How Amy & Rodney Hiers Built a Successful Biz-Wake Up Legendary with David Sharpe|Legendary Marketer

How Amy & Rodney Hiers Built a Successful Biz-Wake Up Legendary with David Sharpe|Legendary Marketer

In their relentless pursuit of entrepreneurial success, Amy and Rodney Hiers have accomplished what many only dream of. Together with renowned business leader David Sharpe, they have formed a powerful partnership that has given rise to the thriving venture known as Wake Up Legendary. This blog post delves into the remarkable journey of Amy and Rodney, shedding light on the strategies, vision, and determination that propelled their business to unmatched heights. Join us as we uncover their secrets, unpack their story, and gain invaluable insights into what it takes to become a legendary marketer.


In the world of digital marketing, success stories are not uncommon. Many individuals have managed to escape the daily grind of their 9-5 jobs and create successful online businesses. One such inspiring couple is Rodney and Amy Hiers, who embarked on a journey to build their digital marketing businesses after feeling burnt out from their traditional careers. With the guidance and mentorship of David Sharpe, a renowned Legendary Marketer, Rodney and Amy have managed to turn their lives around and create a thriving online business that not only fulfills their financial needs but also inspires others to do the same.

How Rodney and Amy Hiers Started

Rodney and Amy Hiers were just like any other couple, living a comfortable yet unfulfilling life in their traditional jobs. However, they soon realized that there must be more to life than just working for someone else’s dreams. The couple made a brave decision to explore the world of digital marketing and create a business of their own.

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The Power of a Couple’s Strength

One of the key factors that contributed to Rodney and Amy’s success is their joint effort as a couple. They found that by supporting and motivating each other throughout their journey, they were able to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals more effectively. Their shared vision and passion for digital marketing allowed them to leverage each other’s strengths and create a formidable team.

Following Amy on Tiktok and Instagram

Amy, the driving force behind their success, can be followed on Tiktok and Instagram under the handle @makemoneywithamyonline. She shares valuable tips, tricks, and insights into the world of digital marketing, helping aspiring entrepreneurs carve their own path to success.

Following Rodney on Tiktok and Instagram

Rodney, the other half of this power couple, can be found on Tiktok and Instagram under the handle @sidehustleshotrod. He shares his knowledge and experience in digital marketing, providing his audience with actionable strategies to build their online businesses.

The Influence of David Sharpe

David Sharpe, a respected figure in the digital marketing industry, played a crucial role in Rodney and Amy’s journey to success. As a Legendary Marketer, he had a wealth of knowledge and experience that he generously shared with them. His online business recommendations and guidance were instrumental in helping the couple navigate the intricate world of entrepreneurship.

David Sharpe on Tiktok and Facebook

For those looking to tap into the wisdom of David Sharpe, he can be followed on Tiktok under the handle @davidsharpelive. Additionally, he has a Facebook page under the name @davidsharpeonline, where he regularly updates his followers with valuable insights and tips on building a successful online business.

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David Sharpe’s Extraordinary Journey

To fully appreciate the impact of David Sharpe’s mentorship on Rodney and Amy’s success, it’s important to understand his own remarkable story. David went from being a homeless high-school dropout to building a digital marketing empire that generated over $200 million in sales. His transformation from rock bottom to entrepreneurial success serves as an example for aspiring digital marketers worldwide.


The incredible success story of Amy and Rodney Hiers serves as an inspiration for anyone dreaming of escaping the monotony of their 9-5 jobs and building a successful online business. With the guidance of David Sharpe, they were able to tap into their full potential as a couple and create a life of financial freedom and fulfillment. By following the footsteps of these digital marketing pioneers, individuals can unlock their entrepreneurial spirit and embark on a journey towards their own version of success.


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