How I Build High Ticket Monthly Recurring Revenue In My Consulting / Coaching Business

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Jacob Caris

How I Set Up My Business To Get Monthly Recurring Revenue

This YouTube video provides a guide on how to create multiple streams of income that provide a consistent and predictable revenue.

The video covers a range of strategies and techniques to build recurring revenue streams, including creating and selling digital products, offering subscription services. You will learn about building multiple sources of recurring revenue, identify the best revenue streams for your business but also how to set them up, and how to scale them effectively.

So if you are looking to diversify your income and build a more stable and predictable business, watch the video!


This video is for educational & informational purposes only. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas mentioned in this video and the information provided does not constitute financial advice. Your level of success in achieving the results claimed in this video will require hard-work, experience, and consistent action taking. I have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the information on this video is accurate, but we cannot represent that the website(s) mentioned in this video are free from errors. You agree not to rely upon any information contained in this video.

AFFILIATE EARNINGS DISCLOSURE: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a commission. I won’t put anything here that I haven’t verified and/or personally used myself.

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This video I'm going to talk to you About how you can stack monthly Recurring Revenue inside your coaching Or Consulting business if you stick with Me till the end we're also going to Cover how you can turn one offer into Three so that you can build a really Diversified portfolio of recurring Income streams and increase that amount Of money that you've got locked in at The start of each month what I see is Once people start making money online They move from wanting to just hit a Target at the end of the month to Actually wanting that locked in at the Start of the month so that you know when The first arrives you've got 10 20 30 40 000 already queued up and already locked In in deals for the month ahead okay so That's what we're going to cover in this Video before we dive into it if you Haven't already subscribed click that Big red button and do that give this Video a like if you get any value from It and if you want to know more about What we do head to there'll be a link in The description and you can learn about How we help people build up leverage Consulting businesses in that hundred Thousand dollar a year to a million Dollar a year range okay so with that Out of the way let's talk about monthly Recurring Revenue okay now we have a lot

Of different strategies and tactics that We help our clients Implement when it Comes to building up recurring income What I want to talk to you about Particularly in today's video is back End recurring income okay so this is Typically going to be a program which We'll talk about how to structure that Up in a second that you put on the back End of your business and when I say the Back end what I mean is that there's Typically going to be one or a couple of Offers in your ecosystem that sit in Front of it okay now that's not to say That someone can't watch a video of Yours or read a post on Facebook or read An email and join your back end offer Directly totally fine but typically what People will do is they'll have a couple Of front-end offers that ultimately Generate them buyers generate them cash Flow give people a bit of a taste for How they do things and their Methodologies and their style and then They can Ascend people from those Front-end offers into the back end okay Now we started building this into my Business about 18 to 20 or so months ago And it's been a really really Interesting Journey me and I've learned A lot and it's also now something that We help our clients with what I thought Before I went and implemented this in my Own business was in order to be charging

You know a thousand fifteen hundred two Thousand three thousand four thousand a Month per client you needed to be doing Really really extravagant stuff and That's just not the reality if you've Got a really strong relationship with The people in your audience if they've Potentially been through a front-end Offer and got really really good results That Ascension to the back end can be Really really simple what really drives It is your ability to lead a group of People and help them overcome one or a Couple of core challenges in their Business okay or in their life depending On what it is that you you know Ultimately ultimately sell so what we're Really talking about here is structuring Up a program on the back end that you Can sell for a thousand a month two Thousand a month three thousand a month Potentially more per client and so you Can see once you start getting into Charging those prices that you can stack Up recurring revenue on the back end of The business quite quickly things can Get you know really really cool when you Pair that with recurring income Strategies on the front end as well but We'll we'll keep that for another day Okay so I want to talk to you about a Little bit about how we structure these Up and then I want to talk to you about How you can take one core offer and turn

It into two or three on the back end so That you're actually diversifying the Income streams and you can do it without Actually going out and needing to build Any more different programs or different Courses and stuff like that okay so Here's what I'd recommend if you on the Front end of your coaching or Consulting Business or even a course business and You do it with a personal brand what Most people have right on the front end Is they're creating content right They're they're doing YouTube they're Doing short form videos pretty hot right Now they might have a Facebook group They've got their Facebook profile Instagram email list they're Distributing content to communicate with The audience and most people have that Pretty standard then most people will Also have some type of front-end Offering okay and so this could be lower Ticket it could be a high ticket Depending on your overall structure it Could be somewhere in the middle but It's typically something that gets People into your world and it and it Shows you who's just there for free Stuff and who wants to buy things right Essentially separates people into into Those two crowds what I would recommend If you want to restructure your back end To be able to stack up this monthly Recurring Revenue like we're talking

About or you don't have a backend and You want to put one in place here is What I would recommend all that stuff That you've got on the front end be it Offers be it free content whatever I Would recommend that you have all roads Lead to a single point on the back end Okay now you can filter people through An application process if you want to uh You know really qualify people out you Can sell it on the phone we sell it just Via chat in the DMS with like Google Docs and PDFs and I've got other videos On my Channel about how we do that but What I would recommend is that all that Other stuff you've got on the front end Of your business ultimately consolidate It up to one point what's happening There is all the energy and all the the Traffic flow and the attention flow and The buyer flow is then ultimately Pushing to one point okay and you can Either use inbound marketing outbound Marketing or a combination of both to Cherry pick all the people from that Ecosystem and all the people from that World be they free content consumers or If they're buyers on the front end and You can cherry pick and invite them up To the back end offer okay so that's Kind of structurally what I would Recommend in terms of that foundational Back end offer there's a couple of key Components that I would recommend that

You have in place okay and just to give You some kind of real world comparison The equivalent to that offer in my Business in my inner circle okay if you Go to you'll see a place Where you can apply to join my inner Circle that's the equivalent in my Business structure and in my business Ecosystem just to give you guys some you Know some context and some clarity Within that fundamental or that Foundational backend program which we're Gonna take to a new level in a second I Would recommend that you have some Combination of a few different things Okay the first one is I would recommend You have some type of community element Okay but having a community element it Means you can bring a group of people Together however big or small 5 10 20 30 40 50 however many people you want to Work with and you can bring them all Together in one place and you can answer Questions with leverage right so people Post all their questions in the group You answer them in the group a couple of Things happen here one you if you've got Other people in there who have different Areas of expertise they can chime in Like I've got people in my inner circle Who are specialists at things that I'm Not so they can give advice which Creates more value for the overall Community two if you're answering one

Question for somebody other people can Get value from you answering that Question you don't have to answer it Over and over again and it can also Create some really good relationships And some really good networking Opportunities so Community is the first Thing that I would recommend okay the Second element that I would recommend is Some form of approaching okay now in a Leverage type offer like this I'm going To recommend that you do a weekly group Call okay this couldn't just be done Over Zoom pick a time every week show up The people in the group can come or a Subset of them can come because not Everyone's going to show up every every Week and you can you can either do just A q a style or you can deliver a Training on a particular topic to based On questions people have been asking Based on something you're seeing in the Market based on something new that You've figured out or developed and you Can present that to your people then you Can field questions on that or just do General q a the point is to have a place Each week a place and a time each week Where you come face to face with people And help them overcome their challenges Or help them through any roadblocks that They're facing help them brainstorm and Strategize right we do these on a Thursday morning for me Wednesday night

For most folks because they're typically In the Northern Hemisphere and the way We structure it up is we'll jump on the Call everybody will share their wins Gets the call started on a really good Note the cool stuff that's happening Then I'll typically dive into a topic of The week sometimes that'll be a short Presentation where I'm just talking Sometimes I'll have materials and Resources depending on what's been Happening and then that'll flow into a Discussion around that topic which will Then ultimately lead into an open-ended Q a sometimes those calls go for 90 Sometimes they go for two hours Sometimes they go for three hours if We're really going deep on a certain Topic but we meet each and every week And people can show up and we don't Leave until everyone's got their Questions answered and everyone's good To go for the upcoming week so that's The second piece that I'd recommend that You have is some type of coaching Element like that all right the third Thing is a curriculum okay so this is Going to be a Core Curriculum it doesn't Have to be like a perfect A to Z where It's like click here click there you can Have that if you want but something that Is kind of the fundamental process that You and the other people in the Community are going to work through

Together okay so the the core thing that I help my inner circle members with is Build out their what we call their Signature offer which is a 5K to 50K Offer that they can sell in the DMS Without strategy calls then we work on Creating content to pre-sell and Effectively sell that offer in the DMS And then we run campaigns we run Campaigns to extract buyers from Their Audience to generate cash flow and then To send people up to their signature Offer so within our Inner Circle I have Something called my brand monetization Playbook right and that has the all the Training and the the resources to help People work through that and then the Community and the weekly calls are there To supplement that okay they're going to Be your three kind of fundamental pieces To creating that that first layer of the Back end uh leverage coaching or or Consulting offer okay a couple of other Additional bonus things if you want to Include them you could include some form Of accountability where you stay in Touch with people directly or you have Someone on your team do it you could Have a group chat where everyone can Kind of communicate more in real time You could do some aspect of one to one So whenever joint someone joins the Inner Circle I'll do a one-to-one call With them and the reason I do that is

Because I want to make sure I fully Understand their business which gives me Context for our time together in the Program and I'll help them map out a Custom strategy so that then they can Take the Core Curriculum and deploy it With that custom plan in place so it's Really tailored to the individual okay So there's a couple of bonus things that You can include but fundamentally that's Going to be the structure of the core Back-end program okay now here's where We can make things really interesting You can take that same core program and You can add layers behind it so that you Can charge more and so that you can work More closely with certain people okay What we do with the Inner Circle just to Give you guys a real world example and You can go and take this and use it if You want I have one level above it Called Elite and that is essentially the Inner circle plus people can contact me Via a private slack thread and we can Chat one to one between calls and and I Can answer any of their questions Directly okay some people want that type Of support some people are happy with The group obviously there's a higher Cost because it involves my time Directly so that's the next level up and All we're really adding on is chat Support then I have another level above That called platinum and that's

Effectively taking the the level before And adding on bi-weekly one-to-one Course so for people who want to be able To jump on the phone with me every Couple of weeks review strategy and you Know have me review copy and offers and All that kind of stuff so it's a lot More Hands-On so again it's more Expensive but what we've just done is We've taken one foundational back end Offer and converted it into three back End offers so now we can build out three Monthly recurring income streams with Only needing to have one core program Okay and like I said it's really fun and It's really simple when everything on The front end ultimately feeds that once You've got this structure in place you Can just grow go about building your Front end ecosystem and your front end Offers to try and find the very very Best people for that back-end program And if you build that up to 10 people 20 People 30 people 40 people you're going To be stacking up tens of thousands if Not hundreds of thousands in monthly Recurring Revenue working with the best People from your audience in a really Leveraged way and if you're really Selective about who you work with you're Going to have a hell of a lot of fun Hopefully that helps hopefully that Helps you if you run a back-end program Or you want to run a back-end program

That will help you build it out if you Want my help with it head over to you can apply for the Inner Circle or you get in touch with The team over there and we can see how We might be able to help you out Subscribe to the channel give the video A like share it if you think you know Anybody that might get some value from It and I'll talk to you on the next one Cheers [Music]

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