Best Black Friday Deals For Entrepreneurs Wanting To Make Money in 2023

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If you're looking to start an online Business in the year of 2023 or you've Got it on my business that you want to Take to the next level with masterminds Courses things like that this video is Going to go over all the opportunities That I think are the best deals going on This Black Friday that can hopefully Take you to one of those two places We're just gonna Dive Right In but just So you know some of the stuff in here is A great deal on pricing it's just really Good prices some of this stuff is really Cool bundles where people are combining Different things together to make really Awesome bundles at the same price that You could normally only get one product And some of the stuff is free and some Of this stuff is just crazy deals but Fairly expensive like thirty thousand Dollars expensive but I think you'll Understand exactly why when we get there So let's just Dive Right In and start With number one and number one is I Think the best deal for people that are Just looking to hit the ground running They want to start making money fast They want it to be able to scale fast They're willing to hustle they just want Things to start fast okay and that's This deal right here you see on the Screen from McCall Jones Lauren golden And Catherine Jones now I've personally Met all three of these guys we've

Interviewed Catherine Jones and Mccalla Jones in my Facebook group we've done a Lot with these guys because they're Powerhouse women they are so awesome and I want to explain this deal because They've combined to make just such a Cool deal where they take all the things That they're good at and they've created Something that can just take somebody From nothing to incredible so quickly Using all three of these things so There's a couple different packages but Essentially what these these three are Known for is McCall is known for being Able to Help you take a person or a group of People and make them raving happy with You right so they want to buy your stuff So you kind of build that rapport with People and Catherine is super good at CF Design school which is essentially where You learn to design sites and stuff like That she's also really good at getting Clients and then Lauren golden is Another one she's that she teaches tons Of people to create a freelance business And get clients quickly so what they've Done I'm going to show you the Screenshot that really stuck out to me That was maybe like this so excited About what it is they've done you can See here really good page they're really Taking this seriously with their combo Which is crazy because Catherine just

Had a baby Um you can see right here they're going To give you CF design school and the Free mama that's from Lauren and Catherine and what these are is their Skills so Lauren teaches you all these Different skills that you would need to Be a virtual assistant or really do Anything as a freelancer to get clients And to Um succeed in the freelancing world and Then see if design school is very Similar to teaches you how to design Incredibly High converting funnels and Websites which is a really hot commodity Right now then she teaches you in there A little bit how to get clients as well Um so you can see that's where they Teach you the skills so you need skills Um to be successful in in the internet Today right that's where they teach you The skills next uh this one is from McCall and that's where she teaches you How to make these little videos and Those little videos turn into clients Okay so you make a couple like a 30 Second video every day and it takes you Like I guess just 20 minutes on there it Takes you less than 20 minutes to do and It steadily gives you clients and the System works I know she's talking about In here I've talked about it on my Channel a few times as well but that's What she teaches you to do so you start

You take this skill set you start Getting clients and then Catherine has a Course she calls Scala that she sells And each of these courses I verified Does sell for the price that it says Right here so this one sells for Thirteen hundred dollars this one sells For fifteen hundred dollars this one Sells for a thousand dollars and this One sells for a thousand dollars but Anyway the last course is closing Five Figure deals meaning she's going to Teach you how to take these clients that You're getting right in their 500 a Thousand dollars a month or something Like that and how to basically take them To the next level and take these clients To five ten thousand dollar package Deals uh so that you don't have to be Managing 10 15 20 clients to making the Amount of money that you want to be Making so you look at this and it just It just excites me right they're going To teach you to learn a bunch of Different skills they're going to teach You how to take those skills go find People and charge them for your skills Then they're going to teach you how to Take those people that are paying for Your skills and get them to the next Level and make more off of each of those Customers and these these ladies Absolutely know what they're doing They've all three done exactly what

They're doing they've got tons of Results for them as well as for clients It's just an all-around good deal for Someone that wants to get some money Quickly right they they maybe see what 2023 might have coming economically they Want things to start moving fast and I Honestly think this is the best way to Do it and that these three uh have a Track record of getting people to do That number two is another one I'm super Excited about if you've been paying Attention to this channel we showed you About three weeks ago a video where I Was trying out this new side hustle and I was able to take that side hustle in Just a month or two up to fifty dollars A day in passive income and I was blown Away it was super cool essentially all This hustle is doing with obviously some More parts to it than I'm putting on the Screen right here is when we go to an Amazon page and look to buy something There's three videos right there and you Can see right here these videos are Uploaded by Regular People me you a Bunch of other people like that that's Who makes these videos right here and if Someone watches those videos and you can See they're not even showing their face They're just showing the product or Their hands but if someone watches those Videos and decides to purchase the Product you get paid so I've been able

To do this I've seen dozens since I put Out that video I've seen people start to Slowly grow and succeed with this it's An incredibly easy side hustle and I Would call this one the best for people Looking to make a passive income okay People looking to build up something but They don't have a ton of time maybe kids A job things like that and so they want To build up a passive income they don't Need 10 20 30 000 a month but they would Like to quickly build up some kind of Extra boosted passive income and that's What this is and this is actually a free Training it's going to be combined with The launch so this will be training and If you choose is to go further then They'll actually talk to you about Products and things like that that are Going to be launching on Black Friday so This is kind of a cool Black Friday sale Slash launch but anyway you can see Right here this is Don Bavaro he calls It I really love the name of he calls it The anonymous influencer because you can Make good money without having to be Crazy okay you can make good money Without having to build a huge following And everybody knows your face and uh You're you're kind of one of those Influencers right YouTube channels Things like that um so he's going to Teach you how to do that in this live Event uh and then yes of course as there

Is with these events there will be an Offer at the end a bit special for Black Friday if you want he's been doing this With a beta group and I've been in the Beta group and virtually everyone in This beta group is making money right Now and not just making money like zero To a thousand dollars in a month kind of Money most of them are somewhere in that Range so super cool uh great opportunity For people looking to get into this World you've watched some of my videos Maybe and seen how crazy that that Opportunity is and Dom shows you how to Build influence Um and how and so you can get approved He talks a lot through all that stuff He's gonna go through everything you Need to know to get started with this Coolest side hustle in the world the Amazon influencer business number three Is what I say is the best for people That don't want anything to do with the Internet because uh some of us just Don't want to sit on our computer all Day and that's fine that's the type of Person right and so I uh I I found this Guy about three months ago and I was Kind of ignoring him because he sent me To his website and it looks really basic And old and outdated and stuff like that But then he talked to me and he showed Me the business and he showed me more Importantly his students and what

They're doing with what he's teaching It's called the simplest Biz because Conceptually it's the simplest business In the world middleman Money Maker all It is this is all he does we've all seen Pallets let's throw it on the screen Here these are pallets billions of them Exchange hands every single day uh Everywhere in the world especially in The United States so these pallets are Constantly changing hands right people Ship things over on pallets the people Unload the pallets now they've got a Bunch of pallets they don't want them Other people do want pallets because They're going to be shipping things Again and so there's this kind of dead Zone right with these people with stacks Of pallets don't want them and these People that are shipping want them and So all he does is teach you how to go Call up some businesses and set up these Exchanges and essentially say hey you've Got pallets they want pallets either I Can come and make a swap and you know Charge you this much or I can just Connect you and you guys make the Swap And I'll charge you this much and that Super super simple business model with Nuances of course like everything else So I want to say it's easy like anything Else um but it works it's easy to Understand and uh it works literally Anywhere and so what made me sold on on

Talking about this is I was going Through his Facebook group which is the Community of people that have bought This course that he's that he's selling Right here okay oh and by the way I'm Talking too fast but we'll leave links Down below to all of this stuff I Apologize it's a little last minute I Had a cold all week and so I wasn't able To put out this video anyway we'll leave Links down below to all this stuff some Of them affiliate links some of them not Um but you can see here in his Facebook Group you can see just posts of people Like hey I'm starting this and Succeeding so this guy hey five Truckloads in one day keep grinding I'm Like wow that's pretty legit this guy Hey update I found these people that are Looking um you know ten ten dollars ten Thousand palettes so that's a ton of Money in there right Um so he's basically asking if anybody Can help him out but he's starting Success this person just starting out Said hey I've just got a client they've Got I don't have a buyer yet but I've Got somebody giving me free pallets so I'm pretty sure we'll be able to find a Buyer when we've got all these free Pallets this person's second day in Business he's already got access to 25 Truckloads of pallets this guy just Started first client 30 a week you get

The the gist here it's a super legit Training on from somebody that's done This very successfully and taught people Very successfully how to create a pallet Middleman business and so we'll leave a Link down below if you want to do that He's taking a thousand dollars off for Black Friday and I think it actually Goes away it's not like a through Cyber Monday deal it's just Black Friday and Maybe a little bit into Saturday uh so Yeah if you're looking for a hustle that Just doesn't involve the internet this Is the one for you now I know you've Probably all been waiting for the thirty Thousand dollar one you're saying what Could possibly be on discount for thirty Thousand dollars for this one we're Gonna need to hop onto our phone and What it is it's actually in our Facebook App and if you've been to your Facebook Marketplace you can see right there this Is just where people buy and sell Locally but Facebook added a few years Ago something that I've never talked About on this channel I've never really Looked into it's called shops you can See it right there at the top and when I Click shops this is people just selling All kinds of stuff right there okay tons Of clothes I think it mostly focuses on Clothes and stuff like that but this is Called Facebook shops kind of thinking About like a little mini Amazon built

Into Facebook and there are people doing Incredibly well with this so this is These two guys that created it's called Millionaire map and what it is is it's Basically a done-for-you Facebook shop So they've been doing this for a while With Facebook shops and they can build Up a Facebook shop up to let's say three To five thousand dollars a month in six To eight months now scaling on Facebook Shop is hard and there's a couple Reasons for that that we won't go over But it's hard to just scale a Facebook Shop the way you would an Amazon shop You need to you need different IPS and Stuff you need to kind of like basically Broaden your reach around the country And so what they've done instead is you Essentially give them your Facebook Account they'll send you a laptop and You'll log in on your Facebook account And then they will create your Facebook Shop for you so they will create a Complete Facebook shop and what they'll Do is they'll create the products They've already got a team in place to Rank the products to ship out the Products it's it's uh you can kind of Think about like Drop Shipping and Basically all you do is take this laptop Right and then you own it's your it's Linked to your Facebook account so you Own the business you own the laptop and For a year they will completely manage

This so I was talking to them about this And most of their students in fact I Think all their students they said may Have all of their clients have made Their money back in six to eight months I've never seen anything quite this good Of a deal right we're six to eight Months they'll build your business for You and then you just own the business And they can keep managing it or you can But after that you have an asset that's Generating three to five thousand Dollars a month let's say all by itself And you can continue to work with them Or you can do the rest of it on your own At that point they'll give you all the Training you need it's just a cool cool Little opportunity now what they're Doing for Black Friday they usually Charge fifteen thousand dollars to do This um because it's a year right They've got a team they do everything They give you a laptop they hire a team They run everything for you there's a Lot that goes on behind the scenes so um Their deal will be you can get one or You can get three for ten thousand Dollars each so you can get three Facebook shops running for ten thousand Dollars each you get three laptops three Shops three Facebook accounts all that Stuff and then each of these assuming uh You know continues the way it has been Which I went through a lot of their

YouTube channels um talked looked at a Bunch of their reviews and their Students and stuff like that assuming it Continues in six to eight months you now Own a Facebook shop or an asset that Generates thousands of dollars every Single month so I call this one the best Black Friday deal for people that have Some money uh to invest right now but They don't have a ton of time they got Money they want a business they want a Business that runs they understand they See the power of all this but they don't Want to spend six months or a year Really figuring all this out and Mastering it all they see an opportunity In just paying somebody else to do that And then kind of doing you know gentle Managing after that so this is the four Best and most unique Black Friday deals That I found I've been looking for Things that maybe I haven't talked about Much in this Channel or unique spaces That I haven't really seen other people Go into and these are the four that I Really liked let me know in the comments Down below if there's any that appeal to You again some of these are the links Down in the description but thus is the Nature of Black Friday and thanks so Much for watching guys go enjoy your Black Friday

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