Special Needs Mom of 4 Gives NO Excuses -Wake Up Legendary with David Sharpe | Legendary Marketer

Special Needs Mom of 4 Gives NO Excuses -Wake Up Legendary with David Sharpe | Legendary Marketer

To say Nicole Turull is a busy stay-at-home mom is an understatement. With 4 kids and a police officer husband, she is a shining example of what a person can do with a little grit and determination. Tune in to this episode of Wake Up Legendary and learn how she’s building her business one moment at a time.

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Thank you Hey what's going on my friends it's Dave Sharp welcome to wake up legendary and This morning we have a another wonderful Guest as you can see Special Needs Mom Of four Dives head first into her online Business and she's got a story to tell Nicole Welcome to the show hi thank you For having me you're so welcome uh where Are you calling in from ah Ohio What part of Ohio Dayton I was gonna Guess date night yeah I should have just said it like I would Have been like a mind reader yeah no Dayton so Um lovely I also want to notice your Sign in the back I do not negotiate so I'll be you know I I got a tough Negotiator here or someone who says no Negotiations is that a sign for your Family It is trying to remind yourself of Something associate we don't negotiate With fear we don't negotiate with you Know we we decide something we stick to It we don't negotiate mostly it was for Food for the kitchen but no it's for Everything Nice nice I like that I like that yeah It's it's uh definitely some Non-negotiables if you're going to be Successful as an entrepreneur 100 you're Probably learning so tell us what led You here to Legendary Market or what

Were you looking to get out of this Program oh Oh those things where you know Kind of a similar story with anybody Else you know you're in a situation and You're looking for Um Ways to supplement your income And um you know my husband was working a Lot of overtime our house was in Foreclosure I have a special needs son Who needed a service dog Um all the things and so Um you know I was just sitting on my Phone one day and saw another girl that Was talking about legendary or you know And um So I watched for a while and decided to Check it out and that's what led me here And it's changed everything so Wow wow so almost by Um you know almost by kind of Happenstance but a little bit of but but Also there was some intention out to the You know the universe God whatever you Believe in may have been answering some Some some some prayer some intentions Even though you were just living your Life and doing what you needed to do so Here you are right this thing come up on Tick Tock I mean you weren't really even Looking right no no no 100 that I Believe this is where I'm supposed to be Yeah yeah yeah that's that's it's I

Think there's there's a unique gift in Being able to notice a gift even when You don't ask for it right or when You're not like praying hard every day For it but to be like Wow you know this is a moment you know This is this is let me just take this All in and and really make sure that if I if I ignore this that this wasn't Meant for me you know that this wasn't The the you know a solution and I see That with a lot of human beings every Day we have things in front of us and Um it's sometimes it's difficult to Recognize that wow this is an Opportunity right so how did you avoid Skepticism how did you avoid uh how did You not fall into you know negativity I Mean which which the internet is is is There's no shortage of that how did you Deal with your own skepticism of will This work for me Etc and I would assume You maybe you still are and that's okay Sure And I didn't you know their skepticism And um But The more that I looked into it the more That I sat back and I just watched Um I knew that It was something that I at least wanted To try I mean because I felt like I had Nothing to lose you know and so the only

Thing that I deal with now is more of Like that imposter syndrome where it's Like oh wow I'm doing this oh wait I'm Doing this I'm doing this sort of thing You know so I like that the skepticism Lasted a short time and then I just dove Into it and when I just when I saw That it was working and Um the amount of knowledge that I gained From it and How I've used that in other areas of my Life Um It's just been amazing so That's great is this your first try at Entrepreneurship Um so I am a massage therapist and I own My own business for a long time so it's My first time at anything like this for Sure okay okay with that business were You the only employee or did you have Lots of employees So you were self-employed sort of like Robert Kiyosaki talks about in the cash Flow quadrant to where you own a Business but you're still kind of Trading time for money Yes definitely yeah that makes that Makes a lot of sense which is sort of Disappointing when you go out on your Own and you're like I'm going to start a Business but then you're like dang it Yeah dang it now now I yeah if I want to Really grow this and scale this I need

Either as he says very simply systems or People right to help me to scale and so Now you've got uh basically systems People helping you Um so you're kind of using people in the In a way of gaining knowledge and Information and and and you're but You're duplicating yourself in Multiplying yourself on videos and stuff Like that with these systems on social Media are you surprised at how quickly Somebody can get you know a business up And running in 2023 with the right Knowledge and Skills if they just take Consistent action I mean a lot of people Think that this business is expensive or Hard and as a business owner you know That hard is driving around to people's Or them coming to you and you staying in The the studio late at night and you're You know your your body's sore at the End of the day because you've been Rubbing and trying to I mean that's hard I also know hard construction work I'm Not trying to say this work isn't Mentally hard and it can be physically Draining but the comparison of the Leverage that you get now sitting in Your home working versus the massage Business what's that contrast like how Do you see hard work and how do you Define an expensive business now or how Has that been kind of re you know how Has that been that that that thought of

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You know really that physical location But how has that been shattered you know The way that now you can use technology In some skills with a few low to no cost Tools to have a business is that kind of Like I mean is that is that has that been Earth shattering for you or I mean What's that been like it's Success that was capable Um just by taking this this course in The amount of like I said the amount of Knowledge that I gain in such a short Amount of time surpasses any Class College course any you know Anything that I've ever done previously To this Um And so And to be able to be in my own home Right make it what I want it to be and To be able to make my own schedule and Yes it is work you know and you you Definitely have to put in the time a Hundred percent but I'm in control of That whereas I I never had that to this Extent before Yeah and what's the value just for some People who are sitting here listening Kind of on that that maybe that fence at The beginning of hey is this really Worth it what's the value of being able To work from home and build a business Not just be able to work from home from

Your company or whoever you work for but Now being able to work from home on your Own business without having to leave and What is the value of that do we Undervalue that and focus too much on The commissions and the money in the Beginning and let that get us frustrated Instead of focusing more on the value of Wow I get to be home let me be more Patient let me be persistent with this Because after all I get to be at home Doing this do we undervalue that Um I think so sometimes I think that Um You know being a home it is such a gift To be able to do this Um here and to be able to Yes a lot of people I don't know so for Me it's more like Um Sorry life makes me nervous no it's Totally fine want me to restate the Question yeah go ahead I I just you said That you that struck me when you said Kind of I get to work from home and I Feel like so many times new people are So focused on a commission or instead of Thinking about the long term and the Fact that you get to learn this business And do this business at home right and That's such a big deal and we're so Focused on well I haven't gotten a Commission yet or some of these kind of You know these things that they will

Come but but we undervalue I know I Often do I get complacent undervalue the Beauty of just being able to work from Home and how much is that worth how much Does that improve the quality of my life Even if I don't get super uber Rich The ability for me to be able to work at Home and make a living I just feel like a lot of us tend to Undervalue that you know what I mean and I just wonder you know having you said You had a special needs son and I don't Know if you have more children but just I would imagine there's a lot of parents Listening to this a lot of times again We can get focused on the commission we Can get focused on the you know and and Lose touch of what you just said which Is the value of being able to do this From home It's like wow That just struck me you know that we Undervalue that and so Um you know I don't know if there was Really a question but I just wonder if You could say more about that you know The value of of this and and how Flexible it is for those of us with kids For those of us with special needs kids Or those of us who want to travel Sure Yeah that that I can tell you all about You know I have four kids and my oldest Oh my God four wow I thought you just

Had the one okay hello no I have four Kids my oldest has autism Um and then I have a four or three year Old uh five-year-old four-year-old and My two-year-old is two today uh So yeah happy birthday to to the Two-year-old yeah I'm home you know you know that's great But In my situation I'm I'm not really able To work outside of the home and that was Always an issue because You know what are we going to do how how Can I provide not just for the bills but How can I provide the the needs and the Services that my son needs you know and Um And and also You know be here for for my other three Small children so There is you you can't put a price on That you know it's It is everything to me and the fact that I can now do that it it brings so much Relief to Just it it brings so much relief to me Yeah Yeah I know what you mean it's like wow That's an interesting use of words Relief versus like bringing so much Excitement to me it brings so much you Know you're like relief just and and the Way that resonates right because I mean How many of us uh whether we are in the

Same situation which I'm not and and Many of us are not with four kids one Being a special needs kid in in needing To to be there uh to you know that's That's really Um that's really a unique situation and Um and yeah the the ability to perhaps a Little bit of relief I'd like to I read A little bit of your I read a little bit Of your um your your questionnaire and You you said that you set everything up In December and January you started Creating content and working the Business working in the business right Instead of just learning Um I like how you like I like how you Said that like I think there's a Distinct difference and there is a Defining moment in which somebody goes From learning mode and kind of observing Mode and kind of getting ready to get Ready to actually Crossing that line Having taken some sort of action to Where there now is no turning back right You've made that first step you've Stepped over that line what did that Look like for you in January was that Pressing post and putting something out There publicly it was it was yeah so Like you said in December I set Everything up And then January 1st that was it and so I've been doing this for nine weeks and Like I already my mind is blown

Um so yeah it hasn't really been that Long Not at all not at all Um And so what was that did you use that Like beginning of the year as like a Launch pad as like a New Year's Resolution thing I mean we're now at February 28th what what I'm just trying To think of some of these folks Um you know starting over you know Sometimes we get started sometimes we Start over yeah can you say more about What that was like I mean whether it was January 1st or whether it would have to Be today what was how did you mentally Prepare for that well I mean I just like I said I just kind of fell into it so it Was Thanksgiving I had posted my son's Um crowdfunding for his dog we had been Crowdfunding for a year well just to be Clear mentally prepared to then take Action on January 1st yeah no No December was the month where I just Learned everything January 1st was just A day it was just a day that we got back From vacation I was home and it just Happened to be January 1st but but I Knew that that was my okay go So now was that the first day that you Posted a video publicly I mean was that The kind of the the that was the move Yeah yeah What was it like to hit post that first

Time were you familiar with the with the Camera I mean is this all new like a Hundred percent to you I mean this is Pretty new I mean I'm not comfortable on Camera obviously you know like this is This is more comfortable to me This whole thing is such a growing Experience and it's forcing me to do Things that I would have never done so Yeah I'll take it I'll take it yeah you look Great like as Kayla said yesterday on The show don't let him see you sweat Like never let your audience know that You don't know what you're doing so I Mean not only you know you you look Great you're doing you look perfect Thanks So yeah it was A few tick tocks before of my kids but No I didn't know what I was doing and That was the great thing about this is It just walked me through all of it and Um It's been fun it's been fun growing and Learning how to do it and I mean if I can do it Anybody can do this it's just the Determination and saying okay this is What I'm choosing to do and just going For it I also noticed that you said that in Kind of December you know Even with four kids you lived with

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Earbuds in while doing what you had to Do around the house you'd wake up at 4 30 in the morning you'd stay up late Nursing and learning yeah oh nursing is This you have babies as well yeah small Children wherever there was is time I am Still doing classes listening to Podcasts book anything I can keep moving Forward talk about that commitment to Learning talk about that that like Really digging in and actually going Through the material versus just kind of Buying it and then being like okay what Now you know like there's a lot of People who will buy something a course Specifically whether it's here at Legendary or wherever but but obviously I've seen this over the last 10 years Buy something and then kind of go into The Facebook group yeah or whatever and Be like where do I get started and it's Like you know man oh man I I would just I would I would uh it's like we got ants In our pants you know it's like we we're We're we're kids that just you know we Can't sit out at our desk But I noticed you got earbuds in you're Moving you're walking around talk talk To us a little bit about how you Condense time that month of December I Really feel like you I just had to I was I was hungry for it like I said I was Determined I was ready and yes I have Kids yes I'm chasing you know I'm I'm

All over the place but you know I I also Know the big picture and so I I was I was hungry for it and I'm and I'm still combing through everything I Mean I just go through Everything all over again because There's just so much to learn and and And move forward from um So yeah it was that's what it was I Would wake up early when my kids were Still sleeping and I'm on the computer And I'm setting up my stuff and I'm Doing dishes we're folding clothes I've Got the you know videos going in my ear And I'm watching when I can and I did not let the busyness of my life be An excuse for me not to do it so it was The reason I had to do it can I can I Ask you a question about Just Energy how Do you stay how do you get enough rest Now that you've added this other thing To your life right so you are ready We're busy enough How how do you stay rested enough in Order to be able to and how do you deal With being tired just just I mean this Is just a question that I've never Really asked you know that I don't ask a Whole lot of people but it's like how do You deal with just how do you deal with Just the the the you know moderating Your energy throughout the day and and Been being able to you know not getting Burnt out like is is there just do you

Have a special focus on on sleep I mean Do you take do you have a is there are You just kind of going 100 miles an hour And you'll figure it out later like I Just wonder how somebody is as busy as You who's taking as much on and even Adding more to your play just stays Rested and does self-care Any mom But I have an amazing husband and Support system that any time I need Anything I mean I I have to tell you I Have like the husband of all husbands he Comes in and he does anything that I Need him to do to give me my space Um so that I can have my space to be Able to do things Um and I'm so fortunate you know again He's military so he's also gone a lot But anybody asked if you guys if you Were in the military so thank you and Your family uh your husband and your Family for your service yeah thank you Um So yeah I I have a great support system But does a mom ever really You know I I think we always need rest So yeah yeah and I you know I think About where I am now and where I was When I started I was I was a bit younger Than I am now yeah and I had different Levels of energy then and now I have to Manage my energy Um you know more carefully and and you

Know make sure that I uh just it's Amazing sometimes I'm feeling like the world's on top of Me but it's just that I got a bad Night's sleep last night You know and and it's it's important Although it's difficult to notice in the Moment that that's what it is but it's Important that I don't make big Decisions about my business big Decisions about my life you know but Start getting into this this kind of Spiraling out into catastrophic thinking If something doesn't go right but Imagine something even going way wrong Like oh my God I lost a a profile a Social media profile Etc etc how do you deal with these Little road bumps that you know they're Not in Mountains they're mole Hills I Would assume but they can feel like Mountains how do you deal with these Little pieces and what has been Something that's been okay hey I'm I'm This is annoying or this is difficult How are you dealing with little Challenges as they pop up and have you Had anything that's been hey I overcame That but didn't think that I was Yeah I mean there's there's been Challenges you know and Um but if if there's something that I Feel stuck on or something that I'm like Oh well that didn't go as I expected I

Just kind of pivot and I Find okay so what's the next thing that I can do to fix it because I'm a fixer So I just wanna like what do I need to Do I don't necessarily freak out about It or anything I just okay so that's Happening so what's next you know yeah Yeah yeah and Um it's interesting that you said I'm a Fixer because A lot of times Um you know and now we're being taught In society about some of these kind of Tendencies we're becoming more Emotionally intelligent as a society Because of social media we're talking About these things we're I bet your Mother or her mother may not have even Had the information or the language to Be able to identify that she's a fixer You know so it's kind of like the more We this generation our Our Generations Now have more information to be able to Kind of identify oh wow you know I'm a Fixer gosh I have codependent Tendencies Or whatever kind of from the the Internet really and from you know just Information being shared more and it's Less of a stigma around some of these Things so we we talk about it more but I Tell you what I have a lot of these things as well Which you know gosh being an addict Right recovering addict being being you

Know a little bit manic uh being you Know I've got all kinds of I'm also a a Fixer in a people pleaser in in uh you Know I've got all these specific roles In my family but you know what I learned it through this business how To turn all these struggles into Strengths yes my I took my fixing and I Learned my people pleasing and I learned A little bit more about it but I also Realized wow that gives me the tendency To really want to over deliver and Really want to be in a it helped me to Be more in a teacher role help me be More in the role of being able to fix Something help people find Solutions Um and so you know there's also uh some Of you may be thinking that your your Struggles these things that maybe you've Even been labeled as diagnosed with I Don't know I'm not not here to get too Far into everybody's you know medical Files and everything but man I have Found how to turn my struggles into my Strengths and my mess into my message Through this business I love how you Said I'm a fixer do you see that as Being now an asset in this business in In ways I mean not that it's not always An asset I mean it can be I know what That is like to that can be exhausting To be fixing everybody's stuff all the Time but man it's really an asset in This business because you've got a

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Solution-oriented mind right yeah Yeah so Struggle with a lot of those things that You said I mean Pleasing all of those things and I'm Learning so much about myself in this Process of okay Um I can do this or I can do that and This really isn't a big deal this we can You know how do we how do we manage that And Um I I am I'm learning a lot about Myself in this process and turning those Things that you know I I thought were Kind of weaknesses and two strings and It is threatening me well so yeah My friends I'm going to tell you Something the thing that you're not Allowed to talk about in a corporate Interview will make you rich in a tick Tock video The things that you won't say or Shouldn't say for example Telling your stuff me telling my story About being a recovering addict that Would likely be something that every job Recruiter would say Dave let's leave That one out let's leave that one out of The interview if you're going to go Interview for that right yeah but that's The sort of story that's made me I mean that story specifically hasn't Made me Millions but I mean learning how To use those stories and tell those

Stories in a way that obviously doesn't Leave me looking like some homeless Junkie I mean I'm I'm learning also how To communicate those stories in a in a Hero script you know like hey here's What what it was like for me there was a Defining moment and then here's what It's like now and actually present it in A in a powerful way I also Um Yeah there's also been other ways that I've used but my my struggles and turn Them into my strengths um what's this Been like for your family to kind of see This what do you think is going through Their head or what's come out of their Mouth that you know has been interesting Or that you know you're excited to maybe Show your children this different side Of you what talk to us a little bit About that Family Dynamic and maybe Something that stuck out that that That's been either cool or that you can See is important for you to share maybe Some of these skills in the future with Your children or at least know them Yeah it's been cool I mean my kids kind Of they're always here so they're they They watch me and you know they're a Part of it and they think that it's that It's one thing that I want them to know Is that even when something scares you If you want something Just go for it and you who you are is

Enough and you can do things and you can Do big things Um You know my husband has been So encouraging and he he just He's complimented me so much has told me Often how proud he is of me and how much I'm growing and becoming more confident And Um Taking taking charge I mean realize what You're capable of you kind of Step into that and I'm like it's been Nine weeks but already I'm learning how To Step into this new role and accept and Receive that of myself wow that's really That's really nice that's really Something I I want to go back to something you Just said just for a moment and then We'll let you go because I know that You've got four and I want to be Respectful of your time Um so you said when we when we realize Our potential we we can step into that Um Man that's that's really something Because you know when I was starting out I had no idea what my potential was my Head was full of everybody else's Thoughts ideas opinions of me and what The world was I mean my my head was full Of them right and it had really taken me

Down a path that I didn't want to be in Anymore and was I was probably going to Be dead or in prison at some point I Mean I was 24 years old when I got clean Um and you know it's taken a lot of Reprogramming yeah and and and and also Realizing my potential and you're right It's it's amazing to continue to step Into it and see what you're capable of I Mean I look around at what we're doing Here at legendary and go Unbelievable I mean who is this what's Going on here oh wait let me step into This real quick let me step into this Potential that I have and I'm I always Also surprise myself by what what what I'm capable of I I always tend to Underestimate myself it's kind of a Weird thing I love how you how you Mentioned that Um I want to let you go and I want to tell You that it's it's you're so new and You're but it's so nice to talk to you And and hear your your story and have You share from such an early standpoint Nine weeks into this as you as you Stated not you're not getting rich Overnight you're you're climbing the Mountain one step at a time you know and Uh it's it's it's exactly how it's Supposed to be done and occasionally You'll you'll take a big old giant step Up that mountain and maybe you might

Trip and and just fall down the stair One or two but you'll catch yourself and And you'll keep going and that's the way This is Um what would you say to the brand new Person this morning who was in that same Place that you were back in in November And they were of 2022 and they were Getting ready to or December and they Were getting ready to make that decision It's falling in their lap maybe they you Know weren't particularly looking for it What do you say to that person today Um based on your experience over the Last nine weeks Go for it Dive in and go for it because it will It'll change who they are How they feel about themselves and that In turn is going to bring them just A wealth all the way around so I mean Do not negotiate with fear you know Dang it you heard the lady so um tell us Your handle here before we let you go Announce it to everybody who's listening I want to make sure I have it right so We can send them to support you yeah so It's to rule and to thrive okay got it To rule and to thrive and that's T-u-r-u-l-l underscore and underscore Two underscore Thrive so each each word Has a space in between it with an Underscore yes well Nicole You've you rocked it you knocked it out

Of the pork this morning so thank you For your time and we'll let you get back To your wonderful family okay and keep Up the wonderful work okay thanks Dave All right talk to you later All right my friends uh There it is wow Um I never cease to be in to to to walk Away from this show both amazed and Inspired by what people are capable of Um it just it it really it really is a Great reminder for me and hopefully for You too uh to hear these stories and to Remember that you have the same Potential uh you may not look the same You may not sound the same and that's What makes you beautiful and perfect Right but man you got some amazing Potential hidden in there and when you Realize it and as Nicole said and you Step into it you and those around you as Nicole pointed out with her husband Being probably pretty blown away I mean Obviously complimenting saying hey You're growing but you'll also blow the People around you away as well you will Totally blow the limitations that they May have placed on you Out of the water as well and your Husband your wife might not be Purposefully placing limitations on you But they do our parents do our friends Everybody's got limits you know and when You step into your potential when you

Realize it you know when you just kind Of take a risk on yourself and say okay I'm going to step into that I see it Here I see what I'm capable of you will Not only shatter your own limitations But you will shatter everybody's Limitations around you and it's a really Cool thing and so congrats to Nicole and My friends thank you for being here and Listening we'll be back tomorrow for Another episode of wake up legendary the Show where we interview our actual Students for Christmas sakes it's not a Guru only conversation as a matter of Fact no gurus allowed only real people Only real conversations only real Stories Thank you

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