Funnels And Email Automation In A Single Visual Canvas – WPFunnels and Mail Mint 🔥

Funnels And Email Automation In A Single Visual Canvas – WPFunnels and Mail Mint 🔥

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The Complete Visual Funnel Building Experience On WordPress
It’s time to take your funnel game to the next level with the most advanced visual funnel builder on WordPress.

A Single Visual Canvas To Craft A Complete Funnel Journey
Plan and create all the steps of a funnel, including the funnel pages and the email automation flows, on a single visual platform!

The Simplified Way To Control Your Funnel Journey
It is super easy to define the conditional funnel journey and visually plan your sales funnel without any confusion.

Plan & Design Your Funnel Pages With Full Control
Create a funnel journey with a custom Landing & checkout page, and post-purchase upsell/downsell offers while using your favorite page builder to design them.

Set Up Email Automation Flows Based On User Events
Trigger automation actions and email flows for your funnel journey based on the actions of your prospects on each of your funnel steps.

Observe & Improve Your Funnels With Detailed Analytics
Get accurate data on visits and conversions for each of your funnel steps, and automation flows to make decisions on improving your funnels.

Use A/B Testing To Determined The Best Funnel Pages
Create multiple variations of your funnel pages on the canvas and run A/B split testing periods to determine the best-performing copy & design.

Collect & Manage Your Leads For Future Promotions
Gather your leads on a simplified UI and organize them into lists & tags to run targeted promotional email campaigns in the future for greater success.

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Combine Emails With Your Funnels For Maximum Conversions
– Opt-in Funnel With Lead Nurturing
– Sales Funnels With Promotional Emails
– Recover Abandoned Customers Easily
– Run Email Funnels To Increase Upsell Conversion
– Boost Affiliate Marketing Opportunities
– Combine Multiple Funnels Via Email Invitations

Eliminate Your Barriers With Bloated Funnel Builders
– No more switching between multiple tools
– Avoid getting confused when planning the funnel journey
– Full control in planning and designing your funnel steps
– Easy action-based automation flows for greater conversion

🔥 Time To Create Funnels The Right Way With WPFunnels & Mail Mint! 🔥

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