Amazon Influencer Program | Becoming an Amazon Influencer: What You Need to Know #review

Amazon Influencer Program | Becoming an Amazon Influencer: What You Need to Know #review

Amazon Influencer Program | Becoming an Amazon Influencer: What You Need to Know

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The Amazon Influencer Program is a service offered by Amazon that allows influencers to earn fees for promoting and recommending products from Amazon on their social media channels and other online platforms. Influencers who are accepted into the program are given a unique URL to share with their followers, which allows Amazon to track the sales that are generated from the influencer’s recommendations. Influencers can earn fees on a per-sale basis or through a referral fee for each customer that they refer to Amazon. The Amazon Influencer Program is open to influencers in a variety of niches and categories, and influencers can use the program to promote a wide range of products, including books, electronics, beauty products, and more.

To become an Amazon Influencer, you must first apply to the program and be accepted by Amazon. Influencers are typically accepted into the program based on their level of engagement and the size of their audience.

Once accepted into the program, influencers are given a unique URL to share with their followers. This URL allows Amazon to track the sales that are generated from the influencer’s recommendations.

Influencers can promote a wide range of products from Amazon on their social media channels and other online platforms, including books, electronics, beauty products, and more.

Influencers can earn fees in two ways: either on a per-sale basis, or through a referral fee for each customer that they refer to Amazon. The exact fees that influencers earn will depend on the product category and the referral rate for that category.

The Amazon Influencer Program is open to influencers in a variety of niches and categories. Influencers can use the program to promote products that align with their personal brand and interests.

Influencers are responsible for disclosing their relationship with Amazon to their followers, as required by law. This typically involves disclosing that they are receiving a commission or fee for promoting Amazon products.

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Hey what's up everybody it's Adam with DIY agency and today we're going to talk About the Amazon influencer program so Just being up front I just got approved For this program so this video is not About necessarily the commissions I've Made or anything like that but I do want To explain the process and how you too Can get approved for this program Because it's not easy so first let's Talk about what it is really simply it's A a process where you're able to create Video and uh text content that promotes Amazon products and you can obviously Make money from doing so uh so really What they're going to do is once you get Approved you're going to build a Storefront you're going to create Content and then hopefully you're going To make some money from it now the Beautiful part about this is you can Utilize either things that you've Already bought on Amazon or anything Within the Amazon community quite Frankly so Um obviously it's great if you have the Product that's going to be the best way To sell it but I I have seen people that Are actually just kind of doing a walk Through without actually owning the Product but for me I'm going to tell you The best way to do it is to have Something in your hands or be able to Kind of show with your phone uh you know


Something tangible for for a buyer so That they can understand that it's a Good product to buy and then buy it and That's how you earn the commission so Literally whether you bought it from Amazon or not so if you bought an iPhone And you bought it through the Apple Store for example and you you know can Find it on Amazon you can still sell uh You know promote it if you will through Their uh their storefront or through Your storefront and still make Commissions even though you never bought It through Amazon as long as it's Eligible on Amazon you'll be able to do It so what they do is they'll create a Uh really a page for you to create the Content Um and again you know what an I'm not Going to go too deep in this but really At the bottom of the influencer page You're just going to click sign up and From there what it's going to do is it's Going to ask you you to you know choose The account that you already have if you Don't have an account you're going to Create a new account and uh you know From there we're just going to click on That and uh my page is already ready What it's going to typically do is ask You for Um either an Instagram account a tick Tock account a YouTube account or a Facebook account and really what you're

You're they're looking for is activity They're looking for a lot of videos Being created on those accounts or a lot Of engagement on the posts that you're Making so if you create a post on Tick Tock and it gets a lot of Engagement You're more likely to get approved for The program if you're not getting a lot Of a lot of activity on your posts you Need to have a lot of posts if you get Tons of activity on your post again Likes comments Um share stuff like that you don't need As many Um followers you don't necessarily need As many uh videos or or posts Um but the combination of all the above Is really what's going to help you to Get approved quickly so once you do get Approved and again I'm going to share Links below that uh that allow you to Get more likes comments Um uh you know followers all those Things without necessarily having a huge Audience you can get these things done Pretty quickly there's no guarantee that They'll work to get you approved for This again it took me about a month and A half quite frankly to get approved I Tried many different accounts I tried my Facebook account I tried my Instagram Account I tried to tick tock account I Did eventually get approved utilizing my YouTube account but I actually got um

Denied previously on that same YouTube Account and what I found is it wasn't Necessarily about engagement as much as Just posting a lot of videos uh Consecutively over over a number of days And then trying it again got me approved So let's dig deeper into what happens Once you are approved so once you're Approved they're going to take you to a Page like this that you're gonna have to Just kind of upload a photo upload a Background if you want I'm just leaving A blank and then upload a quick bio from There what you're going to do is create Content it's going to ask you if you Want to post a video or a photo of the Content that you're you're looking to Promote an idea list or a live stream so They do will actually like you to go Live but what you will need to know need To have is the same things that you'll Have on a post so if I wanted to create A new post all I would do is uh just Click post and what it's going to do is Ask me to click um click to upload a Video or an image now For me I had a couple videos already Ready to go from another YouTube channel That I created where I actually did Review products but again what I would Suggest you do is have something ready To go before you start to upload uh you Know a video of something around your House that you've previously purchased

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Through Amazon whether it's a demo or Just a quick review to me it's important That somebody sees the product uh Whether they saw it Being unwrapped and unpackaged initially Or if they saw it three years uh into Your ownership Um that's up to you so a great example Would be is if you just bought something And it's a new pair of uh you know shoes For example and you unwrap them and you Show the process of how they were Packaged uh how they arrived at your Doorstep these are things that are Valuable to people that are you know Concerned about whether or not they Should buy it and how it's going to show Up to their door there's also people That are going to want to see the wear And tear on a product so you can't Necessarily demonstrate that when you're Doing an unboxing video but you can Demonstrate that if you've owned Something for three years so if you're Showing something that's been around Your house for a long time you can say Hey look this is held up really well for Wear and tear and it's doing great and Show the actual product that's been Around for three years so that actually Holds value to some people because it's Not always about how it shows up to my House it might be like how's it going to Show how's it going to last for me if

I'm a you know an adult or if I have a Kid that uses this product you know Three to five times a day one of my Reviews is about a softball bat that my Daughter used another review I did was a Uh a pair of cleats that I bought from My daughter and so I did on those show Kind of the unboxing but I also showed What they looked like after a couple Uses so that people can understand the Wear and tear again how you create your Videos is completely up to you really The key component here being that you're Actually showing a product and it's Hopefully providing value to somebody That's on the fence about whether or not To buy a product through Amazon so Really what you would do is just upload That video and then you're gonna Literally just go through and search to Tag the product so again uh you know if You want to take type in softball that Bat for example Um you know that's one way to do it You can literally just find anything Specific as a baseball bat and you can Tag them Um here and there but what I would do is Be very specific about it so I did a DeMarini Prism bat you know and what you can do Is literally just click on the one that You did or you can look at your previous Orders so you know stuff that you've

Previously purchased you can just go Through and uh again you know I just Bought this space heater because my old Spacey heater died I will be doing a Review I didn't do an unboxing review But what I'll do is actually show how It's been working for you know the past Seven days and the temperature it's Keeping my garage stuff like that So you can just search through your Orders again I did buy a d mariney bat So literally what we're going to do is Just click on that for example Um and that would be the done part and Really what you want to do is uh have a Title ready uh for me I I you know again I simply just put the name of the Product and uh review as the title and Then you're just going to submit the Post from there and it's really that Simple I'm going to discard the changes Just so you can see it but one thing You'll need or one thing that's not Visible here is just a title for your Review and it's just for me it's as Simple as naming the product and saying Review or you know anything you want to Do it doesn't need to be 60 characters Or less so once you've created those Those product videos what they'll do is They will put you in a in a review Process it took me about 30 minutes Before I got to this stage Um and now they're the products again

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I've got the the DeMarini bat I've got The the cleats Um I did a heated vest review what I Will do is eventually go in and change The thumbnail because for these because I didn't realize uh you know it just Grabs an automatic thumbnail Um so I can't change it right now Because I'm still in the uh the review Phase but once it's reviewed uh Officially by Amazon I will go in and Change the thumbnails now the keys for Me is I just uploaded them today Literally Um once they are done I'll be looking at Views view duration stuff like that but Anytime somebody watches your video and Then buys the product and this will be In the Amazon Marketplace you'll Actually get a commission so anybody Familiar with Amazon commissions knows You don't make a ton of money per Product but it's about volume so the More more products you have the more Likely you are to make up make a Commission so what I'll be doing is once I get past these initial three videos And it's past moderation I'm gonna start Uploading everything that I've ever Purchased in from Amazon and uh just Showing quick reviews of saying hey you Know what I've had it I'll mention the Purchase date and and today's date and Say I've had it for a year and a half

And I'll just show you know how it's Held up Um now I've literally bought clothing I've bought the camera that I'm actually Recording this on the microphone that I'm recording this on so I will be doing Everything I've ever purchased and I'll Go through and actually look at my old Purchases and then just literally take My my you know my phone camera I'll go Out and I'll literally just go and uh I'll film a video and make it you know a Three to five minute video if that much Even and uh just give my my for you know My particular uh you know take on Whether or not the product's worth Buying or not Um what I would obviously recommend is That you do do positive reviews uh Unless it really was a crappy product And you want to keep people from uh from Buying it but at the end of the day Understand that you only make a Commission when people buy something so They may like your review but you want Them to buy based on your review and That's going to make the difference in You know how much conversion or Commissions that you do make uh from Your videos so hopefully this gives you A quick idea of how uh how to really Make make money from this now again the Key component to getting approved I will Put again a link below about it's about

Activity on your your post your social Posts and or volume of posts so I would Recommend that you make a lot of videos If you're going to utilize YouTube and Do it consecutively so be uh you know be Constantly posting your your content and Try and get as much Um activity on those again uh likes Comments shares uh and of course Follower volume and the more followers You have or the more subscribers you Have to your your channel Um the more likely you are to get Approved please let me know what Questions you have below Um as always I love your likes I love Your comments and I love subscriptions So you know hit that Bell below to Subscribe for more of my videos and I Look forward to uh talking to you on the Next video thanks Thank you

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