How My Clients Close $9,800 Coaching Deals (My 3 Step System Revealed)

How My Clients Close $9,800 Coaching Deals (My 3 Step System Revealed)

In this blog post, the reader will uncover the three-step system that has empowered numerous clients in closing high-ticket coaching deals worth up to $9,800. Through an in-depth exploration of the strategies implemented by our clients, they will gain invaluable insights into the proven methods that have resulted in remarkable success. Discover how they have harnessed the power of our system and transformed their coaching businesses into thriving enterprises, generating substantial revenue and achieving their desired outcomes. embark on this insightful journey and unlock the secrets to closing lucrative coaching deals with ease.

How My Clients Close $9,800 Coaching Deals (My 3 Step System Revealed)


In the competitive world of coaching and consulting, it’s crucial to have a proven system in place that can consistently close high-ticket deals. In this video created by Jacob Caris, he reveals his 3-step system that has helped his clients close $9,800 coaching deals. Jacob’s approach is unique and effective, focusing on social selling and building long-term relationships with potential clients.

Step 1: Building Connections and Expertise

One of the key factors that set Jacob’s clients apart is their expertise in coaching affiliate marketers. The demand for their services has been steadily increasing, thanks to their deep knowledge of the industry and their track record of delivering results. They have spent years honing their craft and are now recognized as authorities in their niche.

To build connections and establish their expertise, Jacob’s clients run a successful Facebook group. This group serves as a hub for affiliate marketers looking for guidance and support. They regularly share valuable social content that resonates with their target audience, addressing pain points and providing actionable advice. By fostering a sense of community and engaging in conversations within the group, they are able to form strong connections with potential clients.

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Step 2: Converting Relationships into Engagements

Once Jacob’s clients have built a solid foundation of connections, they focus on converting these relationships into one-on-one engagements. They make relevant offers tailored to the needs and goals of each individual. By taking the time to understand their prospects on a deeper level, they can create personalized solutions that resonate with potential clients.

Jacob’s clients are skilled in crafting compelling offers that highlight the value they bring to the table. They clearly communicate the benefits and outcomes clients can expect from their coaching services. This approach not only attracts clients but also sets the foundation for a successful partnership based on trust and mutual understanding.

Step 3: Results, Referrals, and Long-Term Partnerships

Working together with clients, Jacob’s clients deliver exceptional results. By leveraging their expertise and providing customized coaching, they help their clients achieve their goals and surpass expectations. This success not only leads to positive testimonials and referrals but also opens doors for potential long-term partnerships.

Through their proven system, Jacob’s clients have consistently closed $9,800 coaching deals. They attribute their success to perseverance and consistent effort in the industry. By continuously staying up-to-date with the latest trends and learning from their experiences, they have been able to refine their strategies and deliver exceptional value to their clients.


In conclusion, the video created by Jacob Caris sheds light on his clients’ successful model and strategies for closing $9,800 coaching deals. By focusing on building connections, converting relationships into engagements, and delivering outstanding results, his clients have established themselves as trusted authorities in their niche. Their dedication and expertise in coaching affiliate marketers have set them apart in the industry and positioned them for long-term success.

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  1. How long does it take for Jacob’s clients to close a $9,800 coaching deal?

    • The timeframe varies depending on the client and the specific circumstances. However, on average, clients can close a $9,800 coaching deal within a few weeks to a couple of months.
  2. What sets Jacob’s clients apart from other coaches and consultants?

    • Jacob’s clients stand out due to their specialized expertise in coaching affiliate marketers. Their deep knowledge of the industry and their track record of delivering results make them sought-after partners for those in the affiliate marketing space.
  3. Can Jacob’s system be applied to other industries?

    • While Jacob’s clients’ system is specifically tailored for the affiliate marketing industry, the principles behind it, such as building connections, converting relationships, and delivering results, can be applied to various industries with minor adaptations.
  4. How do Jacob’s clients attract potential clients to their Facebook group?

    • Jacob’s clients attract potential clients to their Facebook group through targeted advertising, strategic partnerships with relevant influencers, and organic reach through quality content that addresses the needs and pain points of affiliate marketers.
  5. What role does social content play in Jacob’s clients’ system?

    • Social content is a crucial element in Jacob’s clients’ system. It helps them establish their expertise, build connections, and engage with their target audience. By consistently sharing valuable content, they position themselves as trusted authorities in their niche and attract potential clients.