Marketing Boost 2023 Review and Pricing | The Secrets Behind Over 500,000 Vacation Giveaways

Marketing Boost 2023 Review and Pricing | The Secrets Behind Over 500,000 Vacation Giveaways

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In this Marketing Boost review and walkthrough, updated and recorded in 2023, I will discuss the pricing, destinations, and best ways to use Marketing Boost. I have personally experienced the effectiveness of this program by winning 1st place in their contest ending on 10/31/2021 and multiple other contests they have offered.

Marketing Boost is a unique incentive marketing program that offers complimentary vacations to prospective customers, making it a win-win situation for both the hotel and the marketing company. Unlike other programs, it is fully transparent. By signing up for the 7-day free trial, you will quickly see the potential benefits for your business.

As an affiliate, Marketing Boost is an effective way to promote your business both online and offline. The incentives offered can range from complimentary vacations to discounts on hotels and restaurants.

Marketing Boost is a highly flexible program that seamlessly integrates with other marketing tools such as Clickfunnels and Builderall, as well as popular business apps like Zapier and the world’s largest publishing platform, WordPress. This allows you to customize your marketing campaigns and send out a variety of incentives such as vouchers for restaurants, savings cards for hotels, and even complimentary vacations or discounts to both new and existing customers. You can even create unique incentive campaigns by combining different platforms and techniques.

I hope you find my Marketing Boost 2023 Review video informative and helpful.

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Hey what's up everybody Adam with DIY Agency and today we're going to review Marketing boost for 2023 and talk about Some of the upgrades that they've Provided and new new travel incentives That they have so the key to marketing Boost is that you're going to be giving Away uh vacation incentives Um complimentary travel incentives which Is hotel stays of three to you know Actually I think there are up to seven Nights for some of them now all Throughout the world U.S and International They do offer a pretty fantastic seven Dollar free trial Um and it's usually uh you know the Prices range um through a couple Different things and we'll show you the Prices Um real quick there is a free basic plan Uh it there's a 37 a month plan and I'll Show you the monthly pricing and a 97 a Month plan uh the nice thing about the Gold and the Platinum is there is yearly Options to get your uh get you about a 22 21 discount and they do whenever you Sign up you do get your own Complimentary vacation so I highly Suggest that you guys give it a shot but More importantly the opportunity to give Away free vacations Um take one for yourself and then have Six destination

Um opportunities for for people that you Want to give them out to completely free One benefit of the gold I'm a gold Member is that every time somebody takes Part in one of your vacations that You're giving away you actually get a Little bit of money back so Um it's even uh even better to have a Gold plan in my opinion so The focus here today is I'm going to Cover quickly the destinations but I Want to show you the kind of the behind The scenes stuff and how much it costs All that stuff so real quick throughout The the US there's a number of different Uh four day three night vacation Locations so I'll go through this Relatively slow just so you can kind of Page through and see yourself I'm pretty Sure you can see this on the front end Of the the website anyway without being A member but I just wanted to share this Anyway then of course there's a couple Different UK locations and then you know Again for some reason they uh they have This separate from the U.S but it's Hawaii and it's six days five nights Which is pretty fantastic but there's Argentina Australia Austria Brazil I'm You know I'm not going to read off every Single one of them but I do want you to See just how many different locations Around the world you can go to and uh Again just uh you know if you want to

Take your own travel but more Importantly you can give away these Vacation Um you know stays all over the place I'm Actually going to be looking at uh the Rome one myself Um because we're going to be traveling There myself pretty soon so there's Mexico New Zealand uh you know again Tons of different locations as you can See and so what I want to share with you Is uh we're gonna log in and share kind Of the background once you become a Member some of the resources that are Available to you Um it's really it's really quite Fantastic so of course there's the Vacation incentives where you're able to Print certificates Um there's a chat back chat bot that you Can utilize there's Integrations with a Number of different platforms there's Also um what's considered the restaurant Incentive where you can give up to 200 Uh as far as a dining voucher and Basically vouchers are you know a number Of different uh restaurants across the United States where you can get you know A couple bucks off here and there Um so it's pretty uh pretty cool to to Be able to give those away as well Um I should uh kind of give you a quick Idea on the uh the way these things work If you do give away a complimentary

Vacation once you signed up you're Really going to just select a country And then select a destination and what You'll see here is the nightly taxes and Fees now the reason they say Complimentary stay and not free stay is Because there is a cost associated with It so let's take a place Um so let's use Vegas because that's one Of their most popular and so what you Would do is you'd provide this four day Three night hotel stay to someone and The total cost is a hundred dollars 99.72 now taxes and fees what does that Make mean basically it's Resort fees Which are going to be your Wi-Fi and Stuff like that and then of course taxes So if the room rate was three hundred Dollars a night basically it would come Out to be more than that uh it would be 300 plus taxes and fees and you know Those would be the taxes and Resort fees So it's never just three hundred dollars A night so basically what you're doing Is they're covering the 300 a night and There would be 99.72 as a total cost of Uh the four days and three nights so Again just you know four days three Nights called three nights it's Basically thirty three dollars a night Thirty four dollars a night so there's Also a hotel savings card that can be Applied to hotels rentals activities This can go up to five hundred dollars I

Believe is the uh the most you can give Away and uh just be be aware that They're um there typically is an Activation fee for uh for the dining Voucher and that the vacation incentive But there is no activation fee for Anyone to to activate a hotel savings Card so this is a really great Um giveaway and again it's good for uh Over a million different hotels across The the world so really the voucher Would basically or the card would Basically say provided by your company Your the customer's name and it's pretty Pretty outstanding so that's the front End um that's the you know what people Receive but I want to share with you Kind of um how marketing boost wants you To be successful and why they want you To succeed in this so let's talk you Know real quickly about you know they've Got Integrations API and zapier or Zapier or whatever you prefer to call it They've got landing pages you know for Click funnels for builderall for WordPress and so what we'll just show You kind of quickly is if uh you know You're a chiropractor it'll give you Um an actual funnel in WordPress that it Can kind of build out for you and all You got to do is upload this to your uh To your WordPress hosting and uh you Know customize it a little bit and it's A great way to kind of quickly get this

Giveaway incentive Um integrated into your into your Company's website the great thing here Is that marketing boost has a team that Will help you with that integration Process so it's uh it's really super Super valuable I also want to share with You kind of the welcome and most must Must watch videos and the member Training webinar so there's a ton of Different information here um you know About how to Market it how to provide uh You know these vacation uh incentives to People so what I really want to share is Kind of the uh the member success Webinars where you'll kind of see a Number of different webinars that are Available for you to watch to explain How people have used this already and Found success so you're not going in There and just trying to figure out What's the best way to kind of figure Out how to use this tool there's tons of People that have already demonstrated It's all available in your resources There's the terms and conditions for all This stuff but I just wanted to share With you kind of those uh simple you Know backgrounds so it's not just the Giveaway uh opportunity there's a lot of Marketing strategy that's there and for You to help you become more more you Know comfortable promoting these uh These vacation incentives and

Understanding kind of the skills and Secrets that uh that people are using to Do uh to do just that so let's get into The marketing video so first of all There's a top seven destination banners There's banners there's videos and you Can give you you know basically it gives You all these things that you can Download and upload code to your own Website or your you know your Facebook Or Instagram or Tick Tock whatever you Want but really what's cool is all these Marketing videos and so there's there's Really been a ton of different marketing Videos already created for you Um there's the top seven destinations How to create a you know or get a free Account Um enter to win all this stuff and what I want to share with you is kind of Just about every type of business has One already and if you don't have one Really all you need to do is chat with Marketing boost staff and they'll Actually customize a marketing video for You so let's just say you know for some Reason you're not listed here and you Happen to be a you know a home painter Which is probably in here I'm not even Going to look for it but if you're a Home painter and you want to do a Specific promotional video to take People to Um you know to Vegas or to Atlantic City

Or any of the destinations but you want To be very specific with what you're Giving away and you know and and why Um if you can't find it in here already Then they'll create one for you but Let's just again go back and say all Right you know I'm I'm a real estate Agent what it's going to do is going to Give you a number of different real Estate video type of options Um you know what's your home worth type Video and even comes in French uh There's a you know homewortha Orlando Vegas these have probably already been Customized for somebody else and they're Just putting them up up there but you Know what's your home worth and you know Really the video is uh is pretty Fantastic it's a quick 20 second you Know thing that you put on your website And again the quality is going to be Questionable here but you know you can Download it and again get it customized But the whole idea of being a Complimentary three-night vacation just To find out what your home home is worth Would be an easy way to generate a lot Of leads on your website so people are Going to give you their name email Address phone number you can then Remarket to them however you want and if I really wanted to download the video That's exactly what I would do so you Can sort these by name you can sort by

Category again there are just so many Different things that are in here and You know it's just if it's an event uh Black Friday Halloween Christmas uh you Know whatever it might be Valentine's Day July 4th uh tax tax returns I mean There's really just something for Everybody and uh there's you know really Different incentives to uh you know to Do things to you know book a free Coaching lesson or make the switch to Satellite TV book our venue for a Wedding I mean it's just unbelievable How many videos are out there and the Resources capabilities so all that stuff Is uh is is downloadable there's banners There's videos and again if you need a Custom video request all you would do is Just type in your name email address and Kind of tell them do you want one of uh One you know to customize one of the Ones that's already existing or do you Want to give them something else and uh You know the response is pretty darn Quick it's uh it's really quite uh quite Fantastic so you of course can customize Your business details you know you can See what accounts you have your your Past redemptions and redemptions are Kind of important or active activations This is really where if you're a gold Member and again you give away a number Of different uh you know hotel stays the Activation commission report is uh is

There and available now I also want to Talk about affiliate um you know Affiliate login I'm not going to take You behind the scenes but you can become An affiliate of marketing boost and uh You know going back to the kind of the Resources I'm pretty sure I just saw an Affiliate one as well So there you have it there's the uh the Marketing boost affiliate videos and Again Um you know you can literally just uh You know look at testimonials uh ways That people uh you know do all these Different things uh for entrepreneurs in The you know holidays Um explosive sales basically it gives You a lot of different video uh choices Um as far as uh you know if you are an Affiliate but what I do want to stress Very quickly is that I've made an Enormous amount of money from uh from Marketing boost as an affiliate and uh So there's really two different ways That you can make more money utilizing Marketing boost and again whether it's a Free trial a free account or if you're a Paid subscriber a marketing boost you Can give away the free vacations you can Give away the uh I'm sorry the Complimentary vacations you can give Away the uh the restaurant incentives You can give away the the hotel savings Cards or you can become an affiliate for

Them and so you know if I recommend like I'm gonna do now is I'm going to Recommend that you say signed up with Holiday with holiday with marketing Boost below utilizing my uh my link and If you do become a marketing boost Client essentially you'll be an Affiliate of mine and basically uh from There I will make money uh every single Month that you're uh you're with Marketing boost so uh if you sign up for A free account obviously uh you know I Don't make any money there but if you do Become a paid subscriber I make 40 of The the fees that they're they're Receiving so Um I definitely recommend that you check Out marketing boosts uh and let's just Show you real quick Kind of that that marketing boost Affiliate program and uh I believe it's Down here at the bottom And there it is so you know earn 40 Monthly residual commissions and now What that means is every single month That uh that somebody you get signed up If you refer somebody to a marketing Boost and they stay with them for 12 Months Um then you'll get 12 months of of Commissions for that if they stay for 12 Years they'll you'll get 12 years worth Of commission so it's every single month That they're with uh marketing boost you

Get 40 of the uh of the fees that that Marketing boost is uh is collecting now It also again Um lets you test out the incentives for Yourself become an affiliate and they'll Send you on a three-night vacation get Away to Las Vegas so if for no other Reason I do recommend that you sign up Um with uh with marketing boost uh to to Try the free trial use that you can Again You can do that just as a general Marketing boost uh you know free trial Um going back into this here The basic free plan again you get one Vacation for you and your family and uh You can give yourself a four five or Seven night international vacation Um so I I highly recommend that you try It out it's really uh it's been Fantastic for me uh financially but more Importantly it's helped grow my business And the ability that I cannot you know Get people to sign up for things just by Giving them an incentive and uh you know Everybody uh you know everybody and Their mother have some kind of uh you Know reason to get capture email Addresses these days and most of us have Multiple different email addresses we Use as throwaway email addresses well When I'm signing up for something and Somebody says hey uh you know sign up And I'll provide you with a three to you

Know seven night vacation Um I'm gonna be a little bit more likely To give my real email address than uh Than a fake throwaway email address so Just something to consider and again if You do become an affiliate or if you do Sign up um you know please uh I'll put My links right below I would appreciate It if you uh if you do like the content That I'm providing if you use those Links and if you have any questions I'm Here to answer them you can list them Below in the comments or shoot me an Email Adam at DIY agent DIY dot agency And I'll be happy to answer any Questions you have and as always uh you Know hopefully you found some great Value in this video and if you did you Know hit the like button or hit the uh The bell and uh subscribe and I look Forward to creating more videos for you Thanks foreign Business owners and entrepreneurs you Can now offer your prospects clients and Customers complimentary hotel stays and Seven amazing destinations absolutely Free yes this marketing boost Subscription offer is 100 free no risk No credit card required and you can Cancel at any time you'll have full Access to giveaway unlimited hotel stays To our most popular destinations in Cabo San Lucas Puerto Vallarta Bali Dubai Las Vegas and Phuket explode your

Leads and sales these incentive Destinations are customer favorites they Are highest rated with the most Availability and only require 14 days Advanced booking let me just tell you Everything that they promised came Absolutely true we got a fabulous deal Highly recommended we had an amazing Time And hope for a better time it was Awesome we'll be back yep we are so Confident in the power of our incentives To increase your business profitability Your free marketing Boost account even Includes a complimentary vacation for You to try for yourself that's a fifteen Hundred dollar value you'll soon learn The benefits that our thousands of paid Members experience every month just the First three weeks when I try marketing Boost I made over fifteen thousand Dollars our sales have jumped over 50 Percent since we started using marketing Boost it's been amazing we've been able To put over a hundred fifty thousand Dollars back into our business and if You were to add up via a total gross Sales from the marketing incentives We've given out it would equate to a Little bit over a half a million dollars Unlimited Elementary vacation getaways To our most popular destinations Cancun Cabo San Lucas Puerto Vallarta Bali Dubai Las Vegas and Phuket seven top

Destinations guaranteed to make your Business Stand Out sign up now for your Free marketing Boost account start Giving away these amazing vacation Incentives and watch your profits soar

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