Make Videos For Automated Youtube Channels in 5 Minutes.

If you're looking to get into automated YouTube channels this will blow your Mind I just made a video from beginning To end in five minutes and here's how I Did it first I went to chat GTP to Actually write the script for the video And of course it's down right now I told It to be specific and had it right 12 Ways that AI will change the world as we Know it it came up with this right here Next I went to and I Uploaded the script and chose the script To video option now I could have had AI Do the voiceover but it's pretty easy All I had to do was click add voice over And then record the voiceover and I Recorded directly into the software After that the software automatically Turned it into a video with a bunch of Different scenes with b-roll that Applied to what it was that I was Talking about and you can see all the B-roll applied pretty good you can see Me talking about self-driving cars right Here and you can see I got b-roll with Self-driving cars then all you have to Do is Click generate video and you Upload the video to YouTube five minutes Total time all I had to do was read a Script

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