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Kelly Capers’ original side hustle was selling recipes online. After dabbling in several online ventures over the past 8 years, find out what FINALLY clicked, and what’s working for this busy boy-mom today. Tune in for juicy nuggets you won’t want to miss!

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Thank you Hey what's going on my friends it's Dave Sharp back in the Pilot's chair once Again and wow guess what guess what we Have another amazing guest part-time Chiropractor full-time mom of three Building a business one batch at a time Kelly welcome to the show hello how are You thanks so much I'm good thanks for Having me I'm much better now I was Super sick earlier this week so I didn't Think I was going to be able to do this I'm dealing with some some illness Myself right now so I'm I'm with you It's it must be going around the country It's horrible Um so where are where are you where do You live where are you calling from in State College Pennsylvania which is the Home of Penn State University nice nice Very cool right in the center so what Brought you to Legendary what were you Looking to get out of this when you when You came So I work like you said part-time as a Chiropractor in my chiropractic office With my dad Um and basically I was just needing Something more in terms of finances but I didn't want to leave home I didn't Want to leave my boys I'm with my three Boys all the time as much as I can be And I wanted to find something that I Could do so I could still spend time

With them not have to be at work more And not have to get another job and that I could do with them kind of around me As well So I as most people do I think with this Was perusing the internet scrolling Scrolling scrolling and I stumbled Across somebody and I was like huh that Kind of sounds interesting what the heck Is it and so I did a little research got The ebook and Um signed up for the 15 day challenge And then was kind of like hooked after That Like Literally running around chasing my kids Because it was end of the summer Beginning of the Fall so we were outside My children don't want to come inside Ever like I pack a backpack and we go Outside for the day pretty much so I had My earbuds in and I'm chasing boys Around giving them drinks and like Listening to day two and trying to take Notes in my phone Um and that's how I did it yeah yeah so Um do you do you are you are you happy That you made that decision do you feel Like you're heading in a productive Direction that's that's re that is Either already producing results or is On the the way to producing results yes I've been so happy so far I mean I think Most of us are

Wanting to see results like ASAP and you Get like super antsy whenever you don't I was lucky Um I mean I feel like I was lucky Um I got my first commission at 28 days In so that kind of like fueled my fire And gave me a little more at home Um and then I just kept going with it I Did hit like a little bit of a lull Around the holidays Christmas time Things slowed down for me a little bit Yeah but it's picking back up again and I think what everybody says is true you Just need to stay consistent with it Um I I think out in my head a little bit I Was kind of playing the comparison game And seeing some other people who had Started around the same time as me who Were maybe doing a little bit better Than me and so I was like what am I Doing what why am I not doing it right You know Um and I don't think that's the case at All I think it's just that you have to Keep going and going and going and Eventually people are going to see you And it's gonna happen you know but yes To answer your questions sorry I'm super Long-winded Um I'm so so happy that I found this It's like my new it's put it's like Sparked my life again I feel like I I have

Something that I really am looking Forward to doing every day like making These silly videos and the kids you know I'm filming something and I might not Like the way it looks so I'm filming it A couple times and then the kids are Like singing the song or doing a dance With me or something and it's it's so Much fun yeah yeah and it's it's the Future really I mean it's it's not it's You know it's not a bad thing to see our For our children to see us using Technology leveraging technology because That is their future their future is Less you know driving well not not to Say that we're not going to still travel And go to certain locations to interact With people uh Cairo you know being a Chiropractor is a great example we're Never going to be able to do that Virtually I don't think unless there's Some sort of a machine that's created But Um that takes a personal touch right but The most professions Um or a lot of professions and is all You got to do is go into the elementary Schools now and just start asking kids What do you want to do well you know YouTuber or this or right they're Already aware for because well we as Parents do do what we we love to put Them in front of a device sometimes not All of us do it all the time but all

Children are aware of Technology you Know we're all guilty of it to an extent I think And I mean even the little ones Can use the technology my two-year-old I Mean he can use a remote control to skip The ads on a YouTube video It's he goes Skip Skip and he hits the Button and there it is I'm like oh That's good my 10 year old he actually Has a YouTube channel he and his buddy If anybody wants to check it out it's Called Levi and Aiden's World follow him Like him he'll love that oh I don't know Maybe another video It's really cute actually Um and he has shorts and he did all this Stuff he's like I'm gonna try to Monetize it Mom I'm like oh my goodness Wow wow that's interesting isn't it I Mean just where where we're at as a Society and and how You know technology really truly can be Used for good or it can be used for evil And Um you know that's one of the things That uh was exciting to me at the Beginning as well was I wasn't I was a Construction guy so I was also a Physical laborer using my hands for work And when I started to wake up in the Morning and have messages or leads or Sales and I was sleeping I hadn't done Any physical work it was from a video

That I posted or emails that I were Going out my head was just exploding Because in order for me to even get on The clock I had to get you know get some Coffee and me get the boots on get in The truck drive to the job you know and Then realize we forgot something from Home Depot so drive to Home Depot come Back to the job and You know it was a totally different Paradigm shift for me to be having these Things happening you know while I was Either sleeping or at work what has been The most or one of the the things that Has surprised you or you said you're Excited to get up what do you what are You specifically excited about and and What has surprised you about this Journey that you didn't think would Happen Uh I think what has surprised me is the Amount of interest that I've gotten from People with it you know like I started Out as most people do Um with zero followers on any of these Social media accounts so it's grown from Nothing at all and who's gonna pay Attention to what I'm doing you know Like who's gonna think that that's Interesting at all aside from maybe the Fact that I'm like super dorky doing These weird dances or something like That it might catch your eye but just The fact that it's generated the

Interest that it has in such a short Period of time is really crazy to me and I think that surprised me probably the Most and I and How I don't want to say easy it's not Been like easy easy but how fun and easy It's been you know because it's not Something that I really look at as work My husband all the time is like you're On your phone doing something in what Are you doing like oh I'm editing a Video like you're doing that again like I thought you said it takes two seconds I'm like well I wanted I want to add This effect I want to do this to it you Know like it's it's a new hobby as well As a job I think and it's fun so that's The surprising part yeah I I agree and I Know what you're I know what you're Talking talking about with Um the the it doesn't feel like work Really and that was one of the things That was was true for me when I first Got started obviously was you know Construction Hot sun sweat or sit in my home in in in Where I wanted to play hooky anymore in The air conditioning with carpet under My feet and I I'd like you to talk about The years because We are so afraid so often to to film a Video or get on camera or put ourselves Out there and Yet you know we're doing all kinds of

Other scary things all the time not even Thinking about it getting in a car and Driving you know being in a public place Around people who could come in and do Crazy things I mean there's all kinds of Danger that we're in every day but we're We come into this and there's so many People including myself at the beginning Who was both awkward uncomfortable and Fearful of of of getting on camera and Also putting myself out there how have You dealt with that I kind of just Um Shove it under the rug a little bit I Pretend when I'm making these videos That I'm just recording them for myself I like Do do I have fun with it is it Entertaining to me like are my kids Laughing at it I'm not even thinking About the fact for the most part that a Lot of other people are gonna see it and That's helped me with it like I don't Really care too much what people think Of me anyway like you know I'm not your Cup of tea fine like scroll past me Whatever but um I I try to just Put that fear under the rug and not even Think about the fact that other people Are going to see it like right now Talking to you I know other people are Listening and watching me but I'm just

Talking to you because if I start Thinking about that I'm gonna start Sweating like now I'm sweating so while I sweat all the time actually so it Doesn't it doesn't that's not abnormal To me Um Pam asked an interesting question I Can go live or made an interesting Comment I can go live anytime randomly But can't do scripts very well I know That you've had a lot of success Batching content and I want to talk to You about that but what have what do you Notice about yourself are you more able To or comfortable talking kind of Spontaneously or off the cuff or are you More of a bullet point girl or or you Enjoy scripts or is there some other way In which you're preparing can you can You speak to Pam's point there do you Relate to that or do you consider Yourself the opposite well I've not done Any lives so I can't speak to that Exactly Um I am a very much like paper pencil Like I like writing lists and Crossing Things off a lot so whenever I'm Creating my content a lot of time like I Just have a Google Drive doc that I've Jotted down little ideas of things and Not necessarily like word for word you Know just like the general concept of it And then I kind of go from that Um so kind of in between I guess like I

Can't just very well fly by the seat of My pants on it but I like to have Something to go from yeah so let's let's Talk about Um your uh you know transitioning into Getting started marketing you you you Obviously Um are you know it's clear just based on Your knowledge and results that you you Know that you that you paid attention in The training and and went through that When you transitioned into getting Started in marketing what what have you Learned that has led you to this kind of Batching content strategy or approach That you're using kind of walk us Through how that came to be was it was It the lowland Christmas or was it that You were sick at one time how did you How have you evolved your content Creation in kind of that prep uh to to Get to where it is now and what have you Learned along the way So I really just this past week Um became super aware of how important Batching the content was I didn't Realize until I was just sick like I was Down and out sick there were a couple Days I was just in bed could barely like Function to take care of my children Um so I had kind of just been doing this Thinking like oh I'm gonna film little Bits and pieces of my life here and There or if I see something that I think

Is going to be like A good one to do I'm just going to Quickly grab my phone and you know hey Blah blah blah you know whatever Um and so I just had all this stuff in My phone I hadn't added you know like The text and the sound to everything but I had a bunch of stuff there and then When I got sick I was like oh thank God I did that because I cannot even imagine I mean there could have been some good Videos too me just looking really crappy Laying in bed saying hey look you can do It even when you're sick but I don't Think I would have had the mental Capacity even to like do that right um So I had been batching stuff but now I'm Just super grateful that I have been Doing that Um and I think for me it it's just Easier to go about my day and film Little bits and pieces here and there Than to sit down I know some people say I'm gonna sit and I'm gonna devote this Like hour or two And film all this stuff I don't have That time in my day most of the time my Two littlest boys don't even nap anymore Usually the youngest one might pass out For a little bit but it's when he does Then he's up until 10 o'clock at night So we can't let him sleep that long Anyway Um so I don't have that devoted time

Every day that I can do it so I just Film here and there as I can and then I Save everything and then add you know Add to it whenever I'm sitting and Watching TV at night or when I get up in The morning before anybody else is up or You know when the kids are taking that Like you know iPad time for a little bit In the afternoon so I'll sit there and I'll finish batching stuff but it's just I think that's one of the biggest things I can recommend is like have some Content there and ready to go and then You can just sit down you know a day or Two in advance and plan what you're Going to post where and when Helped me at least This reminds me of how most of my great Marketing discoveries and successes came From which is by accident you know I Mean yeah it's like it's like wow all Those videos that I'm that I recorded But maybe didn't feel like they were Good enough or or you know I was too Afraid to post them well now I'm sick And down and out literally can't do Anything and so those videos are great These are fine these are good right and It's like oh wow the the takeaway from That was the power of batching content And in treating in treating it like a uh You know like a like a real media Marketing company would you you're when Your favorite show on Netflix

Um comes out you know they've already Got 10 episodes or at least five films You know they they there's preparation They you know there's they're not Totally flying by the seat of their Pants and that brings me to my next Point which or my next question for you Is you know Um what is your advice around finding Your own process like for you you just Kind of describe something that was Personal to you you know you you you're You're not particularly totally Spontaneous but you you do like to have The freedom to shoot things throughout The day as inspiration comes to you some People that may be totally paralyzing The thought of that they may need to sit Down and and knock five or ten videos Out over a two-hour period on a Monday Or a Sunday what's what's your what's Your what's your opinion and what has it Been like for you to both take the Training and the strategy and hey this Is how to do it like this is how to do a Lot of it and there's a part where you Need to personalize it to your own life In your own personality how have you Giving yourself permission to do that And be different and find your own Routine versus you know being so Obsessed with the way that everybody Else is doing it and feeling like if You're doing it differently you're doing

It wrong Right I don't think there's any right or Wrong way to do it I think it's just Like learning people people learn in Different ways some people are visual Learners some people need to hear it Some people need to physically do things In order to learn and I think it's the Same with this I think you know the the Um Tools are there for us like the the Things are there to like lay it all out And tell you what you need to do and Then everybody's gonna find a way that Works for them you know and that's where Again you can't compare to anybody else What works for one person isn't going to Work for another same thing with your Kids like one kid you know to get him to Sleep through the night you might need To do this and then the next kid that Doesn't work at all it's I think the Same exact thing as it is with so many Things in life you just need to kind of Trial and error it see what works for You Um and what doesn't you know I would Love if I had an hour or two hours a day That I could sit down and be like I'm Gonna bang out all these ideas and have Them all there and ready to go that'd be Great maybe next year whenever both of My little guys are in preschool three Days a week I can do that Monday

Wednesday Friday but not now Yeah and it it's also what season of Your life are you in and how much are You expecting to get out of this based On the time that you have to put into it And I think that's important to be Realistic about because as you say you Know you don't have unlimited time to Put into it so there there's no cap on Your income but you're you know it's Better to do something than nothing Right right I think it's you have to get Started at some point you don't want to Sit on it you know because if you don't Get started nothing's ever going to Change so for me this is something that I'm looking to grow more and more and More and hopefully have more time to Devote to it as it goes but I wanted to At least get started and with the small Amounts that I'm able to do here and There I mean I feel like I've seen Really great results so far so if I can Do it with as somebody who is I call Myself super busy I mean I feel like I'm Super busy all the time I don't have Time to do much of anything laundry Piles up and I do that at 11 o'clock at Night and then you know get to whatever I can whenever I can so you just find The time to do it and then It it'll work out yeah and here's the Other like You know thing that I was just talking

To one of our advisors who was talking To a client and and I said he said well Hey you know this person is feeling like They Because there's you know for example Should I get Incorporated should I not You know like I don't I don't have the Money to be able to do that right now or I I'm you know I do I need to do it Right now and it's like look it's like First of all you know Getting going out in in mowing along or Go sometimes if you want to earn extra Money you just get started you you don't You don't waste a bunch of time You know it's sort of like the the Example I give all the time about you Know doing a construction job it's like I'm not I'm not going to make any money If I just go into Home Depot and just Shop for a hammer all day long and then Ask every guy that comes in the store Hey what Hammer did you buy you know at A certain point I just gotta grab a Hammer and start hitting nails and and And start earning money right because if I never just grab a hammer and start Hitting Nails regardless of what brand It is whether it's free or 97 a month or Whatever it is right because there's a Lot of different as we're talking about Approaches that you can take in a lot of Different ways you could fit it into Your life but the bottom line is is that

You either go slow and maybe change goes Slow but you're doing something and you Can fix a just improve add or take away In the future In in but the point is progress is being Made and hopefully money is being made To be able to lead to you actually being Able to leave your job or have more time If you want and the other option is Do nothing Make nothing and nothing changes Not a good option he So it's like you know I can either go Down the trail of Just doing something my father used to Say when we got to the job do something Son even if it's wrong just get your ass Moving get out of the truck get out of The bathroom whatever you're hiding Because you want to take another sip of Coffee or or I'm you know fumbling Around sharpening my pencil or you know Getting my take he's like son Do something son even if it's wrong Because then you can will correct it We'll learn something but at least we're Moving and producing and I think with This it is such a learning process Especially at first you know like I I Never had made a tick tock video in my Entire life I had no clue what I was Doing with that and I think you know at First you're like so nervous about Looking stupid so you're refilming a

Million times and all that so like you Said just get started get doing it as You do it you get more comfortable you Figure things out and then a couple I Mean I'm not quite three months in now At this point I'm like Done save my draft Good to go you know and I don't Overthink it anymore It just is what it is some are going to Be better than others some are gonna I Mean some views are going to be better Than others whatever post it be done With it move on to the next One were you were you always this way or Have you evolved recently have did you Ever struggle with perfectionism or was It was it it was it I'm Used used to be very much so a Perfectionist I've I think having kids Has like changed that a little bit too Because I still have time like I don't Have time for it anymore you don't when You have I'm telling you my wife and I Can can oh my God you just right and the Older you get uh I I I it's hard to Explain it but I think we all know what She's talking about right and also I Just turned 40. so I you know that's Another thing there so don't have time Don't care anymore whatever I just gotta Do it be done with it move on um but at The beginning like when I was filming my

Videos and stuff I'm like oh it didn't Quite my lips didn't quite sync up to it Or I looked kind of I made a weird face Like I stuck my tongue out there Whatever nobody should be paying that Much attention to that anyway I want Them paying attention to what I'm saying And what I'm trying to like get across So somebody's gonna pay too much Attention to that whatever it's a short Six second video Next they're not anyways nobody is as Critical or noticing of you as you are You know you've been staring at yourself In that I remember when I was a kid I Used I don't know if I still have it but I had a mole right here and I have I I Had or have a mole You know it's kind of faded now but on The back of my leg like this tiny little Tiny little thing and I can remember Being in in in in like Elementary School In middle school or whatever and and Being like conscious of that mole that That tiny that nobody even noticed oh Buddy Nobody cared about that mole nobody Noticed that mole and it's like here I Am and I think that's just a great Analogy for the way that I can pick Myself apart on a six second video I mean we all do it and the message here Is is that folks Nobody's as obsessed about you as you

Are you know we are all just cut and It's it's The Human Condition we're all Thinking about ourselves all the time That's why doing service work and Helping others is such a big deal to Humankind is because we are naturally You know in survival mode Self-preservation is what it's called It's the number one priority of every Human being and you know obviously That's physical but it's also socially Right we're you know wanting to We wanted to preserve ourselves in Social situations but it's it's Completely magnified and it's completely Blown out of proportion and what I Realize now is that I mean and I've said this before on the Show but I demonstrated every day people Don't give a damn if I wear the same Shirt if I have this if I don't shave if If my breath stinks if I'm you know Doing this whatever it you know as a Matter of fact the most they like it More they like it more yeah the Imperfections are They work in your favor Yeah yeah they really they really do What else could you leave you're you're Busy we we we we get that and I want to Ask your time I clearly see that you Have a chiropractic Um I scheduled this in between patients so

I actually I'm pretty sure in three Minutes I actually do have a patient Coming in so this was actually a really Good timing I appreciate it thank you so Much for your time and thanks for Squeezing Us in and sharing your story And experience with us I'll give you the Last word that you could speak to the Almost 300 people that are actually Listening What would you say to that that those Folks most of whom may be on the fence And haven't really committed uh what Would be your final work you know what Would you leave them with today I would say just go for it if you're on The fence if you're thinking about it Give it a try it's not going to hurt Anything to try this and get started Um don't let yourself get too hung up on Anything either like at the beginning When you're first getting you know Learning all the information getting Things up and running it can be a little Bit overwhelming I know we didn't really Talk about that stuff and we don't have Time to right now Um but push through push pass get going Start posting and then You'll be fine you learn it as you go Don't get too much in your head just do It and you will be so happy that you did I mean It's it's unlike anything I've ever been

A part of before It's amazing awesome well Kelly you have A great day maybe I'll you know if my Wife and I are up in Pennsylvania which Occasionally we are will come in for an Adjustment please do I'd love to meet You in person next time let's talk about How maybe these skills can be applied to A chiropractic business or for those People who have brick and mortar Businesses lots to talk about but you go Deal with your patient right now and We'll schedule a follow-up session with You if you you know if you'd care to Join us again absolutely absolutely Thanks so much for having me all right Kelly see ya all right my friends there It is she's gonna go adjust somebody and Uh we're gonna go uh and get to work Um I am thrilled I'm thrilled thrilled Thrilled that so many people are uh Seeing these skills as valuable and as As Um relevant they're so relevant for Right now they're so relevant with with With artificial intelligence and all These things coming out these skills are No longer something that is you know That that that are nice to have they're They're mandatory you know they're Must-haves so those of you who are like Dedicated in here to learn these skills And take things uh your whole life to The next level because you're acquiring

These skills good for you uh you're Doing yourself and your family a great Service all right my friends we'll see You back here tomorrow tomorrow to Mother I almost said to mother tomorrow Um for another episode with another Guest all right meet you here 10 a.m Eastern Time same place all right same Place every day and remember you can Always catch these episodes uploaded the Audio onto all the major podcast Platforms as well as over on YouTube Okay so you can just go to the podcast Platform type in wake up legendary and You'll be able to hear and access all of The recordings so for those of you who Are at work or you're somewhere where You weren't able to catch us live then Know that you or if you want to Re-listen to episode know that those Resources are also there for you all Right my friends continue through the Challenge don't stop keep going and if You're involved in the blueprints for Example see you on the live trainings And um the decade and the days keep Going you can do it we believe in you Stay legendary Thank you

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