Real Estate Business Owner Gains Fast Following-Wake Up Legendary w/ David Sharpe|Legendary Marketer

Real Estate Business Owner Gains Fast Following-Wake Up Legendary w/ David Sharpe|Legendary Marketer

As I stepped into the world of real estate entrepreneurship, I never imagined the rapid growth that awaited me. Join me on a journey of discovery as I delve into the strategies shared by David Sharpe in his Wake Up Legendary program through Legendary Marketer.

Real Estate Business Owner Gains Fast Following – Wake Up Legendary with David Sharpe | Legendary Marketer


Hey there, folks! I’m Michelle Garabito, the proud owner of a bustling real estate company. It’s not been an easy journey, but now, I can confidently say that I stand tall with my achievements. Let me take you through my transformation from a regular real estate entrepreneur to a social media maven!

The Beginning of My Journey

Once upon a time, I pondered over my life’s purpose. I craved freedom, not just for myself, but to help others too. That’s when the idea dawned on me – why not leverage social media to not only expand my business but also inspire and connect with a wider audience?

  • Why did I Choose Social Media?: I believed social media was the perfect bridge between my brand and the world.
  • What Drove Me?: My relentless drive for freedom lit a fire in me to make waves online.

The Rise to Social Media Stardom

I dived headfirst into content creation, focusing on authenticity and realness. And guess what? The audience loved it! Soon enough, my online presence skyrocketed, attracting a loyal following.

  • How Did I Achieve Fast Growth?: By being authentic and sharing my journey, people resonated with me.
  • What Role Did Legendary Marketer Play?: Legendary Marketer became my guiding light, teaching me the art of brand monetization.
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Monetizing the Brand and Lifestyle

With Legendary Marketer’s valuable insights, I honed my skills in social media strategy and content creation. I learned to purposefully use platforms like Instagram and Facebook to build a strong online presence and create effective systems for scalability.

  • Where Can You Follow Legendary Marketer and Me?: Catch Legendary Marketer on Facebook and me on Instagram for exciting updates!
  • What Skills Did I Learn?: Legendary Marketer equipped me with the tools to monetize my brand effectively.

Living the Dream: Full-Time Traveler and Influencer

Now, I not only make a living through my social media platforms but also enjoy the perks of full-time travel and leveraging my content for tax benefits. It’s surreal to see how far I’ve come, all thanks to embracing the power of social media and Legendary Marketer’s invaluable teachings.


In a nutshell, my journey from a real estate business owner to a social media influencer has been nothing short of exhilarating. By combining my passion for real estate with the digital world, I’ve unlocked a world of opportunities and created a life I once only dreamed of. Remember, with dedication, authenticity, and the right guidance, you too can turn your dreams into reality!

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