Should You Put Prices On Your Website? – Secret vs. Public Prices

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In the past, affiliate marketing involved building a site with a product that attracted your audience. You would then drive traffic to your site with Google Adwords and Facebook ads. However, with the tightening of Google’s policies, affiliate marketing requires a different approach. In this day and age, you should focus on building relationships with your audience and developing your own brand. Below are some tips for building a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

Identify key metrics: Time on page: Having the time on page or CTR is vital when it comes to determining the effectiveness of your affiliate program. Besides CTRs, time on page and bounce rates, you can also use other metrics to determine how well your content is converting. The key metrics should be determined early on, before you start creating content. By gathering data before you begin marketing your affiliate link, you can start optimizing it for success.

Select the right products to promote: When choosing products for affiliate marketing, choose products that are relevant to your audience and have a high likelihood of conversion. Affiliate marketing involves trial and error, so be sure to test everything. If you do not find a particular product that converts well, you should move on to a different product. The more products you promote, the more likely your audience will buy it. A successful affiliate marketing campaign requires testing everything!

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