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The second Side Of The Ledger is what do You do how do you help people what Problems do you help people overcome What outcomes do you help people achieve What processes do you implement in order To do that what are your methodologies What are your Solutions what is your Plan how does your plan compare to what They're currently doing demonstrates Them that you actually understand the Pains and the problems and the Challenges and the outcomes that they're Trying to achieve demonstrate to them That you actually know what they're Going through and in most cases this is By showing them hey well I went through That problem as well right and Articulating it with detail that you Understand the problem if you can show Them that you understand the problem in In Exquisite and almost excruciating Detail just by virtue of specificity you Are going to significantly increase your Authority with them because how else Would you know that that's what they're Going through if you couldn't help them With it really really really really Powerful

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