How to Make $10,000/month STEADY With Affiliate Marketing

Just a simple tip for going from a Struggling affiliate marketer to making Ten thousand dollars a month in steady Affiliate commissions and the tip is to Focus on things that build on themselves Let me give you an example real quick of What I'm talking about so if you are a Facebook marketer let's say if you use Facebook to drive traffic and get leads And then convert those leads right and You make money every month on that the Problem is that after you get a sale Right you get a sale you start over you Go back again to the very beginning you Start trying to get leads again you Start trying to convert those leads and You start trying to move them through Your process again and every time you Get a sale that person disappears and You now have to once again refill your Pipeline and start all over now you can Contrast that let's see I use YouTube as My primary traffic Source what I'm going To do is I'm going to put up five videos In the month of January and they're Going to get me two sales let's say in January but then in the month of February I'm gonna put out five more Videos and my January videos will get Two sales and my February videos will Get two sales and then I get four sales That month right and I do the same thing In March and it continues to grow on Itself and you use this as your

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Expansion method and that's how you grow A sustainable affiliate business

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