Become #Intimate With Your Audience ❤️ #shorts #wakeuplegendary #emailmarketing

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Be like intimate with your audience you Know I'm not telling you to kiss your Audience but I'm saying break it down For us dumb animals out here who are Thinking intimate yo yeah okay I took some of the emails that were Templates or email swipes and I rewrote Them I you know hated my nine to five I The system lagged to me and I Know It Lied to you guys as well I would come Home exhausted at the end of the day I Couldn't see my friends or family really Like emphasizing my story my struggles Hopefully they would be like oh I can Relate with that and then that basically Builds like this relationship with him Like this guy's literally me you want to Build a connection with your audience And you just need to find a common pain Point and you need to find out what your Audience is really looking for

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