Create Short Term Goals! #shorts #wakeuplegendary

Create Short Term Goals! #shorts #wakeuplegendary

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Think of short-term goals I think that's What I initially did I went through the Challenge I'm like okay let's get Through day one then day two review what You know I've learned so far meet with The advisor which is just amazing in Itself and and go through the process so Then I can set up my goals which you do In the in the challenge you set my goals For you know what's what's the purpose What I want to do moving forward and I Think having short-term goals is what Kept me motivated to to continue to move Forward having those short-term goals Doing the posts my next goal after that First week was trying to get to a Thousand followers I mean that was my Goal and I just knew with the views and The followers from my post that I just Needed to consistently post to get to That point so I could post my link

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