Pictory AI Video Editor Review – The TRUTH

Pictory AI Video Editor Review – The TRUTH

My Pictory review is 5 stars. This video marketing tool has almost doubled my revenue on YouTube. Pictory is used to make videos from articles and turn them into videos. What the tool does, it reads the script that you paste into it, and it finds stock footage video and comprises an entire video of it. It also does all the editing of the clips and comprises them together into one.

This Pictory tutorial walks you through how to use the tool to create videos using a script. You can also just choose to make stock footage videos to use in your YouTube videos. This can be beneficial in itself, because finding footage to make videos it’s tough. But using Pictory makes all of this super easy. It automates the process of creating viral videos for your YouTube videos.

Pictory (Free Sign Up) – https://videocreator.tools/pictory

I highly advise this tool known as Pictory. I review of it is very high and I have told a lot of my friends they should start using this. I’m very impressed with how well it works and I have almost doubled my revenue on YouTube. It is automated my process so much to where I can create double the amount of videos, I used to be able to.

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