AiAya | AI Content Writer – Preview Video 2023

AiAya | AI Content Writer – Preview Video 2023

🎬 Check the tutorial video of the AiAya plugin! For details, watch the video! Check AiAya ►

The AiAya is a brand new plugin which is able to use the OpenAI GPT-3 API to write AI generated content for your blog posts.
It can write blog posts on its own, based on seed expressions you enter in the plugin settings, it can also fill other posts with more rich content, it can write reviews of products, also write formal or funny posts on different subjects.

You can only set the post title or even give it a short command to get AI generated content creation started.

This is an alternative for Jarvis or Jasper AI, which don’t create articles as fast as this plugin. Also, this plugin uses the direct pricing structure of OpenAI, making its usage cheaper than other market alternatives, which provide their own pricing structures, from which they pay a cut to OpenAI GPT-3 API.

Check this video for details on this plugin’s functionality and as always, if you have new ideas for it, let me know in the comments of this video!

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