I actually love this side hustle Credit: Mark – @financeunfolded

I actually love this side hustle Credit: Mark - @financeunfolded

I absolutely love this side hustle. Credit goes to Mark – @financeunfolded.

A Trashy Yet Rewarding Side Hustle


Hey there! I’m excited to dive into this intriguing side hustle opportunity that I stumbled upon recently. As a firm believer in the mantra of “hustle hard, earn more,” I’m always on the lookout for unique ways to boost my income. My buddy Mark, who goes by the handle @financeunfolded, introduced me to this unconventional side hustle that involves washing trash cans. Initially, I was a tad skeptical, but the more I delved into it, the more it piqued my interest. So, grab a seat, and let’s explore this dirty yet potentially lucrative venture together.

Washing Trash Cans: The Basics

  • First things first, the concept here is pretty straightforward – washing trash cans for extra moolah.
  • Essentially, it’s estimated that by diligently cleaning 20 bins daily, one could rake in a cool $2,000 per week – not too shabby, huh?
  • You see, the beauty of this gig lies in its simplicity and the sheer volume of potential customers in need of such a service.

My Verdict: 7 Out of 10

Now, before you go all in, let’s address the elephant in the room – those exaggerated earning claims. While I do enjoy this side hustle opportunity, I’d rate it a decent 7 out of 10. The main reason for this rating is the somewhat inflated earnings expectations that float around. Making $2k a week is within reach, but hitting $8k a month might be a bit of a stretch due to time constraints and other factors.

Challenges Ahead: Time Management and Customer Acquisition

As with any gig, there are challenges that one might encounter along the way. Time management is crucial here since taking on too many clients without a solid schedule could lead to burnout. Additionally, bagging customers in a saturated market might require some creative marketing strategies. However, with the right approach, these hurdles can be overcome.

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Upselling for Extra Bucks

Now, here’s a neat trick to boost your earnings – upselling additional services. Instead of just offering bin cleaning, why not throw in some odor-neutralizing treatments or recycling services for an added fee? This not only adds value to your service but also fattens up that paycheck at the end of the day.


In a nutshell, diving into the world of trash can washing as a side hustle can be a rewarding experience if approached with the right mindset. While the road may be littered with challenges, the potential to earn a decent income is definitely there. So, roll up your sleeves, grab that sponge, and start scrubbing your way to financial success!


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