What Rod & Amy Hiers Experienced at Mastermind

What Rod & Amy Hiers Experienced at Mastermind

Discover what you can experience at Mastermind through the eyes of Rod & Amy Hiers. Join us as we delve into their journey and uncover the valuable lessons they learned along the way.

What Rod & Amy Hiers Experienced at Mastermind


Picture this: you’ve been seeking guidance, mentorship, and a community to grow your business. You stumble upon a video created by David Sharpe, captivating you with promises of wisdom and success. But is it all just smoke and mirrors, or could it be the life-changing experience you’ve been desperately searching for?

Dive into the Mastermind Experience

As you click play on the video, you are immediately drawn into the world of Mastermind. The energy, the passion, and the authenticity exuding from David Sharpe are undeniable. Here’s what Rod & Amy Hiers experienced during their journey through Mastermind:

  1. Warm Welcome

    • The Hiers were greeted with open arms and genuine smiles upon their arrival.
    • They felt an instant connection with the community, like they had found their tribe.
  2. Personal Interaction with the CEO

    • David Sharpe’s accessibility surprised Rod & Amy. They could easily approach him for guidance and advice.
    • The CEO’s presence felt real and relatable, not just a distant figure behind a screen.
  3. Opportunity for Growth

    • Mastermind provided the space for Rod & Amy to nurture their business with expert advice and strategies.
    • They found themselves surrounded by like-minded individuals who pushed them to new heights.
  4. True Friendships

    • The Hiers discovered more than just business partners at Mastermind; they found lifelong friends.
    • The bonds formed were built on trust, support, and a shared journey towards success.
  5. Unmatched Experience

    • Rod & Amy described their time at Mastermind as unparalleled, unlike anything they had encountered before.
    • The knowledge gained, the connections made, and the memories created made it the best experience of their lives.


In conclusion, what Rod & Amy Hiers experienced at Mastermind was transformative. From the initial welcome to the lasting friendships, every moment was filled with growth, inspiration, and genuine connection. David Sharpe’s vision of creating a community where individuals could thrive together came to life in their journey.

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