3 Layers of Leveraged Consulting: Make More While Working Less!

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Increase Income While Decreasing Workload! 3 Layers of Leveraged Consulting

Would you like to automate the sales process and increase your business results without spending extra hours of work? Great!

In this video, I’ll introduce you to the 3 layers of the business model called Leveraged Consulting. You’ll learn how to scale your consulting business by leveraging marketing and automating the sales process.

By the end of this video, you’ll have a clear understanding of how Leveraged Consulting can help you scale your consulting business to the next level and how to implement it within 3 layers.

This video is for educational & informational purposes only. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas mentioned in this video and the information provided does not constitute financial advice. Your level of success in achieving the results claimed in this video will require hard-work, experience, and consistent action taking. I have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the information on this video is accurate, but we cannot represent that the website(s) mentioned in this video are free from errors. You agree not to rely upon any information contained in this video.

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What is going on folks it's Jacob coming At you with another video sorry about a Little bit of mess behind me still Getting the new home office set up I Want to talk to you in this one about The three layers you can see The Click Five dream car on top of the wine fridge This is stuff everywhere I want to talk To you about the three layers of Leverage that you can build into your Business so that you can really start to Lean into this business model and Lifestyle that we call leveraged Consulting okay so I've been doing Consulting since 2011 back in corporate In Australia I did it over in New York Worked with multi-billion dollar Companies and from pretty early on in my Journey I've been helping people online In some form of you know Consulting Capacity and that's really that practice That business has just kept growing and Growing to what it is today now Typically the problem with Consulting Where you're trying to take your Knowledge your expertise your skill sets Is that you can cap out You don't do things the right way you Can cap out on talking to potential new Clients you can cap out on delivering Two existing clients if you don't Structure things up the right way you Can cap out on your time trying to Attract new people into your world that

You can ultimately then have a sales Conversation with and hopefully convert Into a new client but then if you capped Out that has this trickle-down effect Across all of those key phases which Really starts to limit your uh your Income right now obviously you can crank Up your prices if the demand is there And your supplier is capping out that is One option right and I would encourage You to make sure that you're you know Quote unquote charging what you're worth Which can be tricky to do and and if You're not sure how to do that the right Way that's where a coach and a mentor Can become really really beneficial but Beyond that there's a lot you can do Structurally in the business To Make sure that you're getting as much Leverage as possible and in particular There's three layers where you can be Building leverage into the business that Will allow you to significantly increase The amount you can make and decrease Your hours right and ultimately if we Can get both of those things going in That direction that's a win right and That's what leverage Consulting is all About it's how do we work with a pretty Small group of the right people and do It in a leverage way which means that We're not working insane hours because Trust me I've done it I worked on Wall

Street did the 80 to 100 hour Consulting To big companies and I learned a lot but I burnt out right and most of the people Do at some point it's not a particularly Healthy way of living right now I Wouldn't go and change it because it Taught me so much and it gave me an Insane amount of really really cool Industry experience and you know without Kind of boasting I can say I've probably Got a wider range of Consulting Experience than anybody else online like I've worked with thousands of people in The startup phase like zero dollars Solopreneurs trying to figure out the Game all the way up to you know 10 Billion dollar companies there's very Few people with that kind of breadth of Experience in the Consulting world who You know you can get access to right and So this has allowed me to figure out Some pretty cool stuff and where we Really focus our time and our energy now Is helping our clients with this Leveraged Consulting model right and so They've got these three layers the first One is in your marketing okay now on the Marketing side of the equation this is Where you create content okay but we Want to be channeling our energy into Creating content that can last us for The long term right so this video as an Example where four minutes in right I've Invested four minutes of my time of my

Energy into filming This video but that four minutes isn't Lost right that four minutes isn't gone It's captured and I can put it in our Facebook group it can the team can edit It it can go into YouTube I could put it On my profile I could upload it onto a Blog it can go into lots of different Places right so we get that distribution Leverage and then there's the Consumption leverage right hundreds Thousands of people can watch it over The coming days weeks months quarters And ultimately years and so you want to Be channeling on the marketing side of Things you want to be channeling your Energy into things that can pay you Directly or indirectly for an extended Period of time okay I recently put out a New ebook that within the first couple Of days after it went live over 500 People requested access to and that's Just in the that's just in the initial Phase right now now that asset that you Know in total maybe took me I don't know Three or four hours can sit there and is Literally picking us up new leads every Single day which is really really cool It's another example of Leverage in your Marketing okay now those lead to Conversations with people who can become Potential clients which is really really Cool so that's what I'm talking about in The Leverage on the marketing side of

Things is to channel that energy into Things that will get your return over And over and over again Um where you're not there right you're Not there and it can be distributed out To a lot of different places and people Can Continue to come in for the long term so That's on the marketing side of it two On the sales process side of things the Traditional model of selling Consulting Is get on the phone right and that could Be you as the founder but it could also Be hiring a team and getting them to do It for you okay now that model works and I'm not saying that it doesn't but it's Still being driven by people's time People's Energy okay and now like I've Worked with with big teams in my Corporate Consulting career and when I Started growing the online business I Wanted Time freedom I wanted flexibility I Didn't want to be on team meetings every Day I didn't want to have sales huddles Every day I didn't want to manage a big Group of people right I wanted something That could spit out over 50 Grand a Month consistently like we've been doing For a very very long time and it'd be as Lean as possible right and so we had to Find a model that allowed us to build Leverage into the sales process and so Rather than the phone call approach

Which if you think about it either Yourself or the team is presenting the Same offer over and over and over and Over and over and over and over again One by one by one it inherently lacks Leverage right and so rather what we do Is we take that offer We do some cool stuff with it right and Then we drop it into an invitation Document type structure and what this Means is that people come through our World they consume our content we can Have a conversation in the DMS or the Team can do it for us and in the DMS They can be talking to a lot more people At once then locking out 45 minutes on The calendar to sit there and talk to One person right so we've got we've got Leverage that's a whole nother layer of Leverage we've got in DMS they could be Talking to 5 10 20 30 40 people at the Same time right when they're trained up And then when that conversation reaches A point where the offer is ready to be Received they just send that over right They send over the offer document There's constantly getting refined and If we make a tweak to the offer we just Go and type it and then boom it's Instantly live updated so huge leverage On the offer side of things okay so now We've ticked off marketing we've ticked Off sales process we've ticked off offer That we we consider kind of the sales

Process in the offer together so they're Not two separate ones the the third is Annual delivery okay now this is getting A bit more Um kind of advanced and nuanced Depending on the the situation but the Baseline of your delivery you can build Leverage by obviously having Pre-recorded content that people can go Through and through how you structure up Your support and through how you Structure up your coaching so as a Baseline for your main leverage Consulting offer you want those three Elements you want a community where People can come together and access you And your team to ask questions Around The Clock you want the key elements of Your curriculum the key elements of your Process the key elements of your Methodology pre-recorded and you want a Weekly time where you all come together Okay now that's the baseline from there You can add layers behind it if you want To increase the one-to-one support you Can add kickoff calls you can add group Chats individual chats all that kind of Stuff right but you want that one single Core leverage program and then you can Build those kind of other elements Around it and having this what this Allows us to do is we can have an offer Structure but we can monetize anywhere From like six grand up to 50 Grand with

Just that one main core program and then We can Flex the other element sense of Support deliverables based on the Individual situation but at its core It's a very very leveraged structure There's even a really cool way to do Leverage one to one but I'll leave that For a separate day okay so there's three Layers of Leverage uh and the second One's kind of split into two but you can See how at every stage we're tapping Into as much leverage as we possibly can So that we can increase our income Without increasing our workload and in a Lot of cases decrease our workload okay Then you can lay a team over the top of This but you're plugging your team into A very very leveraged model as opposed To plugging a team into something that's Bloated something that takes a lot of Time something that's not energy Efficient and so when you combine those Two things for the founder Amazing okay hopefully you enjoyed this One I want you thinking about saving Your energy I want you to think about Not just how can I make more but how can I make more without working more and in A lot of cases how can I make more By working less okay appreciate you Hanging out with me on this one I'm Gonna crack on them today and I'll talk To you soon cheers [Music]

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