How I Eliminate 90% Of 1 To 1 Sales Convos In My High Ticket Consulting Business

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Jacob Caris

How I Eliminate 90% Of 1 To 1 Sales Convos In My High Ticket Consulting Business

Are you tired of dealing with difficult clients or struggling with growing your client base? That was the case with me before.

In today’s video, I want to share with you a method that allowed me to eliminate 90% of 1 to 1 calls and social media chats with clients.

The method is about simplifying the process of gaining clients, which will save you a lot of time. What’s best about it – my client base is bigger than ever.

Let me show you how this model works, so you could grow your business faster and easier.


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What's going on everybody in this video I want to talk to you about the two Things that I'm doing in my business to Drastically drastically reduce the Amount of time being spent in one-to-one Conversations okay now about 18 months Two years ago we really pushed away from Sales calls and most of our business is Just done via VIA text chat if we're Looking at doing some type of Partnership opportunity they'll probably Be a call but it's it's not like a Strategy session sales call it's more Like you've got this thing we think we Can contribute this to it and you know Let's see what's let's see what's going On so it's it's not the traditional kind Of sales core model but for our main you Know products and and offerings which We'll talk a little about a little bit About in this video it's it's mostly Over text and um and Messenger right and We made that shift because one I didn't Want to do the calls and two I didn't Really have any interest in building up A sales room of Setters and closers and All this kind of stuff and the reality Is that look that is a path and it works And there's people that make a lot of Money doing it it just depends on the Type of business that you want to have I Didn't want to go down that path I Manage teams in my corporate career and I wanted to keep the business leaner I

Think there's also a way to do it that Builds something with more long Longevity and more sustainability if you Can engineer what I'm going to talk About with you today okay so really what I want to share with you is the two Things that we're focused on to take the Pressure and the weight off the One-to-one conversations right to reduce The number of conversations we need to Have in order to make our targets to Reduce the length of those conversations Right and to really just simplify down The process of Landing you know 5K 10K 20K 30k 40K 50k clients on the back end Of the business okay we'll talk to you About kind of the deeper reasoning and The logic behind why this really works And then you can let me know for your Questions or you can head to if you want to help Engineering this in your own business as Well all right if you haven't already be Sure to give the video a like I think You're going to get a lot of value from It subscribe to the channel if you want Already and leave any questions or Comments that you've got below okay so Let's jump into this right I've got a Very very simple graphic in front of you Okay first one content ecosystem front End offers digital products courses that Kind of stuff second one one-to-one Conversations third one uh this is

Representing our business so on the back End of my business I've got my inner Circle small group of clients that I Work directly with on helping them grow And monetize their personal brand I've Got Platinum clients they're my One-to-one clients they're also Typically in the Inner Circle as well They go hand in hand and then we've got Rev share partnership opportunities on The back end that we've done uh at a lot Smaller level in terms of volume Obviously and it's something that we're Continuing to explore heading into 2023 Okay so with these three pillars let me Just kind of set the scene and then I'll Then we'll talk about uh shifting weight And and balance between them okay so the The green one right on the front end Content ecosystem front end offers Courses and digital products okay the The flow that people move through right When they come through our business is What you see in front of you right so First what's going to happen is that They're either going to stumble across a Piece of content or they're going to get Recommended to check out my stuff they May see an ad as well but somehow They're going to be introduced to me That could be through someone else that Could be through an algorithm or it Could be through an ad okay that means That they're now introduced to the

Content ecosystem okay they could read Posts on my Facebook profile they could Watch a YouTube video like you currently Are they could consume on the podcast They could subscribe on a platform we Use called sub stack they can follow Along on the blog on Twitter on LinkedIn Right maybe they take one step further Forward they join the email newsletter They join the Facebook group okay that's My content ecosystem right and after Someone's been introduced if they decide That I'm someone that they want to Follow along with they can move between Those platforms where we publish and Create free content okay that's the First part that's important to Understand here then typically what Happens is they will purchase a product Or products right and on the front end We've got course digital products we've Just rolled out a a newsletter like a Memo style thing that goes out that will Go out each month right there they're Introductory products uh that are all Kind of sub five grand right anywhere From the Memo's 27 bucks a month up to Um we've got an academy uh that people Can kind of upgrade in and it's it's South of five grand right depending on The packages and stuff so it's in that 27 it's a five thousand dollar range on The front end okay different digital Products courses those types of things

And then we'll do launches from time to Time as well I might do a master class Right I might do a behind the scenes Session where I talk about a particular Topic okay we've got a couple of new Things coming in the new year as well But they're things that people can buy Easily you know they're not huge huge Huge huge huge Investments Um and in a lot of cases they can Consume on their own self-paced digital Courses and that takes the relationship To another Um another step in some cases we'll sell Those things with a one-to-one chat the Sometimes the higher end of that range You're three four if it's pushing five Grand but in in the majority of cases People buy that without us needing to Have a conversation with them because of How the ecosystem is set up okay and so That's really what's happening in that In that first block we've got people Finding this consuming free content Deciding to buy one thing two things Three things and really getting immersed In our world that way okay then from That pool of people a percentage of People will decide to move forward and They'll say I'd love to be part of Jacobs in a circle or I'd love to be a One-to-one platinum client right or Maybe there's an opportunity for us to Partner up and do a JV deal of some kind

Okay and it's the transition from being A customer in a course or a product to That back end in a circle Platinum Partnership opportunities that's where a Conversation needs to happen right Really to filter make sure it's a good Fit make sure we're able to work Together make sure we're aligned in Terms of what we want to achieve make Sure we can actually help them and I Know a lot of people in the industry say That they do that it for me it's so Critical and you know you can ask people I'll happily say no if I don't think It's going to be a good fit because I Don't have any interest in working with People that I'm not on the same page as Right they're welcome to you know Consume our free stuff buy stuff if they Want but if we're not on the same page It's not going to be a good fit for me Or for them to proceed to this back end Um this is really like our leveraged Consulting practice on the back end okay And so the one-to-one conversation there Is really the bridge between those two Okay now those one-to-one conversations Can be helped in a big way By building out and putting more energy Into the first and third bucket okay so That's where we're really big on Investing our time and our energy okay I'll tell you why kind of individually On the

First box The more content that we have out there Is more time that people can spend with Us the more that content explains who I Am how I help people what problems I Help them overcome the results we've Achieved the results we've helped other People achieve my style my sense of Humor what we tolerate what we won't Tolerate our values Um the methodologies that we apply why We're different you know where we're Going as a business all that kind of Stuff the more we put that into our Content and the more content that we Create one people can spend more time With this which extends that Relationship and two every new piece of Content that they consume makes them More and more educated about what we do And it helps them decide yes or no as to If they they might want to ultimately Ascend up to one of these back end Offers okay and so we invest more and More time and energy into building out This ecosystem that people can move Between right it's kind of multi-sensory Because you can watch you can listen you Can shop live in the Facebook group you Can read right you you create this Experience or you can you know buy stuff You can go through a course implement Men get results you create this Experience on the front end that is

Really really really really leveraged For you as the brand and as the business Owner because you can create a piece of Content like this video and hundreds of People can see it right so that's why We're really big on investing energy Into the front end is because of the Leverage is because of you know the Evergreen nature of certain platforms Like YouTube that we create and we put This video out there and it stays there Right we put the energy into into Creating a new course Or doing a live promotion that we then Flip Evergreen and people can buy it Around the clock so this has a ton of Leverage that you just don't get in the One-to-one conversations and the more That we put into this and the better and Stronger and bigger that this becomes The more heavy lifting that this will do Which is on a one to many many many many Many many scale and takes the pressure And the weight off the one-to-one Conversation be that me or the team okay It takes the pressure off in that we Don't need to have as many conversations It takes the pressure off in that the Conversations are a lot more qualified And the prospects are a lot more Educated because they've had the Opportunity to move through a really Robust ecosystem be that just free Content or free into paid into the

Conversation if we get in a conversation With somebody that's just not ready we Can point them in the right direction Via one of our front end offers or our Free content in the ecosystem and Essentially it's just reducing the Volume and increasing the quality of the Conversations here that ultimately feeds This back end opportunity there okay so That's one thing that we're big on Investing energy into because of the Leverage and because of how much it Takes the weight and and the pressure And the time load really off the One-to-one conversations okay the other Place that we're big is uh or the way They're investing heavily is on the Offer side of things okay now this comes In a couple of different forms one this Is how the offer is presented and the Actual strategy behind the offer how It's packaged up the pricing strategy Risk reversal risk reversal strategies Um the copywriting that goes into it When we when we ultimately present the Author to people which we do with with This PDF invitation docs that you guys Might have heard me talk about so There's the there's the Strategic side Of the offer Um the hook the duration the pricing Strategy all that kind of stuff Um and then there's the delivery of it And the systems that go into the

Delivery okay to integrate more leverage There and make sure that people are Getting everything that they need Without us having to hold hold Everybody's hand one by one through the Process be that myself or the team okay So what we're really really looking at Here is with these two points of Leverage right you've got the leverage Consulting practice on the back end a Couple of different offers and on the Front end offers and the and the Ecosystem there's a ton of Leverage and Leverage opportunity in these two Pillars there's not so much here right There could be if you wanted to go out And build a big team but again you're Then going to end up managing them and That wasn't the path that I wanted to go Down so if you're like me and you want To you want a smaller leaner operation This is where you're going to be wanting To invest your time and energy capture That energy and build out those assets And let that do a lot of the heavy Lifting make your ecosystem more robust Have the front end offers that people Can consume that will accelerate the Relationship when they go through them And actually achieve a result they're Going to be a lot more educated about What you do which is going to improve The quality of those conversations and Reduce the number of conversations that

You need to have in order to hit your Targets on the back end and then back Here how you present your offer to do That in a way that you know you can Write it up once and you can send it out To as many people as you need to so you Don't have to explain the offer over and Over and over again so you're getting Leverage in the presentation of the Offer and two in the delivery of the Offer right your onboarding processes Your onboarding systems how people can Access information right the tools and The resources that you provide to people You could even take that one step Further and what systems you have in Place in terms of client compounding Where people can refer new uh members Into your world and into your ecosystem Right building out more and more and More assets okay this is the longer term Approach it will take longer than just Spending all day or having an army of People in the DMS all day not building Any brand ecosystem and not building any Delivery assets because you're spending All day selling one-to-one if you went Direct to source and you just did that All day every day initially you'd make More money But you'll cap out in terms of energy or Managing a big team okay if you want to Build something for the longer run Invest your time here invest your time

Here and it will serve you really really Well okay hopefully there's some Insights in there for you appreciate you Hanging out with me today head over to if we can be of Assistance and I'll talk to you soon Cheers

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