Gohighlevel & ConfettiPage.com (Confetti code installation tutorial)

Gohighlevel & ConfettiPage.com (Confetti code installation tutorial)

This Confetti code installation tutorial was recorded to help Gohighlevel customers install a confetti animation on their website.

By following this tech tutorial on Gohighlevel you will be able to integrate a Confetti animation code with just a few clicks thanks to a no-code tool called ConfettiPage!

What is ConfettiPage?

ConfettiPage.com is a simple software tool that allows you to add a confetti animation to your website, no matter what platform you are using.

In this case, Gohighlevel

How does it work?
(1) Style and brand your Confetti
(2) Get the installation code
(3) Add it to your desired web page
That’s it!

No developer skills are required!
Do you have access to your website editor? That’s all you need to install your new custom-branded Confetti animation.

We provide you with a Confetti Code and step-by-step instructions to install it on any website platform.

Simply copy and paste the Confetti Code to your desired page and celebrate the reactions! 🎉

Best of all, it is 100% free to use!

Free forever!

Go check it out by visiting ConfettiPage.com.

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