Marketing Boost webinar – A Sustainable Marketing Strategy

Join Ben to learn how to find the right customers, create great content and a develop a sustainable approach to marketing.
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In this free webinar, Ben will walk you through the three most important areas of marketing that people overlook.

We’re all guilty of focusing on the stuff that has little impact – vanity metrics such as Facebook Likes, website visits, or Youtube subscribers – without paying attention to the things that really matter. Customer experience.

Ben will cover the following three key areas:
1. Understand who your best customers are and why they buy from you.

2. Create useful and interesting blog articles, social shares, how-to videos and email so that people become aware of you.

3. Make buying from you a pleasure they’ll want to share with their friends.

Why should you attend
* You’ll learn how to find and work with the right customers for your business
* I won’t talk over you head + Questions are welcomed
* I’ll included downloadable resources and activities
* You’ll feel motivated and ready to put into action what you have learned

Sign up to any of the webinar dates and I look forward to seeing you online!

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