Leveraged Consulting:The Best Way To Sell Consulting Services Online

Leveraged Consulting:The Best Way To Sell Consulting Services Online

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Management Model That Gets Your Business To The Next Level – Leveraged Consulting

Would you like to be able to gain new clients and keep your business running from anywhere in the world?

In this video, I’ll introduce you to the concept of leveraged consulting and explore how it is transforming the consulting industry. You’ll learn how to scale your consulting business by leveraging technology and automating the sales process. I’ll also cover the benefits of leveraged consulting for clients, including faster results and lower costs.

By the end of this video, you’ll have a clear understanding of what leveraged consulting is and how it can help you scale your consulting business to the next level.

This video is for educational & informational purposes only. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas mentioned in this video and the information provided does not constitute financial advice. Your level of success in achieving the results claimed in this video will require hard-work, experience, and consistent action taking. I have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the information on this video is accurate, but we cannot represent that the website(s) mentioned in this video are free from errors. You agree not to rely upon any information contained in this video.

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Okay folks what is going on it's Jacob Coming at you from a very very different Location today I am out on the East Coast of Australia on this massive Massive cruise ship It's called Quantum of the Seas it's for A friend's 30th birthday and uh we're Moving at the moment we're heading back Down south we've been out here for a few Nights and we're heading back to Brisbane so that I can ultimately end up Back home on the Gold Coast for the new Week just a few nights away catch up With some friends for a 30th birthday It's been a lot of fun we've got a we've Got a kind of a final dinner tonight at Chef's Chef's Table type dinner with a Wine pairing and everything which I'm Really looking forward to that's in About an hour but I thought I'd take This opportunity just film a quick video I'll bring you guys on the road with me A little bit I guess and there's Something I've been wanting to talk a Little bit about so I figured I'd take This opportunity and the setting is Almost a little bit symbolic of what I Want to talk about as well because this This concept is what allows me to be Able to take trips like this and keep Everything running in the business we've Had new clients sign on while they've Been away using our uh using our no call Sales methodology which I'll touch on a

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Little bit shortly and it's really how We've structured up the business and the Model of Consulting that we use That that allows me to be able to not be Chained to my desk all day not have to Be on calls all day have a very very Loose and flexible calendar okay and so What those uh what that concept is is Something that I've been talking about a Lot more lately especially if you're Over in my Facebook group and if you Aren't already click the link in the Description and come join us lots of Cool stuff coming over there is this Concept called leveraged Consulting okay Now people talk a lot about Consulting They talk about coaching and this is a This is a new guest concept that I'm Really trying to bring to the market Which is when I think about coaching and I think about the coaching industry I Think about these massive group programs Right like literally hundreds and Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and Hundreds of people I'm not saying There's anything wrong with that we've Used that model it works works really Well when I think more about Consulting And I've been doing consulting in some Way shape or form since about 2011 where I started my career all the way up to Multi-billion Dollar companies in the Financial sector and and Consulting Startups online and people doing six

Figures Big Range big range right when I Think about Consulting I think about More of a tailored advisory approach Right like where you're giving more Specific advice to an individual based On their situation it's more bespoke if You will and typically it's going to be One-to-one or in a much smaller and more Intimate setting okay now the problem With the traditional Consulting model is That it loses leverage okay and the Concept that I really want to carry Forward and popularize over the next few Years is is a leveraged Consulting model Where you can work with small groups Without sacrificing profitability Without sacrificing cash flow without Sacrificing the intimacy that you're Trying to build in those in that Environment so that people are seen and Heard and they're getting the specific And tailored advice that they need like A typical in a high-end Consulting Arrangement would do but for the the Founder and for the the CEO of the Business which is you more than likely You don't lose the leverage element and Have to sit on you know one-to-one phone Calls all day and where this leverage Consulting model flows into it is across Delivery but it's also across marketing And it's also across sales which is Really our you know three pillars when We when we zoom out aside from their

Mindset right we've got what we're Selling and how we deliver it we've got How we sell it our sales process and We've got the marketing that we use in Order to move people into our sales Process and so in this leveraged Consulting approach we really really Double down on leveraging every one of Those pillars okay I'll touch on those Quickly this is just a kind of an Introductory video to this concept that I've been talking about more and I'm Going to continue to be talking about More and more and more right so on the Delivery side of things we actually Build a multi-layered delivery model That allows us to work with people in a Small group setting small group setting Plus what we call leveraged one-to-one Consulting right which is a really Really cool concept I'll save for Another video and then true one-to-one Where we're meeting with people for Calls every two weeks but they're also In that in that group part so we Structured up the delivery model to be Really effective for the person Receiving the advice client but also Really really leverage for the person Running the business and we do that by Having tiers the other thing that we Integrate which is what creates leverage As well is a big focus on monthly Recurring Revenue okay so what we're

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Trying to increase is the number of uh The the number that's locked in at the Start of the month instead of just Chasing end of month revenue or profit Numbers we want to keep increasing the Number on day one okay what this means Is that each month you don't have to Take on a hundred new clients you could Take on like five right and so you're Building a very very profitable business With a lot of stability in your cash Flow without needing lots and lots of Clients coming on every month but There's more people is more problems Okay this model which I'm not going to Talk about in this video this model also Allows you to have a really really small Team okay which again very very Advantageous for the founder because It's fewer people to manage right so That's on the delivery side we use this Multi-layered leverage model where it's Got group at the base of it but it's a Small group it's a really intimate group And then for the people that want Additional support we layer that on as Well and each of those adds bands of Monthly recurring Revenue so that we're Increasing the number that's locked in At the start of every month okay there's A lot more detail we can go into around That but that's on the delivery side That's how we we structure things up With that that multi-layered monthly

Recurring Revenue approach okay on the Sales side of things we've eliminated Phone calls okay because here's the Problem with phone calls you've got an Offer right and once you've sold a few Of it and you're dialing it in when you Get on the phone you or your team is Having to explain the same thing over And over and over and over and over Again and that by definition means that There's no leverage right because you Because you're putting an input in to Get an output right whereas the way we Do things we sell in the DMS We create an offer asset in the form of A document that explains everything that People need to know about the author and We simply send it over so what that Means is that we're channeling all of Our energy into capturing the key Elements of the offer in that asset in That document which means that we do it Once right we'll keep improving it but We do it once and we can send it to People over and over and over and over And over and over and over again right So we've got leverage in the sales Process okay so now we've got leverage And delivery we've got leverage in the Sales process and the marketing element We lean heavily heavily on content okay We lean heavily on creating assets that Might be longer form videos they could Be shorter form videos they could be

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Short form written post long form Written posts they could be free Resources I just released a new playbook And ebook that went live on my Facebook Profile and in the Facebook group go Check them out where I talk about our DM Deals model and uh that had over 400 People raise their hands who can now Read the 30-page e-book and becoming Oxidated into the way that we do things So I create that once in hundreds and Eventually thousands and thousands of People can consume that so we invest our Energy into creating content assets on The marketing side of things such that It's compounding over time when I create A video like this I capture my 10 12 Minutes of time and then it can go into Multiple places and it can bring us People for months and years I've got Content that I created years ago that Still brings us leads every day okay so When you hear me talking about leveraged Consulting I'm talking about how we're Integrating as much leverage as possible Into those three pillars into how we Structure up the offer into how we run The sales process eliminating calls and Into how we do our marketing by building These marketing assets that attract Leads to us pre-sell them we have a Quick conversation then that offer asset Kicks in and then boom they're into a Leveraged delivery environment because

We set things up the right way so that Was that was a very very quick overview But it is something that I've been Talking about more and more and I'm Going to continue to talk about more and More so I wanted to get it on the record That's what I'm talking about when it Comes to leverage Consulting it's a more Tailored more bespoke approach to Consulting but we're doing it in a way That means that the founder the CEO can Have a small team they don't lose their Life their Calendar's not packed out and They can still work with a very very Small group of people while still Building a highly profitable and really Consistent cash flow profile in the Business right I'm really excited to Talk to you about this concept more and More go deeper into each of these three Pillars and hopefully work with some of You in order to implement this in your Own business because we've been doing This in particular the refined version Of this model for the last two years and I've been having more fun things have Been simpler than ever and it's just It's a blast so I'm excited to continue To share this with you and with that all Said see the sun's setting behind me Beautiful I'm gonna go shower chuckle my Suit and uh we're going out to dinner I Hope you have a fantastic day I'll talk To you soon cheers

Thank you

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