This is your sign to just HIT POST! πŸ’ͺ

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My like first couple posts looking back At them now I'm like wow those were Terrible But I was on the phone I was talking to My friend on the phone but I was like Just you know talking to her about all The stuff I'm learning and excited to Tell her about it and she was the one That was like well just do it just post The video I'm not ready yet I'm not Ready yet she's like just do it so I'm In my car and I'm like okay I just had To do it so many times you mean practice Makes perfect I'm gonna do it a lot of Times All right in the beginning I would like Delete one because I was like oh my God That's really embarrassing but then I Just stopped caring and I do I got more Comfortable there's still some that I'm Like well that really wasn't my best Performance but Foreign

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