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A month ago, I uploaded a video here in my YouTube channel about the easiest side hustle.

The one who introduced this easy side hustle to me was making $15,000/month using just their phone, making faceless videos so I thought I should give it a try.

When I started, I was making almost $50 a day in passive income and in today’s video I’m going to try to take that side hustle money and in 60 days turn it into a job quitting life changing 7500/month in passive income.

Watch the whole video if you are serious about earning a passive income!

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02:13 What I am doing
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Exactly four weeks ago I put out a video About a new side hustle I just Discovered and started testing a month Earlier now the person who showed it to Me was making fifteen thousand dollars a Month using just their phone and they Weren't even showing their face so I Figured if there was a side hustle in The world worth attempting this one was It by the end of that video I was making Almost 50 a day in passive income 20 Bucks a day and then my next batch here And I'm now up to fifty dollars a day And in this video I'm gonna try to take That side hustle money and in 60 days Turn it into a job quitting Life-changing five thousand dollars a Month in totally passive income now for Those of you that did not watch we'll Leave a link down below we'll also leave A card right here that you can click on To go start watching that one and then This one will come after that but let me Tell you it's a doozy but let's do a Quick 30 second overview for exactly how It works you know when you're shopping On Amazon and you find a product page That looks like this one right here and You start to have some questions you're Wondering maybe how long the charge Lasts you're wondering what in the world Ipx8 Works you're wondering if it really Is waterproof or if that's just Something they're telling you all these

Questions that you have right and so you Start flashing through the pictures They're all nice and they're made by the Company and obviously made with one goal In mind to get you to buy but you get to The bottom here and you can see that Amazon now has videos and when you click On those videos it's got videos from the Company which makes sense but there's Also videos from just people me you a Bunch of other people out there they can Be eight minute videos they can be three Minute videos I've seen people do 30 Second videos but these videos are very Very helpful to you right you watch one And you say oh okay this is I see now How the headphones work I see there's Maybe something that they don't mention In their marketing material something Like that well what if I told you that If you watched this video right here and Then you said okay yes I'm going to buy That so you went and clicked buy the Person who made that video so in this Case right here this person right here Whose video I'm watching will actually Get a commission for that sale so one Big issue that I have with scaling this Business is in the first video all I did Was go around my house and take Everything I'd ever purchased from Amazon or that was selling on Amazon and Make a review of it very easy to do but In order to get beyond that I need to

Get more products and there's a couple Different ways to go about that but the Easiest one and the one that makes the Most sense is actually purchasing Products from Amazon to review the Problem is if I end up buying products That for whatever reason don't work out I could spend hundreds of dollars on Something I don't want don't need and Don't make any money off of it so I've Got to find a way where I can actually Find stuff on Amazon that I can be Reasonably certain that if I purchase it And make a review of it I'm going to Make at least my money back hopefully Some profits after that so as with Basically any business in the world We're looking for opportunities right We're looking for low-hanging fruit and When I'm looking at these Amazon Pages What I'm seeing is low hanging fruit is I'm looking for products that have a lot Of ratings right if they have a lot of Ratings then it probably means that it's Got a lot of sales and if it's selling a Lot then that probably means that I'll Get a lot more money for each video I Make but I'm not just looking at ratings I'm actually going down to here and I'm Actually going to most recent ratings And I'm looking at the most recent Ratings and seeing if it's got a bunch Of ratings recently because a lot of Times you'll see products on Amazon but

We're selling really hot now they're Barely barely selling it all they've got Tens of thousands of reviews right right But they're no longer really selling it Was kind of like a has been product and So I'm looking for products that have a Lot of ratings but they also have a lot Of recent ratings now the next thing I Started to look for is I started to look At the actual videos right so we've got These videos right here I know and I've Figured out that there's only six videos That can be added in the queue here and So the next number of videos that it can Show is six now it's possible that I can Make a video and I could rank in front Of these people right I can make a Better video perhaps and show in front Of them even if they're six competing But for example on this popcorn machine Isn't it more ideal if there's just no One else competing I I can try to you Know jump into a pond with 10 different People or 20 different people and hope That my video just knocks theirs out or I can jump in a pond with two different People and guarantee that my video is Probably going to show up in this queue Third thing I'm looking at is the price Because when someone's on a page like This it doesn't matter as much if They're buying if it's a 10 product or It's a hundred dollar product it's it's Not they're not any less likely to buy

The 100 product because they're already Here they're already interested that's The product they're thinking of buying And so why what I waste all this time Making videos for 10 products when I can Make 30 cents off that when I can make a Thousand dollar product and make 30 40 50 bucks off of that one single product So I'm going for high priced products Where one video can yield a lot more Money and the only other thing that I'm Including in my search here is whether Or not it has any videos so you'll see This one has three videos that's perfect But a lot of these products I find you Can see like this one right here this I Honestly have no idea what I'm looking At it looks like someone opened up Thor's hammer oh and that is what it is It's opening up Thor's hammer but there Are no reviews there's no videos at all And a lot of times it seems like videos Just don't show up for whatever reason And I've kind of figured that out and so If it's got zero videos there's a good Chance that for whatever reason Amazon's Not showing videos for that product so I Don't want to buy it waste time waste Money so I'll show you right here I Spent a lot of time just hammering out Amazon you can see right here I've done It with a bunch of different categories I'm including price reviews how many Videos are besides their own I'm also

Looking down below you can see it's got A video Q meaning at the bottom of the Product page even if your video doesn't Show up at the top sometimes it'll show Up in this queue right here you can see Videos for this product and you don't Get as many sales but you can get sales From this as well so I also check this And see if it's got there and what I'm Doing is I'm identifying the lowest Hanging fruit right I'm going to if I'm Going to spend money on this stuff and It's probably stuff I don't really want I'm not a big popcorn guy right I'm not A big Thor's hammer guy but if I'm gonna Spend stuff on money on stuff that I Don't really want I want it to be right In that sweet spot where I can be as Confident as I can possibly be at this Point in this side hustle Journey that That's going to make me money so let's Go buy a bunch of random stuff [Music] Thank you All right so a couple things we bought 10 products to test this on Amazon They're random I think this is a juicer Don't ask me what I'll ever do with the Juicer I have no plans to make juice but We'll figure it out I kind of feel like Martha Stewart or something right now I'm in my kitchen I got my nice little Background the good lighting I also Found this nice 10 bucks this cell phone

Holder that I can bend around and Manipulate and then I can just put the Product right on my hands like that this Thing is super awesome so I can just sit Here with my hands don't ever have to Show my face I did make one mistake and Then I bought some products that are too Big to just simply show my hands working Around and in those cases I will have to Show my face but overall I think we're All ready to start filming so we're Gonna film 10 videos and see how this Goes honestly I feel like some kind of Kid in a candy store right now where I'm Buying so many things that I've kind of Always wanted to have like this sweet Hoverboard right here and I get a buy Them I get to have all the joys of Opening them it feels like Christmas day To be honest I'm having a really good Time here Foreign Yep that was my first time using up a Day alright so we did 10 more videos we Filmed we edited the thumbs everything And that should hopefully be enough to See if this method even has any hope of Working or if I just wasted thousands of Dollars on stuff I don't need I also Realized that I didn't really think Through one thing these items need to be Put together and I've already taken Apart two doors put together bookshelves Nightstands beds and basically

Everything else in between them so Here's the thing I'm really bad at this Stuff if it takes 30 minutes to put Together I'm looking at two hours to put It together and that's assuming I don't Get frustrated and just take out my Phone and scroll Facebook for a while or Hit my phone with a hammer so my next Round of purchases if this works I think We're going to focus on buying things That has a minimum setup time of 30 Minutes which probably means it has to Say five minutes on the description Anyway we're gonna get these videos up And see how this goes Foreign So easy I love it all right so the Videos have been live for a few days now We're gonna hop in here and this is what We're looking at you can see the first Half of this chart is from previous Videos being live and you can see right Around the 2nd of October is when these Went live and instantly we saw a big Boost you can see it was kind of like 50 Was our roof or our ceiling up until That point and now 50 a day has become Our floor we've doubled clicks 200 Clicks with our ceiling and now 200 Clicks has become our floor with 400 Clicks being our ceiling it's looking Like it's starting to work and so I went And I was looking up rates basically Commission rates they pay and you can

See right here video games game consoles There's a lot of stuff between like one And two percent but some stuff is up in The four to five percent range you can See stuff in the uh like Auto kitchen That's a lot of stuff that I have so That means as far as buying stuff if It's in the five percent range I only Need to sell 20 items and I'm selling a Lot of these like one a day I need 20 Items in order to break even and then Start making money some of these it's More like 40 or even 50 items if I'm Doing some of the stuff in like the Computer or the toys area but grocery Musical instruments kitchen all that Stuff 20 to 25 items on break even and These are items that are selling Literally dozens if not hundreds every Single day I think this is going to work All right so it's been a slow few days I Was on the road traveling and stuff like That but I found out when I got home That while I was gone Amazon had a big Event that they have typically once a Year but they did twice a year this year And it's Prime day now if you're not Familiar with prime day that's where Amazon basically puts everything on Discount and people go nuts and they Make tons of money and the Affiliates And influencers probably make tons of Money as well so we're gonna hop in here I want to see how my very first Prime

Day went alright so if you remember my Last screenshot it was about 800 and we Made that over 30 days you can see here This is kind of the tail end of that October 6th 7th and 8th and then you can See pretty easily where Prime day kicked In it was a 48 hour event and it was on The 11th and 12th of October and wow it Looks like we made just under 150 both Days our clicks went almost into the 700 Range and clearly I just did very well On Prime day so who doesn't love to make An extra 300 in totally passive income While they're traveling this is awesome But it's actually not the best thing That happened while I was on this trip I Came home when I checked my messenger Inbox and if you're familiar with Messenger there's the messenger inbox There's the spam inbox and then there's Like the ultra spam in boxes and I Decided to check that and I came across These two messages you can see the first One says hello dear we're Chinese Sellers we're going to find influencers We have products do you want them I was Like oh yeah sure and they started Offering me things like this Smart Lock Right here and other things and you can See right here that it says we can give You 20 products a month and they'll pay Us so they're going to send me the Product for free and they're going to Actually pay me to make the video and

I'll still get commissions as product Sell in the video and you can see I got Another message saying the same thing I'm a marketing specialist I saw your Profile and we want to go for a Collaboration hundreds of products so These people are literally giving me This stuff for free some of them are Paying me and all I have to do is take Out my phone and make a video and post It on my Amazon profile free free free All right so basically the last few Weeks have confirmed to me that this is Totally possible you just have to Reinvest what you make and you have to Buy the right price products with that Money that you're reinvesting and this Can totally work so we're going to spend The next few weeks doing one final push See if we can make this happen Run week later all right guys this is The final update we've been doing it now For uh what three or four months you can See we're up to in the last 30 days 42 000 views which is pretty crazy to think We just completely came out of the blue Four months ago I think starting all This so let's get a little drum roll We'll bring it up here we'll show you The final earnings where we're at right Now we're filming just a few days before Black Friday so this is pre-black Friday And you can see boom Twenty five hundred dollars

Okay and this is the last seven days November 15th to November 21st we've Done 2500 which means we're not a 5 000 A month business this is a ten thousand Dollar a month business if you're Wondering about the math on that seven Days twenty five hundred dollars we Times that by four we're at 28 days and Ten thousand dollars just because we've Been accelerating so quick we can't look At the last 30 days as our as our main Number because each seven days is better Than the previous seven days anyway uh Looking at the exact numbers you can see Just continual growth we did 219 November 15th 265 268 344 291 425 and Then kind of the biggest day was Actually just yesterday biggest day I've Ever had I've never even fathomed Hitting this when we started 686 dollars with 1200 clicks on the Products and this is before the Christmas rush before the Black Friday Rush I'll tell you right now the number One product that did a huge chunk of These big Commissions in the last few Days was Christmas trees Merry Christmas you Filthy animals anyway I could not Believe more in this side I saw what a Cool opportunity cannot believe uh that I took so long to discover this anyway Go ahead and subscribe we'll continue Along with this journey we'll show you

Where we're at three four five six Months from now we'll show you all the Things we're learning everything that I'm doing to continue to grow this into A hopefully full-time passive income Business uh Beyond even what it's at Right now thanks so much for watching Guys

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