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On today’s episode of WUL, Matt talk with Caroline Hannay. Caroline is a mom, a mental health therapist, and a digital marketer. Today she shares how she got started with Legendary, what her experience was like getting started on Tiktok, her thoughts on going live, and a lot more.

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Thank you Good morning happy Thursday it is Officially December and we are live uh My name is Matt if you don't know me uh I am coming to you live uh in the Eastern time zone I'm usually in Phoenix But we are live out here at uh the Legendary Mastermind so I decided to Um there's a little golf match going on They've got the oh other way we got the They got the beverage card out there Already 10 a.m hitting it hard uh and uh We're live with another awesome guest I'm excited to bring them to you if this Is your first time or if you're tuning In and you're like hey I've never seen This show before let us know in the in The comment section uh where you're Tuning in from and it's always fun to See where people are tuning in from Let's bring on our guest for the day I'm Excited to get to know uh Caroline Caroline how are you good how are you Good I'm doing well uh still adjusting Time zones so it's a little earlier Where I'm from in Phoenix so I'm now Into a different time zone so anyway It's a little earlier but I'm doing Great how are you how's uh how's your Morning I guess yeah it's good it's been Busy um just got my toddler off to School I'm also like very pregnant so That's fun regrets heartburn thank you Thank you you're a second it's my second

Yeah I'm due Christmas Eve of all days So Congrats that's super cool thanks uh Tell us a little bit about you and uh How you found legendary and you've got Like you know your you have a full-time Job or at least did at the time that you Filled out our questionnaire tell us a Little bit about your your work and how You found legendary and Um and then we'll get into your insane Growth on social media and talk through That okay cool Counselor for some time Um before that I was a bartender before That I worked with kids with special Needs Um so I've always kind of been in like The helping people kind of business I Guess with their drinks too Um but I found legendary when I was Looking for a way to make money online Um my eyes like I said I have a son Already he's three he's in daycare and Um with this next baby coming I was like I'm missing the Milestones I'm I'm Missing out on their life so how can I How can I make money online like sizable Money online because I'm I'm not super Tech savvy at all and I just like I Didn't know if it was real if it was Legit if there was actually ways to do It and then I come across this Facebook Reel

Um of this girl saying that she can make Like ten thousand dollars a month doing Affiliate marketing and I was like Yes you know like no way and then I Watched the whole video and you know how The algorithm is so it's like I keep Seeing these videos and um I'm like let Me see what this is about so I click on Her link Get her ebook do the whole thing and Then I see Dave's Video and I was just Like I remember it was like I don't know it's like midnight here and I was watching this like 20 minute video And I'm like I need to go to bed but it Was so Um it just like captured me and I was Like I need to learn more about this I Gotta put this on hold so I did so I put It on hold for a few days and then I Went back to it I watched it and then I Was such a skeptic I was like I'm not paying for the seven dollar Training like I'm not doing it and then Eventually I did and then everything Just changed from there I got the the Training and I was like wow there's so Much I don't know about making money Online there's someone I don't know About this this whole world of affiliate Marketing and online businesses Um so I kind of just like took it upon Myself to Research as much as I could I'm a

Graduate student so research is like my Thing and I saw that this was like a Real legit thing so I was like all right I'm gonna I'm gonna hit this hard and Try and do really well with it like this Girl is like if she can why can't I so Um so I started taking it serious and Following the the uh the training to a t See playing your videos Um watch a bunch of like Tick Tock Growth videos just trying to be as Educated as I could before I started Like really hitting it hard but it's Been it's been really successful so far And it's only been a little over a month So it's wild yeah it's great and how Long ago it been a month since you Really started to like build how long Ago did you find us and purchase that Training It must have been it must have been at The end of September because I remember I didn't even have tick tock on my phone I downloaded it and I was like I don't Know how people make these videos so I Made like my first two videos I think They're posted like November or September like 15th so I just put them Out there just to see and I remember I Checked back a week later and I actually Had views I'm like this is weird and Then Um The 15th of October like a month later

Is when I started posting like Consistently Um so I must have discovered you guys Like yeah like mid-september and then um And then it's really starting hitting it Hard like a month later wow so cool so You go into the training you're Um Uh yeah my my uh my wife is also a Mental health uh counselor therapist and Uh so you know in the same spirit that I Might say to a veteran or or a first Responder thanks for your service I'll Say thanks for your service because There's a big uh there's a big lack of Um there's a big need for Um therapist especially after the Pandemic and everything but Um you're a grad student so you know Um you're thoughtful in the way that you Look at Um something like this you're thoughtful In the way that you do research and Think through whatever it is that you're Gonna do you also you know outside of That and being a grad student you also Uh have uh one kid and one on the way so It's not as if time is sort of this Abundance oh I could just try this or I Could just try that like I've got all The time in the world you know you've Got all kinds of [ __ ] going on so as You're as you're doing that research and As you're starting the challenge

Um what did you think about learning in This style like learning First of all in in sort of an online Style that's not traditional it's not a Sit-down lecture course like I've got Online courses before in college and you Know you sit down there's a lecture There's maybe a little Forum or a Message board or something what do you Think about learning in that style I'm Just curious Um I mean honestly the training was I'm very impressed with the training I've been an online student I did my Undergrad as an online student and my Master's as a as an online student so Having that experience and then seeing How this was ran you would think that Like like more schools should be ran in The way like this is it's like nuggets Of information Um it's understandable it's it's you Know self-paced Um I really really enjoyed the training I I was just telling my um my Mother-in-law the other day like just How much you get with this seven dollar Training like how valuable it is even if You did nothing with it like just to I Don't know maybe because I'm new to the Online space but it blew my mind like The stuff that I was learning from this Training like there's so much I didn't Know about making money online and then

This training was just like Yeah just very very eye-opening in a lot Of ways oh cool yeah yeah I think I Think you know for me uh that's Refreshing to hear because Um not because you know I love to hear People rant and Rave about legendary uh That's awesome too but also just it's Refreshing for me to remember Um that you know create having that Having that mental shift in Discovery That oh my God I can make money online I Can make money on the internet that's That's such a pivotal like a pivotal Um like moment in somebody's life where They see that clearly and then they see Themselves clearly in it where they're Like it's not just that people are Making money on the internet yes we all Know about only fans you know it's like Yes there are people who make money on The internet but also there's Um there's the moment where you make the Connection of of here's this way to make Money on the internet and then here's How It actually could fit for me and that's Such a cool thing to hear Um it's cool that it's still so fresh on Your mind that's really sweet yeah I Mean I Something that I was not expecting was This huge boost of like confidence and Like empowerment Within Myself to

Learn something completely new and to See it be profitable like cool yeah There's something something else about That I feel different like as a person Like I feel like I could accomplish anything like this Was so foreign to me so incredibly Foreign to me I knew nothing and to to See like what I've done in a month is Just like yeah it's really really Empowering it really is wow super cool What's the um what's the Tell me about starting Tick Tock very Curious about getting you didn't even Have the app which is crazy uh cool Crazy cool yeah no I I had to drag I had To drag my wife on Tick Tock yeah um but Tell me a little bit about getting Started on Tick Tock because you didn't Even have it more or less I actually Like you weren't a content creator or a Professional content creator before this A little bit about um starting your Tick Tock Channel what hurdles did you have And how did that go because that's a new Experience everything everything here is New for you but that especially is a new Experience yeah Um I I don't even have I think I have Like 200 followers on my personal like Instagram all my Facebook friends are Like you know people from High school and so I didn't really do The whole like social media thing

Um so it was definitely a learning curve Especially with Tick Tock and making These videos and The music and making things sync but it Was fun to learn and I'm a very Um Kind of like outgoing and personal Person as it is Um I like to dance and be crazy and Stuff so cool I felt not instantly Comfortable in front of Like the camera like my first few videos Were pretty awkward and cringy but um as Time has like passed and I'm just like I don't really care like I'm just gonna Have fun with this and then like I get The views so so that's pretty cool Um but it was a learning curve to just Kind of see how the app itself worked Um and then like there's a lot of Resources out there so If I can do it without having any Experience Like I feel like no one has an excuse to Be like oh I don't know how to use tick Tock right I'm not on social media or Like I'm not tech savvy like you can Learn all those things like I did it's Just a matter of like how bad you want It and I looked at it like a business Opportunity versus like let me grow on Social media and be a content creator I Was looking at this like this is a Business so I need to take it seriously

Give it my all get all the information That I can to like really hit this hard Um versus just kind of like showing up And being like you know like I don't Know I took it I took it more serious it Wasn't like uh Let's just make little videos Let's get this problem cool I love that I had a I had a good that reminds me I Had a good Mentor of mine when I first Got started who always described you Know the people who eventually became Successful they take the business that Way as a business but also They take every detail of the business And they obsess over it so whether it's Content whether it's uh email marketing Whether it's Um the actual business model itself Having a business plan they obsess over Every detail to the point where it's Like they're gonna Master One Piece move On to the next piece Master the next Piece and I I just think that's that's Uh yeah it's kind of a how bad do you Want it kind of thing and that's cool to Hear because it is really true Um Even even after you get sort of a first Initial business plan like hey here's Some business models that are high Profit business models Um even after you get that there is a a Massive element well tell me if you

Agree I think there's a massive element To this business that's literally just Like you have to just figure it out like There's problems all over the place it's Non-stop problem solving and you have to Learn to figure those out 100 percent hundred percent every it Seemed like every step of the way there Would be some sort of like glitch Whether that was like a click funnels Thing or an aweber thing or um just kind Of like Literally to every every step of the way Um it was a hiccup but Every time there was a hiccup I figured It out and again I got that like Rush of Like I can do anything it's very Empowering like to it's to me it's Always been like it's better to Learn something on your own like if you Try and try and try to figure it out and You're just completely lost you can't do It then like yeah make a phone call Reach out to someone but like there's so Much There's so much in like learning Something yourself and not having to ask You know so Um that's been something that I've I've Gained a lot of confidence through is Figuring things out on my own and you Know reaching out when I what I Absolutely need to but you know I get Messages DMS from people all the time

Like can you help me and I'm like well Did you try but did you start did you Even open the the link that shows you Everything Um so you it's definitely you have to be You've got to be disciplined you got to Be a go-getter you want you got to want This in in the way that In the way that you know you can be Successful with it because you could do Like this as like you know like a side Hustle thing but if you're trying to Quit your nine to five if you're trying To make thousands of dollars with this Which is 100 possible Um you gotta you gotta have a different Mindset about it so I think I started That from the get-go with the the girl That I was following Um But I think that part gets missed it's Just like a little social media thing Because it's not it's a business yeah That's a big big gold nugget that's Really big Um when you uh you went in how what was The span of time you went from zero to Like you're at something like 90 000 Followers now what was that span of time Um well like I said I posted my first Video In September but I don't have any Followers I had views but no followers And then I started posting

Um In October at the end of October and I Remember having like a little screenshot And I got a new phone so it's probably My iCloud somewhere but Um I'd have like 24 followers and then I I Just kept going I remember one of my one Of my videos had like 6 000 views or something and I was like Wow like that's wild and then like I Started getting followers from that and Then I had this like One video that just like Blew up like I think it's got like next To four million views now and so that Really helped but it took it was like a Month it took a month to go from like Zero to seventy thousand and now it's Just like every time I go on the app It's it's insane how many more followers There are so yeah it's at like 90 000 Now and I haven't like I haven't really Touched it it's crazy That's cool and do you do you go live do You just post videos what do you do on The on the tick tock I I could be doing a lot better Um you just post videos I just post Videos I need to go live it's just kind Of been like a Um like a not an inconvenience but I Have a lot going on you know so I keep Thinking like when you go live I need to

Go live I need to like connect with These people I do comment a lot back um I'll message people talk to people on Instagram on email Um so I'm very like Um big on the engagement side of it but I definitely I know that I need to go Live Um I just started posting like stories And stuff like it's still really new to Me I'm just like doing what has worked But now I'm realizing that I need to Like Branch out in different ways with With kind of my content no you're Killing it you're killing it you're Killing it thanks Um that's that's a massive Accomplishment and um yeah I mean other Each I mean geez you just started like You know in September so you know take It you know yeah it seems like you don't Take it very easy on yourself not that You beat yourself up but you're like You're pretty like here we go like if I'm gonna do something and commit to it I'm gonna do it like 100 and I'm I'm Gonna try and be like the best at it That's just kind of how I am with stuff Not in like any cocky way but like it's How I was raised if you're gonna do Something like do it right yeah that's Why I went Full Throttle with this I was Like I'm not holding back I'm not gonna Be shy I'm just doing myself and see

Where this goes and it's paid off you Know yeah totally has totally has yeah In just a couple months you've got a Profitable business you're running super Cool and uh you've also got a massive Social media following the only reason I Asked about live is just because Sometimes when people get you know 90 000 followers Um They underestimate what they can do with Those followers so Um sometimes when there's a massive Growth on channels like that Um uh people underestimate just how much Pull they can have with that so for Instance um there's been other people We've interviewed on these on these Lives or I'm just thinking about other People that I know that have big Followings and stuff like that too Um where uh they they make a few Thousand dollars from their pretty big Following each month and then the Transformation happens where they start To go live and also Um they they blend in a bunch more kind Of Storytelling type stuff with it but I'll say this uh when they start going Live it's it's pretty amazing what Happens uh as long as our con the the Live is congruent with their content so Similar stuff so that people who follow Them when you go live they're like oh I

Actually want to see this this is cool This is what I followed this person for Um that that's a big transition moment From two thousand five thousand a month To 10 20 30 000 like like almost like Unfathomable income online I see that a Lot with the lives and um anyway just Just that that's a that's a big stage And step and it seems like you're you Know it's not super common that we get Somebody on here uh who has that big of A following and um and also sort of has The Charisma that you have that you know It seems like you can come online and Just you could you could go on a live And just speak to people pretty easily Um so anyway I would just encourage you To try it out just because it's um It's it's honestly it's pretty fun but It's uh if if you have a connectable if If you are attachable or connectable Um it it can be really uh life Life-changing income can come from that But also like even just aside from like Life-changing income it can also be a Great way uh I feel like for people to Grow and change themselves and help Other people sort of grow and change Because that's really all we have is in Life is um I'm speaking to a therapist But you have connection you know we have Connection and attachment and that's Yeah and it's that's a great way to also Bring that in and work that into life

And stuff too so yeah you're 100 right I Mean I'm taking all of this in you know Any feedback that I get I'm like writing It down like I have like a you know a Notebook full of Um that I'm learning but I need to I Know I need to get on the lives and and Because people have been like are you in A real person and I'm like I send a lot Of like voice messages back and stuff Um and I'm like yeah I'm here I'm real Like I don't have time to scam people Um but I think yeah it'd be more of like A personal connection I know what I've Watched lives in the past too I'm like Okay I I'm my buy-in is there because This is a real person talking to me no [ __ ] so totally yeah well I mean you Are I wanted to point out this little Colton's been around our community for a While but Um you know I'm I'm encouraging you to Do the lives but I also want to point Out that you're also already doing what I was just talking about you're already Having an impact you don't even know it Maybe but um you know Colton's Colton Just said Caroline's the reason that I Have a 2.1 million viewed video Um so uh there's people out there Watching learning from you emulating Um discovering how to create content Discovering how to get a lot of views Discovering how to go viral stuff like

That so Um yeah you're already doing that That is wild that's crazy Hormonal and pregnant Imagine this for myself it's really Really cool cool to help people with it Yeah It's super cool when you so you're on uh Tick Tock and Instagram are you Reposting to other places are you just Posting to those two no I'm I just Started posting to uh Facebook probably Like again I'll be like finding post Here and I'll post like a video and I'm Like oh [ __ ] like I should post again It'll be like a week later so it's been One of those things but I started a Group probably like a week week and a Half ago and started consistently Posting to the Facebook and that's Taking off yesterday I had uh 1200 Followers on my like page and I was like Okay that's good this morning I have Like 14 000. so it's like is it like a Fan page a business page yeah so like I Had I had like my regular profile and Then I opened like a page I don't know if that wasn't her way to Do it but I was like no it's that's good We just uh over the last like year or so We've had people who have said they Aren't able to experience that kind of Growth on their Pages only on their Profiles so I'm happy I'm super happy to

Hear that that's happening on your page I I tried to create a new profile for Some reason it wouldn't let me I don't Know if it was because like my Instagram Was linked I don't know what was going On so I'm in like you know groups and Stuff so I'm like how do I do this and Some people are like oh I created a page So I was like all right I'll do that so I did that under my main one and it's Just like taking off it's wild it's so Crazy Talk-ish like I'll post a video and then Like you know 15 minutes it's got like a Few hundred views already and I'm like Who's watching me like it's it's wild It's crazy yeah I mean alert to Everybody alert like that's a big gold Nugget right there because I Caroline I Knew that was gonna happen because I had Read something a few months ago that Facebook was changing their algorithm For that fan pages would grow faster Because they're trying to find any way Possible to get content creators back on Their platform because Tick Tock and YouTube and uh Instagram all took off Yeah so people weren't spending as much Time building their business on Facebook Right so what's the obvious way to do That well let's create reels where People can grow huge audiences and so if That's happening on your page that's Awesome and I also want to point out

Like and give you a little shout out That you know just you skipped over it But the problem solving technique you Have there of just like well all right I Guess I'll create a second profile oh That didn't work okay I'm gonna go find My community find a community who can Help me and then I'm gonna I'm gonna Solve this problem that way so kudos to You on that that's super cool Thanks yeah it's just been I'm just Taking it as it comes everything has Been like a learning you're just my You're just you're just like I don't Know what's going on it's crazy I don't Know what the hell I'm doing half the Time but like I figured out until I do And then it works and I'm like sweet What's next you know I love it that was Cool super cool well so for people who Are who are here Um who are new who are like well I could Never get 90 000 followers well I could Never get 14 000 followers I could never You know like and they might not be Saying it out loud but it's that secret Sort of voice inside that's that's Always told you know you're not good Enough you're not you know you're not Worth it you're not actually gonna make It like what would you say to those People or I mean you talk you probably Speak to that a lot in in your career And job and work but would you say to to

This entrepreneurial version of that Well the first thing that comes to my Mind as a therapist is literally like Whose voice is that and a lot of the Time it goes back to like you know Childhood stuff like were you told that You weren't good enough or like your Success was only measured Um you know if you achieve this and that Like whose voice is actually inside of Your head telling you that you can't do These things because as far as you know I'm concerned or feet are on the ground Here you don't know if you can grow a Huge following because you haven't tried But if you have the mentality that like I'll never do it then yeah you'll never Do it it's it's plain and simple it Depends how bad you want this if I can Do it having no experience and I get Like you know people are like oh you're Young you're pretty you're this you're That you're relatable but like there's So many more people out there that are You know older people that are that are So successful with this Um that have like you know that are just Relatable people and yeah those people Are growing really fast too so it's like If you put yourself in a box talks of Like I can't do something because it's New then you're never you're never going To change it unfortunately you're gonna That's gonna be your life story that

I just never tried because I thought I Wasn't good enough but yeah I would Challenge those people to say like well What if what what like what you what do You have to lose you have everything to Gain like if you could If you could quit your job if you could Make this kind of money a month if you Could travel if you could be home with Your family be there for the Milestones Like and actually live a life like where It's intended to do like that is is so Valuable like why not take a chance this Like you know the training I did was Seven dollars like I said even if I did Nothing with it that taught me so much And it taught me a lot about myself that I didn't even know like you know it's It's wild what you guys have put into That course like it was a life-changing Thing for me and um I say that all the Time and people probably think I'm like You know exaggerating or like But it has been it's been life-changing Um just the knowledge itself and how I Feel about myself Um on top of like you know the income And stuff like that which is which is Growing by the day Um it's just like It's insane so I would strongly Encourage anyone watching that thinks That You know they could never do it and you

Know they could never learn these things Who wants to follow them like just tell That voice to like just shut up Take a back seat and try if you try And like it's unsuccessful or you see You don't like it or whatever like okay Cool like that's fine it's maybe it's Not for everybody Um you know and that's fine too but at Least try because it could change your Life like it has mine you know cheers It's crazy I love it I feel inspired I feel [ __ ] Up this is so cool it is a gift you have A gift and and Um so yeah I'm Really excited to see you using that in All sorts of ways in life and yeah Thanks for coming on the show this is Amazing Um and yeah if you'd like we'd love to Have you back in a couple months and Just kind of see where you're at see What's new see what challenges you're Facing see what's what's went well and What you wish you would have not done And all kinds of stuff so yeah Absolutely I'd love to come back this Has been great I really I really really Appreciate your time Yeah of course Um and they can follow you on Tick Tock And Instagram those are the best places Yeah yeah when Tick Tock likes me it's a

Little mad at me right now but Typical tick tock tick tock all right We'll keep building the Facebook keep Building YouTube keep building all these Channels and you'll be Diversified and And uh you'll be just fine awesome all Right thank you so much all right take Care see ya I uh I I uh wanted to just mention you Know as as she was saying Um She was saying you know whose voice is That it reminded me of uh an analogy When I when I was first getting started Online I did an exercise called Dreamscaping and it was basically an Exercise where Um you would you'd sit down and write Down your dreams but one of the one of The instructions uh for this exercise Was you know sort of imagine that your Brain has been on a leash your whole Life right so if you if you think about Your brain and there's a little you know Leash and a collar on it and you it's Not that you haven't been able to pull Yourself in certain directions but you Know whether it's Society or you know uh Religion or your parents or your school System or whatever it's sort of like You've you've almost been operating or I've I should say I I've almost been Operating in sort of this Um half-assed state of of you know

Operating within the bounds of you know All of those things control and it might Feel overwhelming to just say yeah just Take off the leash and what I found was Helpful is um is is I just envisioned Taking it off taking off the leash just For a few hours or just for a day and uh And just play with the idea of of Um doing something totally different of Exploring something totally different Just for a day and you can give yourself Permission to try something or to do Something just for a day and to explore It and it and it felt more helpful to me To um uh than than just being like All right quitting the nine to five Today starting my online business you Know and and doing something totally Rash or or whatever so um man Caroline I'm inspired and um I have also I just I Feel like I just got this like like uh I Don't know Hoosiers basketball movie pep Talk or something I need to go run or Work out or something I don't know what I got to do but Um anyway Um thank you Caroline you can follow her On Tick Tock at the underscore Momtrepreneur So it's m-o-m-t-r-e P-r-e-n-e-u-r and you can uh follow her On Instagram as well uh and it's the Same but it has an underscore at the end Of it so at the underscore my

Entrepreneur underscore uh go give her a Follow and like I always say and like I've been doing for weeks you know Um guilt her into going live uh Uh uh apply some peer pressure no I'm Just kidding but but seriously do it um Because it would be a gift to tick tock It would be a gift to Instagram or Facebook Um to have Caroline go live and share Um you know life and business tips and And stuff with uh her community so uh You know just a you can apply some Friendly pressure say hey it would be Awesome if he went live it would be so Fun and um I've done this with a few People who I know then who have gone Live multiple times so I know then who Have uh exploded their lead flow they're In income and anyway Carolina if you never go live we'll Still be friends uh it is uh 10 37 we're Signing off everybody have a great rest Of your Thursday tomorrow tune in to the Show tomorrow because we are if you Didn't catch it at the beginning we're Live at our Mastermind Um Uh Uh little what do you call this mansion House thing and uh Dave's gonna go live From the uh from the Mansion tomorrow so Tune in uh we'll be live at 10 A.M Eastern as always or approximately 10

A.m Eastern so Anyway see everybody have a great rest Of your Thursday peace

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