Write & publish your book with AI in 7 days [Free Training Tomorrow]

Hey Jasper Nation 👋 Ever dreamed of having “Best-Selling Author” next to your name?

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If you want to write a book, but don’t know where to start… keep reading.📕👇

A book for your business would probably lead to a lot of new customers, right?

Maybe you’ve thought about writing a book, but you’re daunted with “HOW?!” and hold the belief it would take an eternity to finish.

Jasper & your publishing experts will put you on the fast-track to authorship. 😎🤖

With the new “AI Author Workflow”, you can knock out a short, authority-building Non-Fiction book in under 7 days!

Over 50 people here in Jasper Nation have already done it 🙂

Join us live this Thursday, June 23rd at 12:00pm EST to learn from Jasper expert & Best Selling Author, Darby Rollins, along with publishing expert Zachariah Stratford, to show you how to write your first (or next) book FAST with AI.

Yup, this is the start of our famous 7-Day Book Challenge. 🎊

During this free Livestream, we’ll cover:
Why write a book for your business? (10 mins)
How to write a book with Jasper (20 mins)
How to get it up and selling online (30 mins)
How to launch your book to best-seller and beyond (30 mins)
Q&A about 7-Day Book Challenge

The truth is that writing a book is one of the fastest ways to boost your credibility and thought leadership as a subject matter expert.

If you want to be a part of a community of AI Authors writing a book alongside you, have the accountability to actually PUBLISH in 7 days, and get your questions answered FAST…

This 7-Day Book Challenge will be for you.

YOUR book will still be in YOUR tone of voice, using YOUR unique ideas and life stories. Jasper comes in to help you write your first draft faster and improve readability.

Side Benefit: This workflow of writing a book will naturally increase your AI writing skills… which means you’re creating better content faster and getting the MOST out of Jasper.

Because once the book is written, it’s time to market and get in front of new audiences. 🤑

So we’ll be covering how to use Jasper to help with that, too!

So in just 1 hour, you will learn how to write a book with Jasper, get it sold online, and have a clear game plan for what to do over the next 30 days to launch your book to success.

📅 Add this event to your calendar: https://www.addevent.com/event/kQ14099045

The Jasper YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Jarvisai

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For more info on the 7-Day Challenge, check out Darby’s post

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