How I Added An Extra $60K+ Year Income Stream To My Business In 2 Hours

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How I Add An Extra $60k+ Year Income Stream To My Business In 2 Hours

This October, I was able to add a new income stream to the business. It was meant to generate at least $60K per year!

In today’s video, I would like to share with you details of this process.

It’s also a part of a business strategy, and that’s what I’m going to share with you.

Watch this video if you want to know more about how I add an extra $60K+ year income stream to my business in 2 hours!

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Example Of A Word Doc That Pulled In $45k in Course / Coaching Sales in 11 Days:

So in October this year I was able to Add a new income stream to the business That will generate at least sixty Thousand dollars per year and that will Likely Trend up over the coming months And years it's a really really simple Thing Uh that we adjusted that we that we Changed I'm going to share with you in This video and then I want to talk to You about how this fits into the overall Strategy that we help people with just So you can really understand why we do This and and the purpose of it because It goes beyond the the extra 60 Grand or The extra 100 Grand a year that's that's Amazing that's great but there's a Deeper purpose that is worth a hell of a Lot more than that okay so I'm going to Walk you through this in this video if You haven't already we'd love to have You here as a subscriber uh give this Video a like if you get any value from It if it sets off any light bulbs and uh Drop any questions or comments that You've got below about this and the Overall strategy and how it kind of fits Into everything you can head to if you'd like our help Implementing all this stuff and I'm Excited to share this one with you we're Going to jump in the computer we're Going to walk through it and let's get It done cheers all right folks so as I

Said I want to share with you how we Were able to add a 60k per year plus Income stream uh this month to the Business okay and I've got my website Here in front of you because this is Really what unlocked this and I'm going To show you and talk to you about the Specific strategy but then I also want To talk to you about how it fits into The big picture because if you if you Followed my stuff at all you know I Always talk about having that one big Thing that you're focused on your Mission your vision the thing that You're trying to create right and in my Business at the moment Um and and this may have changed by the Time you see this depending on on when You watch the video but at the time of Filming this October November Um by the time this video goes live 2022 Our focus is on building a 100 000 per Month recurring income stream right so We want to start the month at 100 Grand Is our goal that we're building towards And so uh the thing that I'm going to Show you today is call in that it will Bring in more cash flow but in Particular I want to talk to you about How it's going to assist with that Overall goal and how it's congruent with That overall goal okay so we're on my Website here and this may look again

Look may look different by the time you See this video but what we did was was Quite a simple change you see this this Website serves as what I call a brand Hub and I and I recommend all my clients Build one of these I know people say oh you don't need a You don't need a website and yeah you Maybe don't but I think it's Advantageous to have one and it what it Does is all roads lead here from your Ecosystem from your YouTube channel from Your Facebook profile from your Twitter Profile from your Instagram whatever all roads lead here And all roads should lead away from here By that I mean you know like from when People visit here they can join our free Facebook group they can check out the YouTube channel they can join the email Newsletter read the blog and that's Something that we've always done Um and we've also had like applications For uh our our back end stuff like our Like our higher end stuff what I tweaked Up this month that immediately unlocked About five grand in Profit just in this Month alone so if you extrapolate that Out across the year that's the the 60k Year income stream and that's only going To go up because we haven't really been Pushing this website as a as a product Hub it's really just been Um you know kind of come here and join

The email list type type website so that That'll become the Baseline I would Anticipate uh what we actually did is we Took all the assets that we had in the Vault and we've put them here on the Website so we've created more of a a Journey for people in terms of his how We can work together right so normally It was it was basically just like apply For the back end in a circle Um program which is where we ultimately Want to ascend people to but we wanted To give people some other some other Pathways and so what we've created is This option one right this is individual Self-paced digital courses Okay so we've Got different courses and offers here That we've rolled out and created along The journey and the the real lesson here Is extracting more from what you've Already got okay one of my mentors Travis Sago says that the fastest way to Make money is using what you've already Got and it's so so so true right we we Are so prone to thinking oh I have to go And create something new if I want to Make money the audience that you've Already got the offers that you've Already got the assets that you've Already got the content that you've Already got is going to be the fastest Way for you to make money if you ever Need or want to okay and so I'd never Listed these on here right and this

Doesn't stop us from running promotions Of these from time to time and all that Kind of stuff but if people want to buy Stuff we should give them the Opportunity to and so I'm the first to Raise my hand say I should have done This sooner but I was probably buying Into conventional wisdom a bit too much Which is more about like you know hold This stuff back and and kind of I guess Be a little bit more secretive about What you're selling which I don't really Like Um and and honestly I'm so glad we've Made this change because now people can Just come to the website buy what they Want to buy or not buy what they don't Want to buy and we can start our Relationship from there okay so we've Got these self-paced digital course Options copy character secret paycheck Is of course about Um how I you know make it extra five Grand ish a month another income stream With with a really simple two-page PDF Template that I give inside the course And do some free Zoom calls uh profit Zone is a copywriting training about how To craft really good emails and and Posts that sell stuff uh we've got my Lost profit Miner this is a this is a Really cool method using something that I call the most profitable PDF ever uh Which is really designed around

Recovering money from your business That's otherwise lost by flipping the Offer creation game on its head we've Got the new organic system which is a Which is a really cool way to close Deals in the DMS without getting on the Phone we've got my Fast Cash Rolodex Which is a which is a compilation of Seven strategies that folks can use to Generate cash on demand and extract Buyers from Their audience the stuff in Here we've used to pull anywhere from a Few grand an hour up to 160k in 30 days All condensed down into this Rolodex and Then we've got the super affiliate Accelerator which is my high ticket Affiliate marketing training for people Who want to build up a personal brand And earn high ticket commissions at the Same time okay so these are all Different stuff that we've rolled out Across the journey and so I've Consolidated them and bought them all Back to this Central uh point the other Thing that we've done is option two is We've Consolidated all of these six and Then if we add more we'll roll them in As well into something called the JC Academy so if people want to come in and Just buy all of that they can do it and They can get a bit of a discount for Buying all the stuff at the same time Okay and then we've got option three Which is for people who want to work

More directly with me okay and as you Know I've got my inner circle hopefully We can do some work in there at some Point together Um and we've also got a couple of other Options one is if folks want to just Jump on a one-to-one call with me to you Know review an issue that's happening in Their business review an offer look at Their content look at their messaging And positioning they can book what I'm Going to call an unstuck session in Their calendar here okay in my calendar Here it's a paid one it's not a free Call uh then you've got the Inner Circle Which is the main one which is why it's Got a big pretty blue box around it and Uh and then another thing which is which Is quite new for us but we're going to Be doing more and more of is kind of Like done for you uh campaigns Um where if you fit some very very Strict criteria because of because of The nature of this work myself and Um and a couple of guys that I've teamed Up with will actually come in and run a Campaign in your business and pull money Out and then we'll we'll split it right So you provide the audience you provide The offer we'll do The Campaign together Using our strategies and tactics pull Money out of your audience and then Split the cash there so it's more of a Performance Based

Um kind of deal but the the the volume Of that will be incredibly low and um it Will be only for a very very few people Who have enough audience built up and Enough uh offer credibility in order to Really deploy that quickly okay so That's a newer one that we're we're Continuing to explore but for most People if they do want to work directly With me the Inner Circle going to be the Best path to do that and we've got that Here as an option okay so really the the Main thing is adding these more Front-end options for people to be able To purchase has instantly unlocked new Buyers and instantly unlock new cash Flow in the business and as we continue To build out the ecosystem with this in Place that should only continue to grow Okay the other thing that I wanted to Talk about was why this is so powerful Beyond just the immediate income Okay so Obviously making an extra 60 100 Grand a Year from from this probably more by the Time it's really flying is great but the Key here is that when someone comes in And buys something right in in my Business in your business and we work Together and they have a good experience The main thing that that does that's Really really cool is it accelerates the Relationship okay and so if our goal is To ultimately get people to work with us Inside the Inner Circle we need to

Progress that relationship to a certain Point and you can do that through free Content right 100 you can do that for Econ through free content but when Someone makes a purchase and a Transaction happens the dynamic shifts And you can actually rapidly accelerate That relationship through that Purchasing transaction so what this is Going to allow us to do is the people That want to uh you know pay to access These things is we can accelerate the Relationship with those people help them Get some results and then they're more Likely to ascend up to the Inner Circle Quicker that's the main thing that I'm Excited about is the Evergreen Buy fire Extraction from the network for the People who want to spend money and want To invest in one of these programs right It's about giving people the opportunity To do it if they want to the people that Just want to consume free stuff can Consume free stuff that's really the the Flywheel and the ecosystem that you're Trying to create on the front end is Different touch points where people can Read your content watch your content Listen to your content right maybe they Maybe they join you on a live like I do In my Facebook group Um you want them to be able to get to Know you through through your content And also if they want to purchase stuff

That solves a particular problem or Achieves a certain outcome that can Accelerate that relationship the Relationship building that you do at Scale through the free content and Through the front end offers is what's Ultimately going to produce you your Best prospects who will Ascend to your Main back end offers that you're Ultimately trying to fill up that's how It fits into the the grand scheme of Things and the website being where all Roads lead to and all roads lead away From is the perfect place to to do that Okay so if you've got assets I'd Encourage you to list them on your Website to try and actually sell them And add the profit add the relationship Building power add the buyer extraction Power I think it'll serve you really Really well okay so that's a recent Experiment that we've run and uh seems To be trending nicely the money's great But but the main thing is the The Accelerated relationships Um through people who actually purchase Go through get results and then want More and and Ascend up okay so think About how you can enter that engineer That in your business as always head to This website if you want our help and I Hope you have a fantastic day and I will Talk to you all soon cheers

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