that that lined up to make sure That I'm actually going to be able to Help them okay so you said cool man at The moment we are selling over the phone Uh we're huge on doing Outreach and Getting upfront High ticket sales However we're trying to get the content Game down and get more volume of clients Coming through on the back end okay I Said that makes sense is it just one Main offer or do you have a couple Couple stacked so what I'm trying to get Here is a visual on what they're doing Right now I'm trying to understand what It is that they're um currently doing Right and I'm also trying to understand What it is that they ultimately want to Achieve so I can see from that very very Quick message right I understand that Currently they're doing a lot of Outreach to generate their sales and They want to do less of that and they Want their content to do more of the Heavy lifting to get the more volume and Flow through to their back end program So in one message I can gather a ton of Information I also know that they're Selling on the phone and not over chat Okay and um then with with them telling Me kind of what their sequence looks Like I I want a little bit more Information about the offer so I've said

Is it one main offer or do you have a Couple stacked together just so I can Really visualize what we're what we're Talking about here and he tells me Really quickly Punchy conversations okay This is instead of needing to get on the Phone or you have an army of people on The phone for you know 45 minutes an Hour or two calls or you know bloody Webinar into long series of calls simple Right we have a coaching offer that we Mainly sell at 10K however we do have a Course we down sell to people for 3K he Said however it seems like you do the Opposite so he's obviously observed kind Of what I do Um and and is asking a question right so That's the next part now we're into Three when people are asking you Questions just answer the question Directly okay so I'll answer his Question and then we roll on from there I said look we've played around with a Few different structures over the years Some folks like the linear Ascension to Qualify people along the way others are Happy to sell people into their back end Which works totally fine too we're People who join the Inner Circle Directly we have people who come through One or multiple front-end programs and Then ultimately Ascend up it really just Depends on on the flow that they kind of Move through right obviously along the

Way we're making sure that they're a Good fit and that we can help them okay I said as you know a strong relationship With the lead makes the sales pitch Infinitely easier so the back end Ascension becomes a piece of cake if They've been through a front-end type Offer and got results okay so that's That's a way to accelerate your sales Process is if you put people through a Front-end offer get them a great result The Ascension to the back end is going To be super super easy but that's just One path as I said they can come Straight in off your content into a back End offer like you're going to see here Okay just one way to do it though right So it sounds like we're pretty aligned At the moment our primary focus is our Main back end of our aka the Inner Circle that I mentioned above right so The inner circle is my Um you know kind of Private Client group Where I work directly Um with people right he said I agree it Makes 100 sense uh we would definitely Like to hear more on the offer and see How we can make that model work for us And I said so I'm feeling good about This feels normal Vibes feel good the Information that I've received is Helpful and I can definitely help this Person you start to be able to make These decisions pretty quickly okay so

I've said sure man I'll ping it over you Can take a look and we can go from there You see how casual this conversation is Right you can see how relaxed and simple And low pressure all right he said thank You I appreciate it and then I've uh Part four sending the invitation okay Thank you I appreciate it here you go All right and I've removed this because A bit of a secret sauce going on with The docs if you guys want help with this You can you can get in touch go to Jacobkaris.com right we've got to keep a Little bit back okay but I just sent Over the invitation to work together Which has all of the details Um about the program that they've Reached out about okay and I've just Added a little bit of um supplementary Here because I want him to know that it Fits his situation okay inside the offer Here we talk about selling in chat Without without getting on the phone and And I want him to know that we you know We we also work with people who are Currently on the phone to either help Them get off the phone uh or to make Their life on the phone a hell of a lot Easier by increasing the quality of the Conversations that they're having we Have people that do a couple of Different things we call them seal the Deal calls as I've said there Um in the message which is where you

Just jump on for 15 minutes and uh the Person is already well informed about The offer they know the price they know Everything And it's just a matter of them making a Decision for the most part we don't do These but we do have clients who like to Do them and so it's a it's a model that We can help them Implement if they just Want that quick call to kind of vet so I Just send the send the invitation Document and then a little bit more Context to just really tailor it to the Uh to the situation right again very Casual very to the point he says okay Perfect man thank you and then I've just Said part five of the close right easy Hit me back if you want to rock and roll Or if you have any questions cheers so You guys can see how chilled out this Dynamic is right I'm going to circle Back to how this is possible okay he Said I'm gonna go over with my business Partner we'll figure something out thank You for sending it over perfect chat Soon okay so super super relaxed so What's the this was on the 9th at 8am Right and then this is on the 10th at 1 25 a.m so like the next morning super Super early his message back saying We're in okay Um the call to action at the bottom of The document is you know if this is all Sweet message me back letting me know

That you're in and so that's why that's The message that comes back okay awesome Man just jumping on a call we'll send Over the next steps afterwards sweet Here you go I've sent him the link Um drop me a note here when you fix that Up and I'll send you over the onboarding Dock and we can get you into the group From there so we then have a document That we send over that gives them the Exact steps to go through to get into The group join the private chat unlock All the content book there kick off call Everything very very clean we just send Over one leak and it sorted right really Really simple okay compare that flow in That sequence that's a that's a deal Done Right compare that to you know 15 Minute call 45 minute call needing to Sit through you know three hour webinar Running it running a five ten day Challenge right I'm not saying those Things don't work they definitely do This is just the way that we like to do Things I like to focus each day on Building the the ecosystem and the brand Bigger and bigger and bigger creating Content of value to people inside my Audience maybe they you know buy a Front-end product which we have listed Over at jacobgaris.com and out of that Ecosystem out of that world our people Who want to work closely with me emerge And we have a very simple conversation

Like this make sure we can help them Understand the particulars really Quickly and then Ascend them up that's The model and that's invitation selling In action okay I wanted to share that With you because that's how we do things And if you're interested in getting our Help with that you can check out the Description the key to making this work Though is the relationship that you Build on the front end don't expect to Just be able to start you know slinging Out PDFs cold to people you might Stumble into a sale but it's not going To be something that you can repeat over And over and over again with any level Of predictability you have to be Building the relationships on the front End through your content through front End offers if you want to do that and uh And then you invite the people who Really resonate with you who have Problems that you can solve who like Your plan to help them Um who you know align with your style And your views and all those kind of Things okay hopefully you found that Helpful that's how we do things here if Uh if you're new to the channel Hopefully that gave you a bit of a Indoctrination into our approach you can Check out other videos we've got a lot More content around this you know Closing High ticket deals without

Getting on the phone I appreciate you Hanging out with me in this video and I Will see you all in the next one Foreign

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