How I just got $1,000 worth of free stuff from Amazon sellers…

Here's five pretty cool items that I've Gotten for free since starting the Amazon influencer program First one is this mini chainsaw right Here that cost 130 dollars I don't know Why they sent me a pink one but it's Still pretty cool And next up is this foot elliptical that You put under your desk so you can jog While you're sitting I guess 160 dollars Again for free And moving on apparently printers don't Actually need ink because this is a 200 Portable printer that can print without Ink And next up is this vacuum cleaner right Here that's 160 dollars Bowl disclosure I got three of those And to round it all up this 160 gaming Slash office chair that honestly looks a Lot better than what I'm currently Sitting in I'm seeing people get approved with less Than 300 followers for this program Anyone can do it

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