Prosper Show 2023 Recap Part 1 | AI Software |, Google Bard, ChatGPT

Prosper Show 2023 Recap Part 1 | AI Software |, Google Bard, ChatGPT

Prime Guidance Advisors help sellers navigate the challenges of eCommerce on multiple marketplaces, including selecting the right strategy, optimizing content for faster growth, improving operations to meet your marketplace requirements, and leveraging technologies to improve visibility and profitability.

Prime Guidance Services:

•Coaching & Strategy Services
o Account Audits
o On-site Workshops & Training
o Consulting, Coaching & Interim Management
o Expansion into Domestic and International Marketplaces

•Product Optimization and Content Creation
o Product Page Optimizations & Keyword Research
o Brand Store Design & Video Creation
o Content Creation, including A+ content and infographics

•Business Operations
o Software Selections & Configuration
o MAP/IP/Channel Control Enforcement
o Inbound/Outbound E-commerce Logistics Configuration
o 1P to 3P transition

•Traffic Generation
o External Traffic Generation
o Launch Services & Ranking Improvements

•Account Management
o Full Account Management
o Account Creation and Setup

•Account Health
o Category Ungating
o Account/Product Reinstatements
o Brand Registry & private label brand development

Join our monthly Prime Guidance webinar to listen in on what our experts have to say about Amazon and other Marketplace platforms. We also have a Q&A session to ensure your questions are answered.
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