People Don’t Use #SocialMedia to Be Sold #wakeuplegendary #shorts

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This is I think another I'm gonna they Don't go to the platforms to be sold Friends they go there to hang out and Socialize so the moment that they sniff A dirty little sales trick or what they Perceive to be a dirty little sales trip It's almost like a wall it's like a Robot wall just it's buyer defense it Just goes up or if they're pissed off Enough they'll report you or whatever Nobody came on this platform to buy Anything or be sold and that's why in The fishing formula we talk about Chumming and baiting it's like fishing I Don't ever go out my boat and just Summon the fish to my boat like hey [ __ ] come to the boat I'm fishing now And it's not a trap it's not leading Them to a trap it's just giving them Something all the way through

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