6 Minutes To Drastically Accelerate Your Success Online For Coaches & Affiliate Marketers

6 Minutes To Drastically Accelerate Your Success Online For Coaches & Affiliate Marketers

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6 Minutes To Drastically Accelerate Your Success Online For Coaches & Affiliate Marketers

I am pretty sure that you would like to accelerate your success in the online space. Who wouldn’t?

In this video I’m sharing a universal tip to grow your online business (not only affiliate marketing).

Applying this strategy can really explode your online business!

Watch my video and improve your coaching, consulting or affiliate business!

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So I was recently on a live stream with One of my private clients who's hosting A summit in November 2022. we did a Quick live stream as a bit of a teaser Or a preview to what I'm going to be Talking about on the summit and it Turned into a really really valuable and A really really good call with the folks Who were joining us live there were some Really really good questions and I think The the answers and the discussion that Came out of it were really really Valuable in particular I wanted to share With you the the answer that I gave to a Question which was what's the number one Thing that you that you did in your Journey online to accelerate your Success okay now the question was framed Particularly in relation to affiliate Marketing which is where I got my start Online but the advice is universally Applicable and is going to be Particularly relevant and particularly Valuable to float folks who are building A personal brand and want to sell Digital or information based products That could be your own courses coaching Consulting or it could be affiliate Products okay so I'm going to cut over To that video it only goes for about out You know five minutes or so and I think You're gonna get a lot of value from it You can hear a little bit about what Really helped me accelerate my journey

Online okay before we cut over to that If you aren't already be sure to Subscribe to the channel I help folks Extract an extra hundred thousand Dollars to a million dollars per year From their information business if you Want more details about how we do that Click the first link in the description It'll take you over to my website Www.jacobcaris.com click the Bell Notification so you get told every time I drop a new video give the video a like If you get value from it leave any Questions or comments below I'll do my Best to get back to you throughout the Week with all that out of the way let's Cut over to this video and enjoy talk to You there cheers well as a new affiliate Marketer what is the one most important Thing that you did to accelerate your Success so I feel like personally I feel Like this is a very general question That can go a lot of different ways uh But I'll pause it to you man what's your What would you say for me or for Somebody else the thing that you did to Accelerate your success I'll give you The answer based on me and then I'll Give you a maybe I don't know let's see Where this goes the biggest thing for my Success in affiliate marketing and Since has always been having One major thing that I'm focused on at Any point in time and so when I started

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It was I became you know borderline Obsessed with winning the The dream car Took me 18 months Russell told me in the Art it would take 100 days now I don't Begrudge Russell that he's a marketer Took a little bit longer than 100 days And there's another lesson in that Whenever I set these one big thing and I'll give you a few more examples in a Second whenever I set this one big thing I don't put a timeline on it okay now You need a certain trust in yourself and You need a certain level of Self-motivation to be able to do that Because you need to have the confidence In yourself that it's not a matter of if But a matter of when and when you have That that self belief and that grows the More you make a commitment to yourself That you're going to do something and You see it through that self-confidence Will grow that self-trust will grow but I picked this big thing and I don't put A timeline on it because I see people Talk about goal setting and they're like Oh if you don't put a timeline on it Then it's you know you're just hoping And I'm like get that's not true Because if I put a timeline on something Let's say so so our one big thing at the Moment is which is actually heard me Talk about is we're building I want to Build a um 100 Grand a month recurring

Uh income stream right So I want to I want 100 Grand locked in At the start of the month Right we've had 100 Grand months at the End of the month I want that at the Start of the month for the consistency And that's our one big thing right now So we sell that directly and everything That we do is congruent with achieving That one big thing okay now if I said I Want to do that by Christmas here's What's going to happen is myself the Team are going to sell to people because They have to in order to hit an Arbitrary self-imposed timeline and They're going to sell to people that I Don't want to work with they're going to Sell to people they're going to drain my Energy we may hit our number but because They've sold to people that we don't Want to work with that are a pain in the Ass it's probably not going to last That's if we even get there it may even Blow up before that because Jake goes There is no way I'm getting on the call With these people that you've sold to Right so Putting your timeline on things has Consequences as well right I'm not Saying there's a right or wrong this is Just what's worked for me so I picked That one big thing I don't put a Timeline on it I buy into my own media That it's not if it's when and then I'm

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Like a dog after a bone until I get that One big thing everything that I do is Congruent with it directly or indirectly And I just don't stop until I achieve That thing right like dream car 100 days No 18 months I got there next thing was Legendary I wanted to be a 100K Affiliate took six months was it if it Was when I'll figure it out and I can't Instill self-confidence in you that has To come from within and the best way to Get self-confidence isn't chanting and Ranting and raving it's to tell yourself You're going to do something and then Actually do it and if you do That every day you'll build Self-confidence and when you build Self-confidence you'll trust yourself More and when you trust yourself more You can start to set these big goals Other people might question them Otherwise people might think you're Crazy but you can just sit in your Office and giggle because you know that You're going to get it and so that's What I've just done consecutively was Legendary then it was KBB then when we Started SAA I was like you can ask Jamie And Chris I was like well this will win A two common Club because that was the Next thing I wanted to do didn't know When took 13 months 14 months then I had a gap Where I didn't know what my one big

Thing was and I felt like a lost puppy I Was like I don't know where I'm going Like I need this thing to focus on and Then I found it and now I'm like all Right let's go So that's it for me let's figure out That big thing don't necessarily put a Timeline on it but you become Relentless Without it and you'll get there and and Then people will go how did you do it Well I didn't give myself an option of Not doing it For sure that's my tip that's a good Answer man that that that was a I like Where the direction where this went [Music] Foreign [Music]

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