ChatGPT, Pictory Ai and MidJourney – A Ghost Story COMPLETELY Ai Generated

ChatGPT, Pictory Ai and MidJourney – this Ghost Story was COMPLETELY generated using these amazing Ai tools.

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In this video, I combined the talents of Chat GPT’s writing, Pictory Ai’s video compositing, and MidJourney’s beautiful Ai graphics to create a ghost story that’s … kinda scary. Sort of. Lol

By using these three platforms, you’ll see how easy it is to create a story that’s realistic and engaging. Not only will you be able to see the ghost, but you’ll be able to hear and feel her as well!

By using ChatGPT, Pictory Ai and MidJourney, you’ll be able to create a ghost story that is truly unique and special.

… the story was written in 3 seconds by Chat GPT, the visuals and background music were created (in about 10 minutes) with … and Thumbnail from MidJourney!

These Ai tools could be super helpful for us content creators –
Watch it and see for yourself …

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